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Srttant giabtgattoti* THE CUDIFF AND BRISTOL Steam$3acHctsf P R I N O E OF WALES, MATTHEW JONES, Commander; L A D Y CHARLOTTE, llENRY JEFFERY, Commander; 4RE INTENDED to SAIL (luring the month of AUG. as follows (from the BUTE SHIP DOCK) of Wdfgg — \Jondays, ) L*ady Charlotte—-Mondays "'e'tiiesday*, & I'ridays! — ( Wednesdays, and Fridays, [At) Charlotte Tuesdays, ( Prince of Wales—Tuesdays, fhuf'idays, and Saturdays. ) Thursdays, and Saturdays, From CARDIFF. ) From BUISTOL. Aug; 1845. Aug., 1845. *» Monday 41 after s 4, Monday. 6 morn Tuesday 5 after j 5, Tuesday. Gj morn Wednesday.. 6 morn t 6, Wednesday.. 7 tnorn Thursday 6 moin j 7, Thursday 7^ morn f» Friday 7 morn 8, Friday, 8 morn 9, Satunla)" 71, morn 9, Satuiday 83morn Carriages and horses to be-alongside Cne hour previous to Time of Sailing. EDUCED FARES -.—After Cabin, 4s.; Fore Cabin, 2s. Children under Twelve years of age,Half-price n»>gs, Is. cach. A Female Steward attends on Board both Packets. "pfreshments may be had on board on moderate tfrms. Fi)nr.wheel Carriage 21s. ditto Phaeton or Gi-}, 10s. fid. Two-wheel. drawn by one horse and driver, 15s Horse ;¡lld Rider, After Cabin, 9s.; Horse and Uidcr, Fore Cabin, '*■ 6d.; Cattle and Horses 6s. each; Sheep, Pigs, and a'ves. Is. each Carriages, Horse*, Cattle, and Goods, wid^be subject to '"Hiding and Wharfages at the •' Bute Docks.' *«* Not Accountable for anv (!oods without Shipping Notes. Freighters are requested to order al! Goods intended for the PlUNCK OF W AITTCS, to he sent to No. 12, Quay-street, Or 'o Hobert Chaplin. Cumberland Basin Locks; and for Ihe LADY CIIAHLOTTE. to Clare-street Hall, Maish street, #"d U„n wharf, Kcdcliff-strcct, Bristol. Goods will he hauled from the Warehouses to the Packets at the expense of the Companies. rt 7 Merthyr, Newbridge, Aberdare, Cowhridge, Bridgend, Uantrissent, and Caerphilly.—O"oils forwarded to these "'aces in Spring Waggons and Lock-up Canal Boats im- "n-diately 011 arrival, unless ordered by any particular ^"fveyance, in which c^ise they will be deposited in the Steam Packet Warehouse till called for.—Freight to be paid delivery. Goods Packages, Parcels, &c., forwarded to all parts of Kinc»<tom without delay, when sent to cither of their Steam Packet Offices in Cardiff or Bristol. I* "rther information as to freight, will b<* readily obtained 7 applying to the A gen's — M r. WOODMAN, Agent at the '/><-ket Office, on the Wharf, Cmdiff; or to Mr. G. C. ^USSON, Agent, No. 12, Quay-street, Bristol, for the OK W\LKS Packet; and of Mr. T. J oil N, at the jacket Office, on the Wharf, Cardiff; or to Mr. W. B. Avi-n Crescent, llotwells, Bristol, for tlie LA DY C'f AIU.OTI'K Packet. NO TICK. I'lie Proprietors of the above Steam Packets Notice, that they will not be accountable for any passenger's Luggage, iior will they be answerable for any j'oo-ts, Packages, "of Parcels (if lost or damaged by Fire, leakage, or otherwise) unless Booked at either of their Officos at Cardiff or Bristol, if above the value of M)s., tlrdess entered 3t its value, and Carriage in proportion Pa'd for the same, at the time of Booking .—Goods consigned to order, or not taken a .vay before Six o'clock in the evetiing of the day of landing, will be warehoused at the risk and expense of the consignees. All Goods to be considered u liens, not only for freight and charges due thereon, but also for all previously unsatisfied Freight and Charges due by consignees to the Proprietors of the said Packets. Disputed Weights or measurement, claims or loss or damage, &c.. cannot be allowed, unless a written notice of the same he 8ent to the Office on the day of delivery. fcfi ictioit. ABERMAIDE ESTATE, ABOUT THREE MILES FROM ABERYSTWITH. To be SOLD by AUCTION, BY MR. GOODE, At the BELLE VUE HOTEL, ABERYSTWITH, on THURSDAY, the 28th day of AUGUST, 1845, at 4 o'clock in the Afternoon, either together or in Lots, A MOST IMPORTANT FREEHOLD PROPERTY called the ABERMAIDE ESTATE, in the Pa- tu,¡hes of LLANBADARN, LLAMBAII, and LLANYRCHIAKN, Containing together upwards of 1360 Acres of very excel- ent I.and, and consisting of well arranged, most desirable *nd compact Farms, with a capital Messuage or Shooting ^°x also several convenient and substantial Home- !^eads, and a Water Corn Mill, in the rich and beantiful ^ale of the Ystwith, about 3 miles from the increasing Town and Port of Aberystwith, in the County of Car- digan, with extensive and thriving Plantations abounding ^'th Game, and including the Manor and Manorial Rights of Rhydonen, with its Appurtenances. The ^state is nearly in a Ring Fence, intersected by the River Ystwith and the Cardigan Turnpike Road, and *°rms an opportunity for the investment of Capital rarely to be met with. Railways are being projected to Aberystwith, which Will bring this Estate within an easy distance of London, as Well as of Chester, Liverpool, Manchester, and other places in the North and South of England. Printed descriptive and further Particulars, with a Lithographed Plan of the Estate, may be had of Messrs. iatham & Proctor, Solicitors, Lincoln's Inn, London; ^'r. John Millet, Land Agent, Aberystwith; and Mr. Goode, Auctioneer, Carmarthen. TO CAPITALISTS. Valuable cL. Extensive Freehold Premises ON THE BANKS OF THE RIVER AVON, And only one mile and a half from the City of Bristol. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, BY MESSRS. FAIWrS AND SON, At the COMMERCIAL ROOMS, Corn-Street, Bristol, on THURSDAY, the 7th day of AUGUST next, at One o'clock precisely (unless previously disposed of by Private Contract), under a Fiat of Bankruptcy, and with the concurrence of the Mortgagee. IOT 1.