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IMMSYIEL BRF.COV MARKETS, July 19.-Wheat 5s. Sd. to 6s,; Barley 3s. lUd. to 4s,; Oats 2s. Gd. to 2s. lOd. Malt 8s. 9d. to 9s. Beef, per lb. 6|d. to 7d.; Mutton G^d. to 2 2 7d.; Veal 5d. to 6d.; Lamb Gd. to 7d, Butter 9d. to lid. Skim cheese 4d. to S^d. New potatoes Id. to I ild. Ducks from Is. Gd. to 2s. each. The Brecon assizes commence on Tuesday, the 29th inst., before Mr. Justice Coltman. There are onlv two prisoners as yet for trial—one for forgery, and the other for an assault with intent, &c. WATTON FEAST—Feasts, amongst the last of our retained feudal customs, influenced by the giant strides of the march of civilization, are gradually falling into their deserved disuse. Brecon Watton Feast for 1845 was perhaps a solitary exception to the general rule, for a better attended feast has not been held in Brecon some years. We know not how to account for it, perhaps the present good times have a secret vivifying influence upon the lower classes: be it as it will, however, it is a fact that more diversion and merriment occurred than have for some anniversaries before. Mn. BRAHAM'S CONCERT.-Friday evening, July 18th, was anxiously looked forward to by many lovers of song and harmony as one, (to use the old romantic style) "to be marked with a pen of steel upon tablets of brass," for on thac evening the admired, inimitable Braham was announced for appearance before a Brecon audience. Great expectations were formed from the well-known talent of the vocalist, nor were they doomed to disappointment, for despite the influence of time upon a voice of immense power, a consummate practical knowledge of the laws of harmony combined with his almost unimpaired tones, carried the veteran through the ordeal with vast applause. The performances of Messrs. Charles and Hamilton Braham were also extremely popular more particularly admired was the powerful voice of the latter gentleman. The Bay of Biscay" and two or three other pieces were clamorously encored. Mr. Braham, it is said, was very well satisfied with his cordial reception here. A VACANCY in the office of registrar of Births and Deaths for the district of Brecknock has occurred in consequence of the lamented decease of Mr. John Williams, of the Bear Inn, Brecon. He departed this life on Thursday, the 17th inst., much respected by a large circle of friends and ac- quaintance. Several candidates for the office are in the field, and a sharp contest will it is presumed take place.

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