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IMPERIAL PARLIAMENT. '--'-,-'-.-'--',-...-----------........--


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C^ittiuar AND LIST OF j"A1::S, NOTICES, ETC., IN T'IK COrNTIES OF GLAMORGAN', MONMOUTH, A^D ERI5CCN, I OR TIIE ENSUING Y.'LCEK. JULY 27. TENTH SUNDAY AFTER TRTNITY. Morning — 1 lesson, 21 c. 1st Kings; 2nd ditto, 15 c. Jobi:. Evening—1 lesson, 22 c. 1st Kings; 2nd do., 2 ami 3 cs. Tit. Almanac duty repealed, 1834. 28, Robespierre guillotined, 1733. 20. French Revolution of three days coir-trtenced, 1830. Wilbei-foree died, 1833. Spanish Arnada de- stroyed, 1588. 3J. Charles X. of France dethroned, lf-30. V. m. Peim died, 171S. -:1]. Ignatius Lvobi, founder of the order of Jesuits, died, 1516. "Gray died, 1177. AUGUST.—fiextUisis was the ancient Roman name for this month, being the sixth fioraMarch. It wr.s changed by the Emperor Augustus, who gave it is own, because in this month Caesar Augustus touk possession of his first consulship, celebrated three triumphs, reduced Egypt under the power of the Rouum people, and put atr end to all the civil wars. The Saxons called this month Arn-monath, intimating that this was the month for liiling the burns with the produce of the land. Arn is the Saxon word for hnrvest. AUG. 1. Lammas Day. ') held as a day of thanksgiving for the new fruits of the. earth. It w as observed with bread of new wheat and there was a custom in some places at no distant period for tenants to be bound to bring in wheat of the new crop to their lord on or before this day. The most rational explanation of the word is that which derives it from the S-?xon Half-masne (ioaf-tnasse or the loaf festival) the f being in time softened away on account of the difficulty of pronouncing it before m. Slavery a', dished in the British Colonies, 1834. ———2. Battle ofBlenheim, 17- 1. A kwiight died, 1702. Thitujs to he. reninnibt re-1 in August:—I- Annual license to be taken out by Ilawkers and pedlers. The first and second Sunday borough and county lists to be affixed to Church Door. 19, Lest day For leaving with overseers objections to county electors. 2.). Lust day for service of' o'-je-i.t'P.uis on eVvtovs in covoU; or the;r tenants, and for service oil overseers of objections to borough electors. 20. Overseers of parishes and town- ships to send lists of electors and number of objections to the high constable of the hundred. 31. All rates and taxes payable on March 1st niti-t be paid on or before this day by persons claiming to lie enroll, d as bu:gos.se:. FA IRS. Glamorganshire: Neath, July :>lst. Mon- mouthshire Chepstow, Aug. 1. Breconshire None.





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