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COWBRIDGEPETTY SESSIONS.—Held at the Town Hall, Cowbridge, on Tuesday, the 15th inst.—[Before R. C. Nicholl Carne, Richard Bassett, Robert Boteler, Esqrs., and Arthur Dene, clerk.]— John Phelps, and Thomas Thomas, both of Llanblethian, were charged by William Jones of the same place with drunkenness. Fined five shillings each and costs. Neither of the defendants appeared, but as they had been duly summoned the case was heard in their absence.—Edward Llewellyn, of Llanblethian, was also charged by William Jones, with having assaulted him in the execution of his duty. Fined 40s. and costs, and allowed a week to pay. PORTH CAWL.—On Sunday last, one of the crew of the Victoria, of Cork, fell off the mast head and was dan- gerously hurt by the fall. We are happy to have to state he is now able to walk about the place a little. GAZETTE, TUESDAY, JULY 15-The Lord Chancellor has appointed David Randall, of Neath, in the county of Glamorgan, gentleman, to be a Master Extraordinary in the High Court of Chancery. The coat and waistcoat which Nelson wore when he fell at Trafalgar, have been discovered in the possession of the widow of a late alderman of London, and pur- chased by Prince Albert for £ 150. They are to be pre- sented to Greenwich Hospital. [The small clothes and stockings worn by Nelson at Trafalgar, and which were taken from his person after his death, are now in the pos- session of Major Rotely, of May Hill, Swansea, who on the day of this great naval engagement served as second Lieutenant of Marines on board the Victory.' We have upon several occasions seen them in the gallant Major's possession.—ED. C. & M. G.] Last week there were at Swansea six ministers, fol- lowers of the Rev. Mr. Prince; whose object seemed to be earnestly to exhort and persuade the inhabitants to prepare for the second coming of the Lord; which awful event is, by their doctrine, continually expected when in the midst of all, three of those ministers got married on Wednesday morning week to three ladies who were on a visit at the place THREE SISTERS MARRIED TO THREE CLERGYMEN AT ONCE,—On the 9th instant, at St. Mary's Church, Swansea, by the Rev. David Griffiths, officiating minister, the Rev. George Robinson Thomas, of Charlinch, Somer- setshire, to Miss Agnes Nottidge, of Brighton; also, at the same time and place, by the Rev. D. Griffiths, the Rev. Lewis Price, of Preston, Dorsetshire, to Miss Harriet Nottidge, of Brighton; also at the same time and place, by the Rev. D. Griffith, the Rev. William Cobbe, of Bridgewater, to Miss Clara Nottidge, of Brighton. The brides, who are three sisters, wore very strange and peculiar dresses for such an occasion. Each had on a white hat and black veil; they are followers of a certain fanatic, who pretends to have received some wonderful testimony from the Almighty, and predicts that the end of the wortd is at hand. He is now in Swansea. SWANSEA.—On Saturday night, 5th instant, as Mrs. Bowen, aged 82 (living with her daughter, the wife of Mr. Bond, a carpenter in Greenfield-row), was attempt- ing over a lighted candle to reach something she had in view, her shawl caught fire, so that before it coitld be ex- tinguished, she was dreadfully burnt. She lingered until Sunday last, then died. MOST DARING HIGHWAY ROBBERY AND ATTEMPT TO COMMIT MURDER. —On Tuesday last, at about eleven o'clock in the forenoon, an old man, above 8Q years of age, named David Davies, generally known 4Y the name of Dai Llankedy," for many years the messenger of Mr; Benson's works, near Swansea, while going from the Glamorgan Bank with money to the works, was stopped on the public high-road, about a mile and a half from Swansea, and robbed of JE170. The money having been taken from him, he was then violently crammed into a culvert on the road side, where he must have remained above an hour. A woman going by was attracted to the spot by the old mail's groans she procured immediate assistance, and got him out, when lie appeared stupified and almost suffocated; the alasm was given, suspi- cious characters were traced to Llanelly; and the same night certain of them were taken in bed at their lodgings about midnight. On Wednesday morning, three men and two women were brought in custody to the Swansea station-house, by Mr. Rees, the inspector, and P.C. Thomas Jones, one pf the most active police- officers of the town. The prisoners were examined on Thursday morning. We will endeavour to give a sum- mary of the examination in our next. It is supposed that the parties in custody are only part of a gang of depreda- tors who now infest the neighbourhood of Swansea, as no money was found on those taken. It is to be hoped, that every member of the gang will be ferretted out. The police are sharply on the alert. SWANSEA SAVINGS BANK.