—All those extensive PREMISES, known by J the name of Net ham Works, in the Parish of Saint George, in the County of Gloucester, together with the Steam Engine, Plant, &c., used for several years past for the manufacturing of hory Black, Sal Ammoniac, &c., &c., and also all requisite Machinery for making Bone Buttons on a large scale. The Yard and Manufactory stand on and comprise nearly one Acre and three quarters of Land, and, where spacious room is requisite, business to any extent may be carried on to advantage. There is in the Yard a House for a Foreman, and Stabling for four horses, and the Pre- mises are well supplied with Water; and to any party- disposed to enter into the above, or any other Business where ample loom is required, this is an opportunity that seldom offers itself, and is well worthy the attention of Capitalists. LOT 2. —A DWELLING-HOUSE and Garden, con- taining nearly one Acre, well stocked with young Fruit Trees, situate near the Manufactory, and lit for the residence of a Proprietor. The House consists of two Sitting-rooms and Dining- fetsen, with Kitchen and Offices on the ground floor, and five good Bedrooms over the same, with a good supply of both sorts of Water. LOT 3.—Four COTTAGES and Gardens, for Work. men, adjoining Lot 1. Also, Three Freehold DWELLING-HOUSES and Gardens, situate at Pile Marsh, in the said Parish of St. George, let to respectable Tenants, and to be Sold in the following Lots:- LOT 4.—A DWELLING-HOUSE and Garden, in the occupation of Mr. Thomas Harding, let at £9 10s. per annual. LOT 5.—A DWELLING-HOUSE and Garden, in the occupation of John Brady, let at £ 7 16s. per annum. LOT 6. A DWELLING-HOUSE and Garden, in the occupation of George Brady, let at £7 IGs. per annum. wJxTrTeW the Piemises apply to Mr. WILLIAM MbN DERSOX, Netham Works, St. George's, near Trtuxl' and for fur{herParticulars to Mr. FREDERICK vst j MANNING, Solicitor, No. 30, Craven-Street, rand, London; or Messrs. FARGUS, Auctioneers, Bristol. TOWN OF CARDIFF. FOn SALE BY AUCTION, BY Mil T. WATKINS, Cinder the directions of the Poor Law Commissioners), at the GUILDHALL, CARDIFF, on MONDAY, the 4th day of AUGUST, 1815, at two o'clock in the afternoon, (subject to such Conditions of Sale as shall be then produced),—■ ALL THAT FREEHOLD MESSUAGE or DWEL- r (lately used and occupied as a Workhouse for the Poor of the Town of Cardiff), situate 1m SAINT MARY STREET, in the said Town of Cardiff, together with the spacious Outbuildings, Courts, Yards, and Garden of considerable extent, thereunto adjoining and belonging. The above Premises are most eligibly situated in the •centre of the Town, and form a most desirable invest- ment for Wilding purposes. Further particalais may be obtained of the Auctioneer* •Or at the Office of Mr- E. P. Richards, Solicitor, Cardiff AS AM TEA SIS WAREHOUSE. ESHSY WEBBSlt, CARDIFF & HGKTHYR GUARDIAW OFFICE SOLE AUTHORISED AGENT FOR CARDIFF. THE A SAM TEA COMPANY. A SAM, a British Colony, of growing importance, situate on the very verge of China, ranks among the most interesting of our East Indian Possessions, for the continuous improvement of this Province, in a general sense, under the auspices of the Asam Company." The exertions and capital of the "ASAM TEA COMPANY" are, hoover, especially devoted to bringing into general repute a SELF-PECULIAR & INDIGENOUS TEA PLANT PRODUCED IN ASAM, which is deservedly classed with the most important of our Colonial productions for its SURPASSING QUALITIES. The Asam Tea possesses, from the fitness and richness of the soil, virtues apart from and superior to any other leaf, even in a wild state, and FOR STRENTH, AS WELL AS FLAVOUR, IS UNAPPROACH- ABLK by any of the Chinese Plants, which properties have been, and still will be, infinitely improved by experienced An^lo-Chinese cultivation. Therefore, besides is indescribably fine flavour, its very superior strength guarantees an ECONOMY ATTENDANT ON ITS CONSUMPTION, which must necessarily render it a domestic acquisition of incalculable advantage. • The "Asam TEA Compauy" are also Shareholders in the" Asam Company," and therefore have an interest in, and depend for success entirely on, the peculiar and intrinsic qualities of the Asam Tea, which, for these reasons, they furnish ill a pure and genuine state, by means of advertised Agents, not interested in their adnltera- hon, in packets duly sealed and labelled, "ASAli TEA COMPANY, 11, CROOKED LANE, KING WILLIAM STREET," City of London, where applications and communications will be duly and promptly attended to. Sole authorised Agents, For SWANSEA Mr. Williams, Cambrian-Office. For MElilMYR Mrs. Ann Williams, Confectioner, High-Street. For NEWPORT Mr. Morgan Evans, 35, High-Street. Good Black, 5s.; superior flavour, 6s. Good Green, Gs. ditto, 7s. ijgr AGENTS WANTED FOR SOME OF THE PRINCIPAL CITIES & TOWNS OF ENGLAND SWALES 41oticc0» CARDIFF PANTECHNICON. B. KEARNEY, IN returning thanks to his numerous Friends and tha Public generally, for the very liberal patronage he has received since his commencing Business in CARDIFF, begs to observe that he adopts the familiar adage- "Honesty is the best policy," as his Motto in Trade; and fmther observes, that the Goods purchased at the PANTECHNICON cannot be surpassed for style, quality, or cheapness, by any Establishment in the Kingdom. His MILPUFF BKDS, in great variety, cannot be equalled