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NEWBRIDGE MARKET, JULY 16.—Wheat, 6s. 6d.; barley, 4s. 6d,; oats, 3s. to 3". mutton, Gd. to 6jd. per lb. veal, 5d. to 6d. lamb, Cd. to 7d. pork, 5d. to 6d fresh butter, Is. ducks per couple, 4s. TREFoREsT.-On Saturday last the neighbourhood of Treforest, Newbridge, &e., presented a scene of consi- derable excitement and gaiety, being the occasion of the anniversary of the Gallt Vardre Lodge" of Druids, the Britain's Glory Lodge" of Odd Fellows, and the True Ivorite Society" of Ivorites. The affair had been anti- cipated with feelings of the deepest interest by all classes; and in order that the workmen employed in the extensive works of F. Crawshay, Esq who were members of either of the above societies, might have an opportunity of attending uninterruptedly the proceedings of the day, that gentleman, with his accustomed kindness and urba- nity towards those employed by him, issued directions for the business of his great establishments to be entirely suspended, in order that ALL might join in the festivities which were to take place. The morning was beautifully fine and at an early hour crowds were seen entering the place from all parts, with the view of joining the proces- sion. At half-past ten o'clock in the forenoon, the soci- ety of True Ivorites proceeded from Newbridge to the Bush Inn, Treforest, where they were joined by the Odd Fellows' Society, headed by their excellent brass band, and proceeded then to the Castle Inn in order to allow the Druids to join the procession. Shortly after- wards, the whole procession was complete and presented a most interesting -a most gratifying and exhilarating spectacle. Mr. Crawshay's brass band took the lead; then came the noble Druids in their full and most im- posing costumes, with banners bearing devices, the various emblems, &c., of their ancient order in the most splendid style, together with their richly finished regalia, entirely new, and procured at a considerable outlay from Bolton. The appearance of this band of brothers who cherish and keep alive remembrances of customs of ancient days was eminently calculated to produce the most in. tensely pleasing reflections,—to remind one of old times, -of the tales of Hen Gytnttt,—of everything that to Welshmen is dear and worthy of respect. All who viewed them seemed to gaze in silent admiration. Next came the Independent Odd Fellows-a body uni- versally esteemed and held in unbounded respect—feel- ings which their course of proceedings eminently deserve. They appeared a highly respectable body of men and their approach was hailed with satisfaction by the spec- tators. The lvorites closed the procession. Of this body we may safely state that the object they have in view is strictly a praiseworthy one, and that their ranks comprise some of the most excellent men of the present age. The procession passed on to the mansion of F. Crawshay, Esq., on its way to the church. Mr. Crawshay, attired in the full costume of an Arch Druid, was, with his truly amiable lady and family standing on the steps in front of his house. The procession passed to and fro in order to afford the family an opportunity of seeing it fully. At that moment the scene was a grand one—an unusual one. The two excellent bands played the national anthem- the banners were exhibited to the best advantage, as were also the various emblems, regalia, &c., the members in their dresses—the crowd of spectators-all contributed to render the moment one of indescribable magnificence and of intense pleasure. The procession then proceeded to church, where a most admirable and appropriate sermon was preached by the Rev. Mr. Williams, and listened to with marked attention. After Divine service the proces- sion formed as before and proceeded to the town of Newbridge, the bauds playing most lively airs, which re- sounded far and near, causing those who viewed and heard the whole from a distance to imagine that "they lived in days of ancient time", and that some great feudal event was being celebrated. At Newbridge, the lvorites entered their lodge-room and found prepared for them by their worthy host, an entertainment of the best description. They spent the remainder of the day in their room in a manner truly rational and entertaining. The Odd Fellows and Druids proceeded along the tram- road tolreforest, where they arrived at their respective lodge-rooms and partook of the sumptuous feasts provided by the respective hosts, Messrs. Cooper and Fletcher, who vied with each other in contributing to the comforts and luxu'ies of their respective entertainments. The chair was ably filled at the Castle Inn by Charles Price, Esq., cashier of the works at Treforest. After the usual loyal toasts were drank, the health of F. Crawshay, Esq., was proposed by the worthy chairman and drank with the most enthusiastic a pplatise- nine times nine and one cheer more." 'he health of the Rev. Mr. Williams was also drank with great cheering. The rev. gentleman responded to the toast in a neat and appropriate speech. Dr, Price, the Chairman, and several others were drank and responded to in the course of the evening. The utmost good feeling pervaded the assembly at the Bush Tavern the chair was very ably filled by the presiding officer, and the same loyalty was manifested here as at the Castle. But, before we close this our imperfect ac- count of these anniversaries, we must state for the infor- mation of our readers, that F. Crawshay, Esq., presented the members of the society of which he is a member (the Druids) with a barrel of beer, in which to drink his and his lady's good health. In the evening dancing commenced at both lodges, where all the beauty of Treforest and the surrounding neighbourhood seemed to enjoy themselves to a degree never to beforgotten. And thus terminated one 01 tne most happy and social days that ever was spent in Treforest.—On Monday night, the Drpids walked in procession tp the Maen Chwyf, or Rocking Stone, in full costume, accompanied with torches and variegated lamps, where sundry Druidical rites were performed, and the members returned in the same order. The novelty and appearance of the brotherhood contrasted with the darkness of night, rendered the scene one of peculiar solemnity and grandeur.






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