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MERTHYR AND NEIGHBOURHOOD. MERTHYR MARKET, July 19.—Beef 4.1. to 7d. i mut- ton Gd. to 7d. veal 5d. to 6d.; lamb G|d. to (5d.; pork 6d., per pound new potatoes 71bs for Gd., or Id. per pound. The market was also plentifully supplied with fruit of various kinds. LECTURES.—On Monday and Tuesday evenings, two lectures were delivered in the spacious Market-house of Merthyr, by Mr. R. K. Philps, (who has been lecturing in South Wales with the greatest success,) on The Anatomy of the Human Body, and the Evils of Intemperance," The lectures were accompanied by numerous illustrations exhibited by a powerful microscope, displaying the wonderful structure of the human frame. The diagrams of the bones, muscles, viscera, and nerves, were beautifully executed, and much admired. On the second evening the pathology of intemperance was ex- hibited by a set of diagrams, showing the stomach in various stages of alcoholic disease; and also, the aper- ture in Alexis St. Martin's stomach. Various facts in connexion with these representations were detailed— and the evening concluded by the exhibition of a beautiful set of views, from Rippingille's prize designs, showing the life of the intemperate, &c. The audiences were highly respectable, aud the lecturer was well received. There could not have been less than 1000 persons present. A correspondent informs us, that the town of Merthyr and its neighbourhood are sadly infested with burglars. After alluding to the robbery committed last week, a notice of which appeared in the GUARDIAN, he states that on Saturday morning another burglary took place. The shop of Mr. John Davies, grocer, Iron Bridge, was entered, and money amounting to £ 10 stolen, besides quantities of grocery. The premises weie entered by the trap-door. The house of Mr. Owens. minister, was lately entered, and the wearing apparel of the children stolen. Two women very recently attacked a man in the public streets, and attempted to rob him, but ran away before they could carry their object into effect, as they saw a policeman approach." Many other offences are enumerated, which show that the state of this town is far from being satisfactory. INQUEST.—An inquest was held at Dowlais on Satur- day last, before "Wm. Davies, Esq.) coroner, on view of the body of Richard Davies, aged 70, who had died on Friday, from injuries sustained at the Dowlais drift. It appears that he was going up the drift in one of the trams, when his head came ill contact with the projection of the arch. He fell down—the trams went over him, struck him on the head, and also fractured his left leg. He died in a short time afterwards. "Verdict—"Accidental death." DREADFUL ACCIDENT.—FOUR PERSONS KILLED.—On Tuesday morning last the populous town of Merthyr Tydvil was thrown into a state of great excitement and alarm, in consequence of the circulation of a report that several miners had been killed at the Cyfarthfa Wynch Fawr—the name attached to a certain mine or pit, we believe—aud subsequent events proved that the rumour was, unfortunately, mainly correct. From information given to us by persons who were in the mine at the time the dreadful accident occurred, we gather that there are more than one hundred men at work there, who no do.vn in a bucket, but no one ever met with an accident oy descending in that manner previously. On the morn- ing m question a great many men had gone down safely, wien those who, unfortunately, met with the accident entered the bucket. Their names are—Watkin Jones, aged 6 i Lewis Powell, his son-in-law, aired ;>1; David :J.tvies, a^e.l 27 and Thomas Jones, aire d -o. Who tjiey had only descended about, seven or eight yards from the top, ihe balance-chain or a link of the otbs'r chain to which the bucket was attached broke, and the poor fello ,-s went down with terrible speed to the bottom—a d^pt i of nearly one hundred yards! The three firs' n imed died instantaneously; but Thomas Jones survived liil he was taken to the mouth of the level, and conversed \ith those who ran to his assistance, lie wa« a single t'le others were married. Their families and :iellds keenly lament their sud fen and violent death. I here were, it seems, live men in the bu ket at one moment but one of the flve -Lewis Powell's brother- ha\ing suddenly recollected that he had forgotten his eandie, jumped out for the purpose of procuring it. The lander then refused to let him re-enter the bucket, saying, four men are quite enough to go down at once." I HUE IVORITES.