in quality or price; and his Goods generally, such as CHAIRS, TABLES, DRAWERS, BED- STEADS, IRONMONGERY, &c., will be found well worthy attention. "KNOWLEDGE IS POWER." They who wouli wisely spend their cash to KEARNEY'S shop should go, For I've got knowledge there, and you may get the same also- I had the power to buy, and so I went to buy abed, Thereon to lay my wearied bones or rest my aching head For KEARNEY has good leather beds and milpuff ones also, And mattresses and such like things, at prices very low With chairs whose seats are cane or hair, of most superior make, In which you may repose with ease, and that is no mistake; So go to the FANTECUNICON, a place that's richly stored With all that may be summed up in phrase most simple—" Bed and Board." "Micat inter omnes HALFORDUM Sidus, velut inter ines Luna Minores! HOR. THE ROYAL DOMESTIC MEDICINES. 1) t;fJ T HE^ ROY A ES. THFI R0YAL FATWL I.Y (Aperient) P,LR'S of the late Sir H KN'lt Y Hart., M.D., and for YARS PHYSICIAN to the HOYAI. F AMI I.Y, were, during this period, /«% tested by him, "AS THE i SAFEST \ND *M 1 LDfcST FAMILY MEDICINtis, in alt disorders of L'IE ^,0"LACH, I'iVer, and Bowels, P whether arising from Biliousness, Indigestion, &c. and for retnov- J T Nervous and Sick Head-ache; or relieving habitual Constipation, by prodiifing a healthy and free action of the Liver. It is well known that Geo. IV. received THE greatest benefit from his PREVENTIVE (iOUTand RHEUMATIC PILLS, in which diseases they mitigate the severest paroxysms, without producing nausea or any prostrating effects. In Asthmas. Influenza, and C<>nghs of Standing, his "CELEBRATED COUGIL PILLS" stand unrivalled,—pre- venting tickling in the throat, and fits of coughing, which so tenerally attend these complaints. His CARMINATIVE or SOOTHING SYRUP, being free from any preparation of opium, or other dangerous narco'ics, has obtained the approval of the most eminent members of the medical p:oie-^ion,—facts which render it the faf, s, and most valuable remedy in Acidity of the Stomach, Gripes, Hiccup, IJesth ssnes«, Tcetbing, and the usual infantile attacks. The public may rest assured that they are each faithfully prepared I roll, Sir Henry's original prescriptions, and com- pounded of those very expensive ingredients (for which he was remarkable) hy an eminent Chemist of 30 years'practical experience in dispensing.—facts of tiie greatest moment to the public at large. To the Proprietor of the Royal Domestic Medicines." 2 High-street, Swansea, June 24th, 1845. SIR, —I feel much plea-titre iti communicating to yon, the gratifying intelligence, that the HoYAL DOMESTIC MKDICINES are highly valued here. About two weeks ago, an elderly gentleman, named Edwards, came to me for a box of llalford's Celebrated Cough Pills; he was nearly suffocated with As lima, and had a distressing Cough. Yesterday he called for two boxes more, saying, that previous to taking them he had not enjoyed one night's rest for monihs, and that his past pains and sufferings appear like a dream." 'This gentleman has been afflicted for many years, and is now recovered. The RorAI. FAMILY (Aperient) Pills are said, by many, to be the best they ever took for Bilious Affections. Sick Head- ache, &c. Whilst I am writing, A Captain Davis called for six boxes to take to sea for his own use, adding that they were. without exception, the best Medicincs be had ever taken." Yours, very respectfully, (Signed) S. RICHARDS. Extract of a Letter, dated 26th May, 1845. from Mr. Warhurst, Chemist, Fleet street, Bury, ancashire. J'l consider the Itoyal Familv Piilsa very excellent medi- cine they give general satisfaction here, and are in great demand. I am nearly out of stock.—therefore send me, as before, ten dozens, and a ca-c of the GOllt and Rheumatic Pills. Amongst the numerous parties who have spoken of the ben> fits received hy the use of the Halford Medicines I will allude to a VERY respectable lady here, who, HAVING re- ceived a perfcct cure of a constant sick head-ache, lolis of appetite, and a rising of the stomach (as -he described it) almost to suffocation,' called on Tuesday for another box, desired me to express and report to you her best thanks, say- ing, 'she should be most happy I" being referred to. through me, should any respectable person des-rc it.* I shall, there- fore, avail myself of so respectable a testimony, and think you would do well to advertise the same. Extract of a Letter, dated 27th March, 1845, from Mr. R. Brook, 25 ff 26, Buxton-road, Huddersjield. Mr. W-, of this town, says, 'he has tried a great many Medicines for pains in the head, but has not received benefit from any, before taking HALFOHD'S ROYAL FAMII.Y (Aperient) PILLS.' I could name several others—but this is a highly respectable man, well known; objecting, however, to his name being published." It is especially worthy of remark, that the doses of these Pills in no instance exceed Two,-indscd, one generally is sufficient this proves their intrinsic superiority over the monstrously absurd doses of "vegetahte compounds, and other inert trash, which are daily paraded before the Public. CAUTION.—OBSERVE, The TITLES ARE EN- GRAVED, (bv order of her Majesty's Honorable Commis- sioners of Stamps), UPON THE GOVERNMENT SI AMP of these I <>YAL DOMESTIC MEDICINES: and on each BOX and Bottle the PORTRAIT OF SIR HENRY, with a fac-sunile of the Signature of „ HAWKINS> AIL OTHERS ARE SPURIOUS!! Sold Wholesale by the l'roprictor, C. B. HAWKINS, 33, Hastings-street, Burton Crescent, London; and by Messrs. Sutton and Co., Bow Church-yard; Edwards, at. Paul's Church-yard; Sanger, Oxford-street; by P. Harris, Bull Hing, Birmingham Mander, Weaver, &c., Wolverhampton and retail, by the Agents specially appointed,in every iown in the Kingdom. Price Is. lid. and 2O,9d.