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CORRESPONDENCE. To the Editor of the Cardiff and Merthyr Guardian• Sir.-I have recently seen announced in the columns of your ver) excellent and widely-circulated Journal, in the shape of two advertisements, one emanating from the Odd Fellows of this town, and the other from the mem- bers of the Mechanics' Institute (the latter of which I observed, under the head of notices to correspondents," was postponed) of an Excursion to Weston-super-Mare to witness the Weston Regatta." Now, we are all perfectly aware that the above Regatta, although so far distant from home, proved particularly attractive to the inhabitants of Cardiff, from the fact, that nearly 300 persons em.. barked from the Bute Docks, in order to enjoy so truly attractive and animating a sight as a Regatta. — My object in addressing you on the subject of Regattas is, for the purpose of asking, through the medium of the Guardian (which I am glad to perceive has been so much increased in size, as to place its contemporaries of the "broad sheet" in the principality on rather a smaller scale' than yourself) the inhabitants generally of Cardiff, but more particularly the nautical and sporting men of the place, whether it is not possible to get up a Regatta at Penarth* I do think myself, that if the matter were taken up by a few influential parties, it might be very easily accom- plished and without any very considerable exertion. I would suggest, in the first place, in order to make a be- ginning, that subscription books be immediately opened in various places in the town, (which might be hereafter announced) for the purpose of raising funds when I doubt not the undertaking will receive very general and ready support. I recollect, at no very distant period, some very excellent boat racing, rowing-matches, &c., together with rustic sports on shore, of the most amusing description and I am somewhat surprised that this very rational amusement has not been agitated long ago, when we take into consideration the facilities that now present themselves for the transportation of parties to the scene of amusement, since the completion of the Bute Docks; for before, persons were placed to great inconvenience in getting over, there being only one spot—the Sea Lock — from which parties could possibly take their departure by water—and only then at certain periods—which induced many to "take to the road;" but that inconvenience, now that the Bute Docks, as I before stated, have been completed, has been entirely removed as boats with passengers are now leaving the Bute Docks for Penarth, at almost every hour of the day. Trusting that these few observations may catch the eye of those interested in such amusements, I remain, Mi. Editor, Yours trulv, NEPTUNE. Cardiff, July 17th, 1845. ♦ To the Editor of the Cardiff and Merthyr Guardian. WHEN, Mr. Editor, when will steps be taken to lessen the number of teasing (unmuzzled) curs that infect our streets 1 AN INHABITANT. Cardiff, July 17, 1845. [We really have not the most distant idea.— ED. C. & M. G.]

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