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llRECOISIlIRE. BRECON INFIRMARY July lr>, 184.% —————- IN. OUT. Patients remaining last Week 4 54 Admitted since 0 9 4 GS Cured and Relieved 2 10 Dead 0 0 Remaining ————- 3 52 Physieiall for the ensuing week, Dr. Lucas, Surgeon,&e. Mr. Batt. BRECOX.—PEKR PREACHING.—On Sunday w^ek, n0- tice was given in Glamorgan-street Chapel of the intention of the Right Honourable Lord Teynham to deliver a sermon at this chapel on Thursday. liumour soon bruited abroad the announcement, and the result was that the chapel, o-n Thursday night, was literally crammed by inhabitants of the town. The novelty of the here unheard-of occurrence was, doubtless, the cause of so great an assemblage that a "peer of the realm," a man so highly elevated above the commonly received notions of equality, should descend from his high station, and address as brethren the poor, the lame, and the blind, giving to their ears, and, we hope, also their hearts, glad tidings of great joy," was "an idea so far removed from the popular mind as to cause vast amazement; hence the paramount interest taken in his lordship's proceedings. The attention of the auditory was dircctc ) to the 5t' chap, Romans, 1st verse, "ThcrefJre being justified b, faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesu; Christ." His lordship commented beautifully upon th" passage, and was universally ad mired for the perspicuity and correctness of his style. At the Plough Chapel, on Friday, Lord Teynham delivered another lecture to a large audience. ROCK HARMONICON.—Mr. Allwood and his interesting family exhibited at Brecon on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday last. We are sorry to observe that Mr. Allwood's genius was but poorly reivarded-tliiii, very thin attendances doing honour to his exertions, Welsh- men were wont to be considered hospitable and generous how comes it then that the inventor of an instrument resembling so much in tone the old bardic emblem of Wales should be treated with such neglect ?


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