—Stamped. AGENTS. Cardiff—Mr. C. M'Carthy, Chemist, &c., High-street; Merthyr Tydvil-Mr. J. Davies, Druggist; Abergavenny —Mr. T. YV, Ouws, Stamp-office; Carmarthen Mr. Mortimer, ChemW, The Cross Swansea- "• Richards, 2, High-street; Mr. Williams, Cambrian- office; Brecon—Mr. P. B^jgfcjfiHigh-street; liams, Silurian-office J. Maddy, Druggist; Pontypool and Ahersychan—Messrs. Wood, Druggists, Newport—Mr. Jenkins, Chemist, Commercial-st'^et; Buss—Messrs. Farror and Dobles, Booksellers; Here- ford-Mr. Hook, Broad-street Glo/1cl!stfr-Mr. Lowe, Sonthgate-street; Bath—Messrs. Mayler & Son, ^.<jra office; Mr. King, Market-place; Mr. Baker, Milsoin-j street; Mr. Webb, Cheap-street; Bristol and Clifton Messrs. Ferris and Score, Chemists to the Queeni Union- itreet, I Iloticrø. I Monmouth and Glamorgan Bank, NEWPORT, JULY 17, 1845. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, fTlHAT the NINTH ANNUAL GENERAL MEET- J. ING of this Company will be held on MONDAY the 11th of AUGUST next/at the KINO'S HEAD INN in' the Town of Newport, at One o'Clock in the Afternoon, precisely, to receive from the directors an announcement of the Dividend for the Half-yeart ending 30th of June last, and on other special affairs. Signed, by order the of Board, H. WYBORNE JONES, Chairman. ARTISTICAL PAPER-HANGINGS. IMREITOOMS, 4d, BROADMEAD, BRISTOL, (OPPOSITE TH E ARCADE). pARLOUR, Bed-room. Hall, and other Papers, at Gd., P 8d., I0d., and Is. per Piece of 12 yards; combining enecttve patterns with permanent colouring PaDer Hangings at I0d., to Is. 6d. per Piece, equafin general effect to many that are sold at 2s. 6d. to 5s. per Piece, and as durable. Drawing-room, Parlour, and Dining-room patterns, at 2s. 6d. to 5s. per Piece, little less elteetive than those commonly sold at 12s. to 18s. per Piece and of equal quality. Gold Flock, and other best Paner Hangings, of rich and novel designs. Also, just re- ceived, direct from France, some ingenious and exact imitations of damasks, chintzes, lace, &c., of exquisite ARTISTICAL PAPER HANGINGS. J. F. COTTERELL feels much pleasure in statin^ that in no instance where his Artistieal Paper HanWn-s have been introduced have they failed to give complete satisfaction-and he has just fitted up a large Wareroom for the purpose of exhibiting the specimens, so arranged, that the precise effect of a Room, in any style, when' completed, may be at once obtained. J. F. Cotterell's mode of Artistical Paper Hanging is one of his own invention. He supplies designs appro- priate to buildings of whatever age or character, and which will render old or unshapely walls and ceilings pleasing and attractive, without other alterations. The Hanging of Common Papers reduced to Eight- pence per Piece. Hangings in silk and damask and other superior finish for interiors. J. F. COTTERELL, 46, BROADMEAD, BRISTOL. TO MR. PROUT, 229, STRAND, LONDON. Doncaster, September 26th, 1844. SIR, The following particulars have been handed to us with a request that thf. might be forwarded to you, with per- mission for their publication, if you should deem them worthy of such. J. BROOKE & Co., Doncaster. ELIZABETH BREARLEY, residing in Oukc-street, Doncas- ter, aged between 40 and 50, was severely afflicted with Rheumatism, and confined to her bed for a period of nearly two months, with scarcely the power to lift her arm she was signally benefilted after taking two doses of BLAIR'S GOUT AND 15II KU .VI A I IC PILLS, and after finishing two boxes was quite recovered." The above recent testimonial is a further proof of the great efficacy of this valuable medicine, which is the most effective remedy for Gout. Rheumatism, Sciatica, Lumbago, Tic Dolo- rOllx, Pains in the Head and Face. often mistaken for tooth- che, and for all Gouty and Rheumatic Tendencies. It is also gratifying to have permission to refer to the fol- lowing gentlemen, selected from a multitude of others whose station in soctety has contributed to advance this popular medicine in public esteem: J. n. Mandall, Esq, coroner, Doncaster; the Rev. Dr. Blomberg; the Chevalier de la Garde; Mr. Miskin, brewer and maltster, Dartford ■ Mr Richard ^tone, Luton; John J. Giles, Esq., Frimley' Mr! Innwood, Perbright Wm. Courtenay, Esq., Barton Stacey, nrar Andover Railway Station, Hants; all of whom have received benefit by taking this medicine, and have allowed the proprietor the privilege of publishing the same for the benefit of the afflicted. Sold by Thomas Trout, 229, Strand, London; and by his appointment by Mr 1 hos. Stephens, druggist, Mi rlhyr Tydvil- Mr. Phillins, Cardiff; Alr. Farror, Wtontnoutil Mr. Williams, Brecon Mr. Williams and Mr. Phillips, Newport; and ail r spectable Medicine Venders throughout the United Kingdom. -Price 2s. 9J. per box. Ask for BLAIIvS GOUT ANO RHEUMATIC PILLS and observe the name and address of Thomas Prout 229' Strand, London," impressed upon the Government Stamp affixed to each box of the Genuine Medicine. ROWLANDS' UNIQUE PREPARATIONS FOR THE HAIR, THE SKIN, & THE TEETH THE August Patronage conceded by our Gracious Queen, the Royal Family, and the several sovereigns and Courts of Europe, and the fact of thetr general use in all countries, together with the numerous testimonials constant y received of their efficacy, characterize them with perfection and sufficiently prove their value. y ROWLANDS' MACASSAR OIL This E LEG A NT, F It A G It A NT and T R A N S P A 11R NT Oil in its preservative, restorative, and beautifying qualities for the Human Hair is unequalled throughout the whole world It preserves and reproduces the hair, even at an advanced period of life; prevents it from falling off or turning grey • restores grey hair to its original col >ur; frees frotn SC|J and dandriff, and renders it soft, silky, curly, and eto-isy — Facts abundantly proved by innumerable testimonials, which are open for inspection at the proprietors. For Cftildren it is especially recommended as forming the basis of A BEAUTIFUL HEAD OF HAIR! Price 3,. 