—On last Monday, 2lst inst., the bre- thren of the "Castell Ifor" Lodge, at Morlais Castle Inn, celebrated their fitth anniversary. At ten o'clock the oncers and members met in order to arrange matters connected with the lodge, and at halfpast eleven the whole of the members were present, and were dressed with scarfs, &c., and moved on slowly" to Horeb chapel to attend Divine worship. An excellent aud appropriate discourse was delivered by the worthy brother, Mr. B. Owen, Zoar, from Proverbs 4th e., v. 27 and 28. Service being over, the members formed in profession, and paraded the prin- cipal streets of the town after which they returned to their lodge-room, where upwards of one hundred and twenty sat down to a sumptuous dinner, provided by the respected nostess, Mrs. Gay, in her usual elegant and comfortable style. Afterdinnfrthepresidingchalrswere filled by Mr. B. Owen and Mr. D. Magsev. The usual loyal toasts having been disposed of, "the welfare of the Order at large" was given, and responded to in the most hearty manner. The chairman next called the brothers forward, and questioned them upon subjects connected with the Order. Several members spoke with great elo- quence in pointing out the advantages of their Order. Subsequently many songs were sang. The whole of the proceedings were characterised by the utmost good hu- mour and conviviality, and the company separate at a seasonable hour, highly pleased with the instruction re- ceived and the amusements of the day. MERTHYR POLICE. —WKDXCSDAY. [Before T. W. Hill, and William Thomas, Esqrs.] Henry Jones, was charged by John Mahony with re- fusing to pay 13s. 2d. It seems that Mahony had agreed to work for las. 2d. a week. He worked one week and the motiey was paid. He came to his work the following Monday morning at 7, but Jem's refused to let him work, and turned him away. Mahony then demanded the 13s. 2d. because he had not had a week's notice. The reason alleged by Jones for turning him away was that he came to work at 7 instead of at G. A conversation took place respecting the hour: finally they agreed to abide by the decision of Mr. Smith, agent, but in his absence Mr. Thomas Davies gave his opinion, which was in favour of Mahony. Ordered to pay. John Adye, was charged hy John YlO, a guard on the Taff Vale Railway, with obstructing him while on duty oil Saturday evening last. Defendant who was quite in- toxicated insulted the passengers an 1 complainant, and refused to come out of the carriage when properly re- quired to do so. Fined ten shillings, and reprimanded by the magisirates, who told him that if he was ever brought before them again for a similar offence the full penalty of E-5 would be imposed. STEALING CrcusiauRs—John Griffiths, a cripple, was charged with stealing 14 cucumbers, a quantity of gooseberries, & from the garden of William Meyrick, Esq., of Gwaelod-y-garth, on Tuesday morning last. William David sworn I am Mr. Meyrick's gardener. We have cucumbers and gooseberries in the garden, which has a wall on one side and a fence all round, but it is so low that a person may jump over it. I was in the garden on Monday, the 21st, and they were all right then. I was called out about three o'clock on Tuesday morning -went to the garden, and found many cucumbers missing. There were the marks of a wooden leg there. P.C. Paisous said I was on duty by Pendarran srate about half-past one o'clock yesterday morning. I saw this man [pointing to Griffiths] coming from the direction of Mr. Meyrick's house. He had something with him. When he saw me he stood. I asked him what he had there. He said No odds to you." He walked on. I apprehen- ded him. He had some cucumbers in his hand and about his person. I asked him where he got them. He said by the side of the roati," and he gave the same answer relative to the gooseberries. On the way to the station- house he begged of me to I..t him go, that he would do so no more. After I put him in the station-house, I went up to Mr. Meyrick's, and called the gardener. We went to the garden. There were marks of a wooden leg there. I took the leg up with me, and it corresponded exactly with the marks. The gardener was enabled to identify one of the cu- cumbers by its peculiar shape. Committed to Cardiff House of Correction for three months.

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