—Saturday, Julv 1 2th. — Deposits received, £ 3i)6 Us. Od.; paid, £ 43 17s. 7(1. notices to willidi-aw, Elol 18s. 0J. Manager, :\Ir. J. \V. Clark. THE LATE FATAL ACCIDENT AT WORTHING.—The mother of the unfortunate young lady, Miss Eden (not Eaton, as previollsl y reported), who was drowned off Worthing, Oil Friday last, w is on the beach, and witnessed the accident; and it is a remarkable fact that she also witnessed the death of her first husband, Mr. Baring, who, we understand, was drowned off Dartmouth Pier, by the upsetting of a boat. Mr. Eden, who is a brother of Lady Brougham, had gone to town the day before the accident happened. The melancholy event has cast quite a gloom ovr the town. The inquest was to be held on Monday. [This voting lady was, we believe, a niece of the late Mr. Eden, of Bryn, ne ir Swansea.J ON or about the 3rd instant, the licleql *n, schooner, of Falmouth, laden with copper, when putting in to the Mumbles, run into the Cornish Lass, which was at anchor, and thereby sustained such injuries as to go down. She still remains under water. About the same time one of the Brixham hollers was lost on the cherrystone, near the Mumbles. Crew saved. COPPER ORES SOLD AT SWANSEA, JULY 16th, IH45. Mines. 21 Cwts. Purchasers. Price. £ e. d. C'lhre 133 VivianandSons 10 3 0 114 Ditto 10 0 0 to 105 Ditto 9 15 0 Ditto 98 Ditto 9 12 0 Ditto gO Ditto 9 15 0 Ditto 45 Ditto 1(1 13 0 Ditto .(M English Copper Company, and Sims, Willyatns, Ne- ville, Druce, and Co. 9 q (i Ditto 103 Pascoe.GrenfeU.&Sons.. 9 11 6 Ditto 90 Sims, Willyams, Neville, Druce & Co.; & William" Foster, and Co. •• 9 9 6 Ditto 83 Sims Willyams, Neville, Druce.&Co. 9 9 6 Ditto 72 Williams, Foster, & Co. 9 12 0 Ditto 67 Sims, Willyams, Neville, Drnce, & Co. 9 9 6 Ditto 119 Ditto 9 10 6 Ditto 108 Williams, Foster, & Co. 10 1 6 Ditto 107 Di'to 10 0 6 D tto 100 Vivian and Sons 9 19 0 Ditto 08 Diito 9 18 0 Ditto 116 Williams, Foster, & Co.10 3 0 Dirro 109 Ditto 9 16 6 Ditto 89 Ditto 9 16 (j Ditto 69 Ditto 10 2 6 Cuba S2 Ditto 16 10 6 Ditto 80 Vivian and SOM 15 17 0 Ditto 78 Do.&Williams, Foster & Co. 15 10 0 Ditto 76 Vivian and Sons 15 9 0 Ditto 65 William#, Foster, & Co. 16 10 0 Ditto 60 Do and Vivian & Sons 15 13 0 Ditto 121 English Copper Company. 8 12 6 Ditto .10.5 Vivian and Sons 9 2 0 Ditto 100 Do., and Pascoe, Grenfell, and Sons ,920 Ditto 9.5 Vivian and Son. 9 2 0 Santiago 95 Williams, Foster, & Co. 19 16 0 Ditto 86 Ditto 19 1 0 Ditto 79 Ditto 19 15 6 Ditto 76 English Copper Company.. 18 17 6 Ditto 64 Sims, Willyams, Neville, Druce, & Co; 18 18 6 Ditto 57 English Copper Company.. 18 17 6 Ditto 45 Ditto 18 17 6 Ditto 2 Pascoe, Grenfell, & Sons. 49 0 0 Heerhaven 131 Vivian and Sons 8 5 0 Ditto 98 Ditto 8 5 0 Ditto 95 Ditto 8 7 0 Ditto 76 English Copper Company. 8 3 0 Victoria 97 Pascoe, Grenfell, & Sons, & Williams, Foster,& Co. 6 3 6 Ditto 106 Pascoe, Grenfell, & Sons 6 6 0 Ditto 40 Ditto 6 15 6 Ditto 2 Sims, Willyams, Neville, Druce, & Co. 15 8 0 San Jose inCobre 80 Ditto 15 8 6 Ditto 79 Ditto 15 10 0 Ditto 44 Pascoe, Grenfell, & Sons.. 9 13 0 Ditto 39 Sims, Willyams, Neville, Druce, & Co. 15 10 0 Chili 106 English Copper Company. 25 2 6 Ditto 88 Freeman & Co. 28 7 6 Knockmabon. 89 Pascoeg Grenfell, & Sons.. 815 Ditto 76 Wi))iams,Foster,&Co. 5 11 6 Ballvnr.urtagh 90 Pascoe, Grenfell,& Sons .• 5 6 6 Ditto 47 Williams, Foster,& Co. 2 14 0 Ditto 16 Do. & Pascoe, Grenfell & Ss. 5 6 6 Parys Mine 60 Pascoe, Grenfell, & Sons 5 4 6 Ditto 53 Ditto 5 I 0 I-landidno 101 Williams, Foster, & Co. 6 15 0 Tigrony 34 Ditto 5 4 0 Ditto 24 Pascoe, Grenfell, & Sons.. 3 10 6 Cronebane 16 Ditto 3 10 6 Connorree 15 Vivian & Sons 2 13 6 Ditto 13 Pascoe, Grenfell, & Sons. 24 0 0 Cwm Sebon 14 Sims, Willyams, Neville, Druce, & Co. 8 16 6 Llanidloes 7 Williams, Foster, & Co. 18 5 6




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