6d. 7s.—Family bottles (equal to 4 small) 10s. 6d. and double that SIZP, 215. CAUTIOV.—Each genuine bottle has the words ROWLAND'S MACASSAR OIL engraved in two lines on the wrapper; and on the back of the wrapper nearly 1,500 tunes, containing 29,028 tencrs. All others are Spurious Imitations. ROWLANDS KALYDOR, An Oriental Botanical Discovery, and perfectly free from all mineral or metallic admixture. It purifies the skin from all Eruptive Maladies, Freckles, Sallowness, &c. To the Com- plexion it imparts a radient bloom, and a softness and delicacy to the Hands, Arms, and Neck.— Price 4s. 6d., aud 8s. 6d., per bottle, duty included. CAU HON.—Beware of nUT A TIOSS containing mineral astringents utter'y ruinous to the complexion, and which by c -ei their repellent action endangering health. Each genuine bottle is encloeed in a beautiful Envelope from a steel plate by Messrs. PERKINS and BACON, on which are the words ROWLAND'S KALYDOR" and A. ROWLAND & SON, 20, IJatton-Gaiden, is also engraved (by Authority of the Hon. Commissioners of Stamps,) on the Government Stamp affixed on each bottle. HOW LAND'S ODONTO, OR PEARL DENTIFRICE, A Fragrant White Powder, prepared from Oriental Herbs of inestimable virtue for preserving, and beautifying the TE ETH and strengthening the GUMS. It eradicates tartar from the teeth, removes spots of incipient decay, polishes and preserves the enamel, imparting the most pure and pearl- like whiteness; and gives sweetness and perfume to the breath. Scurvy is by its means eradicated from the gums, and a healthy action and redness are induced, so that the teeth, (if loose) are thus rendered firm in their sockets.- Price 2s. 9d. per box. CAUTION.—To protect the public from fraud, the Govern- ment Stamp (as on the "KALYDOK'') is affixed on each box. IMPORTANT INFORMATION. Unprincipled SHOPKEEPERS, for the sake of gaining a trifle more profit, vend the most spurious COMPOUNDS under the same names, and under the implied sanction of Royalty; they copy the labels, advertisements, and testi- monials, (fictitious names and addresses being substituted for the real) of the original preparations, and use either the 7E DA?^N.UINE-" °r a FEIGNED name, in the place °. "LAND'S" It is therefore highly necessary to see that the word ROW LA NO'S" is on the wrapper of each Article. rr All others are FRAUDULENT IMITATIONS, the genuine Articles are sold by tbe Proprietors as above, and by Chemists aud Perfumers. 32 ot tees. GLAMORGANSHIRE General Agricultural Society. THE Subscribers to this Society are respectfully re- quested to pay the amount of their Subscriptions, due 1st July, 1845, to the Treasurer, EDW. BRADLEY, Secretary and Treasurer. Cowbridge, 10th July, 1845. GROtrsin 5B*lW<QSi Notice is hereby given, THAT no Person will be allowed to spmt on the IIILLSof Sir CHARLES MORGAN, Bart., which are situate in the several Parishes of Defynnock, Ystrad- fellty, Penderin, Cantreff, Llanspythid, Ystradgunlais, and Liy well, within the Manor of Brecon, in the County of Brecon, during the ensuing Season. All Persons found Trespassing by Sporting, H unfing for Game, for the purpose of breaking Dogs, or other- wise, will be prosecuted as the Law directs. And any Person giving information, so that persons trespassing may be convicted, shall receive a REWARD of TWO GUINEAS, upon the conviction of the offender or offen- ders, on application to PHILIP YAUG HAN, Agent to Sir Charles Morgan, Bart. Brecon, 14th June, 1845. Royal Corporation of the Literary rund, Instituted 1790, Incorporated by Royal Charter, 1818, FOR the PROTECTION & RELIEF of AUTHORS of GENIUS & LEARNING, & their FAMILIES, who may be in want or distress. Patron-HEit MOST GKACIOUS MAJESTY THE QUEEN. President-Titic MARQUIS OF LANSDOWNE. Vice-Presiden ts. His Grace the Archbishop of I Right lIon. Sir John Cam Dublin Hobhouse, Bart. The Marquis of Normanby Right Hon. Sir Robt. Peel, Bart. The Marquis of Northampton I Sir John Edw. Swinburne, Bart. The Earl of Arundel and Surrey Sir Robert Harry Inglis, Bart. The Earl of Ripon Sir William Chatterton.Bart. The Earl of EHenborough John Thomas Hope, Esq. The Lord Hrougham Henry Thomas Hope, Esq. The Lord Stanley Andre*- Spottiswoode, Esq. The Lord John Russell I ITenry Hallam, Esq. The Lord Francis Egerton Benjamin Bond Cabbell, Esq. Subscriptions and Donations announced at the Anni- versary Dinner, on Wednesday, May 14, 1845—The Right Hon. the EARL of ELLEN BOROUGH, G.C.B., in the Chair £ s. d. Her Most Gracious Majesty the QUEEJJ a-m. 105 0 0 The Chairman, the Earl of Ellenborough, V.l' 18th ùon. 25 0 0 Ditto 10 10 0 Anonymous. 20 0 0 C. C. Bahington, Esq., F.R.S,, F.G.S,, Steward 10 10 0 Rev. John Barlow, Secretary Royal Institution 110 G. It. Wythen Baxter, Esq., Steward 5 5 0 Henry Blanshard, Esq., Prime Warden of the Gold- smith's Company 2nd don. 10 10 0 Professor Brande, F.R.S., Steward 550 The Lord Brougham, V,P 2nd don. 25 0 0 E. B. Brown, Esq. 10 10 0 J. S. Buckingham, Esq. ann. 1 1 0 His Excellency Chevalier Bunsen, Prussian Minister ann. 5 0 0 B. B. Cabbell, Esq., V.P., Steward 14th don. 10 10 0 Lady Chantrey 3rd don. 5 0 0 Sir Wm. Chatterton, Bart., V.P., Steward 7th don. 10 10 0 H. F. Chorley, Esq., 3rd don. 3 0 0 Thomas Clarke, Esq., F.S.A., Steward 10 10 0 Major Shadwell Clerke, K.H., Steward 10 10 0 The Lord Colchester 50 0 Henry Colburn, Esq. 3rd don. 5 5 0 R. S. Cox, Esq. 5th don. 5 5 0 Eyre Evans Crowe, Esq. arm. 110 John Dalrymple, Esq. ann. 1 1 0 Dr. Darling, M.D., Steward 10 10 0 Dr. Davies, M.D. ann. 1 1 0 John Dickinson, Esq. 10th don. 10 10 0 C. W. Dilke, Esq.. Steward. 6th don. 10 10 0 Benjamin Disraeli, Esq., Steward 10 10 0 Andrew Doyle, Esq., Steward 10 10 0 Rev.RobcrtEden,M.A. 100 The Lord Francis Egerton, M.P. ann. 10 0 0 Hon. Mountstuart Elphinstone ann. 5 5 0 The Lord Bishop of Ely 5 0 0 W. Fergusson, Esq. 110 Dr. Forbes, M.D., Steward 2nd don. 10 10 0 Edward Gandy, Esq. 550 Right lIon, Thomas Grenville .0 ann. 5 0 0 Hudson Gurney, Esq. 3rd don. 10 0 0 Sir John Ilall, U.C.IL 500 Henry Hallam, Esq., V.P. 0." 8th don. 5 0 0 Liike .James Ilailsard, Esq. 3rd don. 5 0 0 Robert Stayner Iloltord, Esq. ann. 5 5 0 Dr. Holland, M.D., Steward o. 5 5 o G. P. It. James, Esq. don. 5 5 0 Ditto ann. 5 0 0 G. T. Kemp, Esq. 2nd don, 5 5 0 Messrs. Longman & Co. alm> 5 5 0 Right Hon. T. B. Macaulay, M.P. 2nd don. 10 0 0 W. C. Macready, Esq., Steward ann. 5 0 0 The Lord Viscount Mahon, M.P. 3rd don. 10 10 0 John Masterman, Esq., jun. 3rd don. 5 5 0 Joseph Maynard, Esq. o. 2nd don. 10 10 0 Hon. W. L. Melville 4th don. 3 3 0 His Excellency Lord Metcalfe, Governor-General of Canada. arm. ]0 0 0 R. M. Milnes, Esq., M.P. ann. 5 0 0 MohanLal. 10 10 0 Samuel Mullen, Esq., SteTrlrcl 5 5 0 R. I. Murchison, Esq F.U.S., President of the Royal Geographical Society 4th don. 10 0 0 John Murray, Esq. n. 4th don. 5 5 0 RobcrtMnshet.hsq. o. 2nd don. 3 0 0 Alexander Nasmyth, Esq., Steward 10 10 0 Hon. Mr. Nevill and Daniel Rowland, Esq., as Trus- tees of a Benevolent Flln(i # 50 0 0 His Grace the Duke of Northumberland 2nd don 20 0 0 Cosmo Orme, Esq., Steward 21 0 0 Professor Owen, F.R.S. #* 2 0 0 'sq. J. W. Parker, Esq. 2nd don. 5 5 0 Major-General Paisley, C.B. 2nd don. 2 0 0 John Pepys, Esq. o. ilthdon. 10 0 0 G. H. Pinckard, Esq. 1 1 0 Dr. Riding, M.D. '0 110 David Solomons, Esq. 2nd don. 10 10 0 William Sawyer, Esq. 00 2nd don. 21 0 0 Sir Percy Shelley. Bart., Steward 10 0 0 Hon. George P. Smythe, M.P., Steward.. ann. 5'0 0 His Grace the Duke of Somerset ann. 10 10 0 The Worshipful Company of Stationers ann. 20 0 0 J. II. Stocqueler, Esq. arm. 110 Rev. T. T. Storks, M.A. o. 00 ann, 1 1 0 Sir John E, Swinhurne, Bart., V.P. 00 22nd don. 10 0 0 James Emerson Tennent, Esq., M.P., Steward, ann. 5 5 0 James Thomson, Esq. ..110 Charles Tomlinson, Esq. o. o. ann. 1 0 0 Seymour Tremenheere, Esq., Steward 4th don. 10 10 0 Martin Farquhar Tupper, Esq., Steward 10 10 0 Sharon Turner, Esq. ann. 550 Ilorace Twiss, Esq., Q.C. 5th don. 2 2 0 His Excellency M. Van de Weyer, Belgian Minister ann. 5 0 0 Jacob Waley, Esq. 2nd don. 1 1 0 John Walter, Esq., of Bearwood 2nd don. 10 10 0 John Walter, Esq., jun, 10 JQ Q Albert Way, Esq., F.S. A. 5 50 Rev. Dr. Williams, Warden of New College, 3rd don. 3 0 0 Sir Thomas Maryon Wilson, Bart., Steward 5 5 0 Rev. Sir J. P. Wood, Bart., Steward 10 10 0 Edward Wyndham, Esq. 10 10 0 The principle of the Royal Literary Fund is to admin- ister assistance privately and delicately to Authors of genius and learning, who may be reduced to distress by unavoidable calamities, or deprived by enfeebled faculties or declininaplife, of the power of literary exertion. No writer can come within the views of the Institution who has not published a work of intelligence and public value and something more than talent, however brilliant it be, is invariably exacted. While the bounty of the Institu- tion is bestowed without regard to national or political distinctions, every author, without exception, is excluded whose writings are offensive to Morals or Religion, and whose personal character is not proved by satisfactory testimony to be beyond suspicion. In its career of unobtrusive usefulness during the last half century, the Royal Literary Fund has devoted to the relief of the unfortunate scholar no less a sum than £31,183; and 2,107 grants have been bestowed upon upwards of twelve hundred applicants. An Institution diffusing such substantial good, and dispensing its benefits with equal delicacy and promptitude, must carry with it its own recommendation and it will therefore be suffi- cient to call attention to the fact, that it is the only Insti- tution in the world by which the intelligent classes can relieve their equals by birth and education,—that it ministers consolation to many a wounded spirit in the higher classes of society,—to men of genius and of cha- racter shrinking instinctively from a disclosure of their wants, and upon whom, for this very reason, poverty resses with the heaviest hand. Donations and Subscriptions in aid of the benevolent purposes of the Institution will be thankfully received and acknowledged by the Treasurer, John Griffin, Esq., 21, Bedford-Place; Sir Henry Ellis, British Museum and William Tooke, Esq., 12, Russell-Square and at the Chambers of the Corporation, 73, Great Russell-Street, Bloomsbury, by OCTAVIAN BLEWITT, Secretary. ilotrt?0. Just Published, a new and important edition of the "SILENT FRIEND" ON HUMAN FRAILTY. Price'2s.6d., & sent Free to any part of the United Kingdom on receipt of a Post-office Order for 3s 6d. THE SILENT FRIEND, A MEDICAL WORK, on the concealed cause that destroys physical eneryy, and the ability of manhood, ere vigour has established her empire; with observations on the baneful effects of YOUTHFUL EXCESSES all,, INF EC I ION, with Means of Restoration. The influence of mercury on tht. skin is pointed out and illustrated bv Ten Coloured engravings, followed by observations on M A H- RIAGE, with directions for the reisovaI of disquaiifications, BY R. AND L. PERRY AND CO. CON Sri.TI NG SII arc EONS, Published by the AUTHolis, and may be had at their Resi- lience, 19,'s-street. Oxford-street, London; Sold by STRANGE,21. Pateruoster-Row H aNN A Y & Co 03, Oxford- street; GORDON, 146, Leadenhall-street PuWt-.LL. 10, i Westmorland-street, Dnblin; LINDSAY, 11, Elm Row. Edin- burgh, D. CA M Pli KLL, 130, A ray le-strcet, Glasgow Ingham, Maiket-street, M anrhester; NEWTON. Church Street, Liver- pool; GUEST, Bull-streer, Birmingham; Pl-RKINs, Haver- ford-west; JENKINS, Mcrthyr and Dowlais: and by all Booksellers in Town and Country. OPINIONS (IF TIIE PRFSS. We regard the work before us, The Silent Friend, as a work embracing most clear and practical views of a series of complaints hitherto iittle understood, and passed over by the majority of the Medical profession, for what reason we are at a loss to know. We niiis,. however, confess that a perusal of this work has left such a favourable impres- sion on our mind that wenot only recommend, but cordially wish every one who is the victim of past folly, or smfTerine from indiscretion, to profit by the advice contained in its pages. —Age and Argus. "The Authors of The Silent Friend" seem to be tho- roughly conversant with the treatment of a class of com- plaints winch are we fear, too prevalent in the present day. The perspicuous style in which this book is written, and the valuable hints it conveys to those who are apprehensive of entering the marriage state, cannot fail to recommend it to a careful pernsal.Era. "This work should be read by all who value heahh and wish to enjoy life, for the truisms therein contained defy all doubt. —rarmers Journal. THE CORDIAL BAL3f OF SYRIACUM, is intended to relieve those persons who, by an immo- derate indulgence of their passions, have ruined theirconsti- tutions, or in their way to the consummation of that deplo- rable state, are affected with any of those previous symptoms that betray its approach, as the various affections of the ner- vous system, ohstinate elects, excesses, irregularity, obstruc- tions of certain evacuations, weaknesses, total impotency, barrenness, &c. 3' This medicine is particularly rerommended to be taken before persons enter into the matrimonial state, lest in the event of procreation occuring, the innocent offspring should bear enstamped upon it the physical characters deiivable from parental debility. "me Price lis, or the quantity of 4 at I Is. in one BOIlIp. for 3:Ji., by which lis is saved-the £:; cases may be had as usual, which is a saving of £ 1 12S. THE CONCENTRATED DETERSIVE ESSENCE An Anti-Syphilitic Remedy for searching out & ptuifyino the diseased humours of the blood, and certain cure for Scurvy Scrofula, and all cutaneous eruptions, conveying its active' principles throughout the hodv, even penetrating the minutest vessels, removing all corruptions, contaminations, and imou- rities from the vital stream,—eradicating the morbid virus- and radically expelling it through the skin-Price ) ts. or four Bottles in one for 33s. by which lis. is saved, also in £ 5 cases, which saves £ 1 12> PERRY'S PURIFYING SPECIFIC PILLS, Price 2s, 9d., 4s. ()d.. and lIs. per box, With explicit directions, rendered perfectly intelligible to every capacity, are well known throughout Europe to ba the most certain and effectual remedy ever discovered fo. Gonorrhoea, both in its mild and aggravated forms by immei diately allaying inflammation an.l arresting further progress Gleets Strictures, Irritation of the bladder, pains of the loins' and kidneys, gravel, and other disorders of the Urinary pas- sages, in either sex. are permanently cured in a short space of time, without confinement or the last exposure. vVC 'n?dUcineS are PrpParf,d only by Messrs. R. and L. PERRY and Co., Surgeons, 19, Berner's Street, Oxford Street, London. Sold by all Druggists, Medicine Vendors and Book- sellers in Town and Country. Messrs. Perry expect when considted by letter, the usual lee of One Pound, without ivhich, no notice whatever can be taken of the communication. I atients are requested to be as minute as possible in the detail of their cases, as to the duration of the complaint, the symptoms, age, habits of living, and general occupation. Medicines can be forwarded to any part of the world no difficulty can occur, astfcey will be securely packed, and care- fully protected from observation. Messrs. Perry & Co., Surgeons, may be consulted as usual, at 19, Berner's Street. Oxford Street, London, punctually from II till 2, and from 5 till 8. On Sundays from 10 till 12. Only one personal visit is required from a country patient, to enable VIessr* Perry and Co. to give auch advice as will be the means of effecting a permanent and effectual cure, after all other means have proved ineffectual. N.B. Country Druggists, Booksellers, Patent Medicine Venders, and every other Shopkeeper can be supplied with any quantity of the Cordial Balm of Syriacnm. the Concen- trated Detersive Essence, and Perry's Purifying Specific Pills. with the usual allowance to the Trade, by most of the principal Wholesale Patent Medicine Houses in London. TWENTY-FIFTH THOUSAND. In a sealed envelope, price 3s. and sent free, on receiving a post-office order for 3s. Gd. MANHOOD;" TWENTY-FIFTH EDITION. THE CAUSES of its PREM ATU RE DECLINE, with PLAIN, DIRECTIONS for its PERFECT RESTOP.ATION, addressed to those suffering from the destructive Effects of Excessive indulgence, Solitary Habits, or Infection followed by Observations on Marriage, and the Treatment of Syphilis Gonorrhoea, Gleet, &c. Illustrated with Cases, &c., BY J. L. CURTIS & CO., Consulting Surgeons, 7, Fritli Street, Soho Square, London Published by the Authors, and Sold by Strange, 21, Pater- noster Row; Burgess, Medical Bookseller, 28, Coventrv- street, Haymarket; Mann, 3Q, Cornhill, London; Ferris and Score, Chemists to the Queen, Union-street, Bristol Need- ham, Gloucester; Watson, Shrewsbury; Times Office, Hereford and in Hangor. hv Mr. Richard Williams, Chemist, Market-place; Guest, Birmingham; Sowler, 4, St. Ann's- square. Manchester; Philip South, Castle-street, Liverpool, Fanning and Co. Dublin; Robinson, (Messrs) 11, Green- side-street, Edinburgh and Sold in a sealed envelope by all Booksellers. OPINIONS OF THE PRESS: This work, a TENTH edition of which is now presented to the public ten thousand copies have been exhausted since its first appearance, has been very much improved and enlarged by the addition of a more extended and clear detail of general principles as also by the insertion of several new and highly in- teresting cases. The book, as has been already stated, in the result of very ample and daily increasing experience is a class of diseases, which for some unaccountable reason, have been either altogether over lo ked, or treated almost with in- difference by the ordinary medical practitioner. The numberless instances daily incurring, wherein affections of the lungs, putting on all the outer appearances of consumption which, however, when traced to their source, are found to result from certain hanelul habits, fully proves that the principle of the division of labor is nowhere more applicable than in medical practice. We feel no hesitation in saying, that there is no member of society by whom the book will not be found useful, whether such person hold the relation of a Parent, a Preceptor, or a Clergyrnan,Sun, Evening paper. The rage for books in all departments of science, literature, and the arts, was, we believe, never so prevalent as at the present time.—The unavoidable consequence of this is, that we meet a very considerable proportion of indifferent, useless, and even bad books.— With the force of this prejudice on our minds, we with no little reluctance were induced to peruse Messrs. Curtis's work. entitled MAN HOOD."—The scientific views taken by the authors of the source and origin of many of the most distressing effects of certain depraved habits, fully establish their claim to the character of experienced and judicious surgeons.-And the result of our careful perusal of the work has been, to impress us with a thorough confidence in the talent and skill of the authors, and to satisfy us that those entrusted with the care of vonth are not a little indebted to them for furnishing them with a means of preventing some of the most frightful maladies to which flesh is heir.—Old England. The multitnde of books daily coming from the press, some, nay most of them, of a very questionable tendency, made us extremely reluctant io take up another. The clear exposition of the source of many of those diseases which prove so fatal to youth, and which are set down by the every day observer as the result of common causes, such as exposure to cold, sudden vicissitudes of temperature, hereditary taint, &c., is truly convincing and extremely satisfactory. And we do not think we go too far in sayiug, that society is deeply indebted to the authors for producing so u-eful, so much wanted, so valuable, and so truly moral a book.—Conservative Journal o This is a work that we fear there exists too much need nr to cause us to hesitate to recomme id it for geueral perusat Every branch of those frightful maladies, whether the resul of immoral habits or secret vices, is here succinctly treated' and, divested of all medical technicality, plain and easy directions are given for the best mode to be pursued in all cases, however complicated or apparently hopeless. To the married, as well as the unmarried, this little work alike affords consolation and cure in peculiar cases, and we are doing service to society in recommending it to geueral lIotice. Essex and Herts Mercury. MESSRS. CURTIS AND CO., A-ie to be consulted daily at their Residence, 7, FRITH STREET, SOHO SQUARE, LONDON. COUNTRY PATIENTS are requested to be as minute as possible in the detail of their cases; the communication must be accompanied by the usual consultation fee off I p aud in all cases the most inviolable secrecy may be relied on. The above work sold by Mr. Richard William., Chemist Market Place, Bangor; at the Office of the" Welshman." Carmarthen; and sent post-paid, in a SEALED ENVELOPE for 3s. 6d., by the following AGENTS: Merlin Office NTe wporf. Cossens Monmouth. Times Office Hereford D. Egville, Chronicle Office Jworcester. fvan,V* Bangor. Journal Office .Carmarthen.


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