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CARDIFF POLICE PQURT.MONI?A?. [Held before the Rev. Geo. Thomas.] Herbert Rees, schoolmaster of the Cardiff Union, charged Henry Lewis, Frederick Lettiv, and Thomas Lewis, with having on Tuesday the &lh of July, bur- glariously entered the Cardiff Union Workhouse and steal- ing therefrom, the property of the said Herbert Rees, one large box containing one pilot cloth coat, two waistcoats, two shirts, one pair of stockings, one plated dessert knife and fork, two gold rings, one silver watch, two gold seals, one inscribed Anne the other Cecil, one silver pencil case, a silver pen-holder, a stamp receipt for £ 5, and other papers, &c. Wilil&'rp Haldeii sworn: I am landlord of the 'Castif and Mill' public house in' Bristol, On Tuesday evening last the prisoners came to my house at about nihe p'clock and Thomas Lewis asked me for a bed. I told him he could have one. He then said there are two more of us, we have just come from Wales by the packet. The other two then came in and all three went to bed. On the Wednesday morning when they came down stairs Thos. Lewis gave me one shilling for the bed. He also gave rpe a bundle and said—" take vare of it," They then went out a'td were in and out all day. He said lie had a mother who kept a school in Cardiff—that they had plenty of money and tint when they had spent it all they would go home some time after. A strange man came in and they all went cut, saying something about a cheque, and while they were ahsent, a policeman came in and found this bundle. It was opened in my presence, and in it I saw a shirt and waistcoat, which he (the P.C.) marked and took it away with him. [fhe pro- perty referred to was produced and identified by the pro- secutor.] George Edwards sworn I am a tailor at Bristol. At half-past seven on Friday morning, Henry Lewis came and offered me a pilot cloth coat for sale. He asked 15s. for it. He said it was his brother's. I suspected he did not come honestly by it. I took off his cap and looked at his hair (which had a very close crop), and told him I thonght he had not come honestly by it. I detained him and the coat and sent my boy for a policeman and gave him in charge. James Perrit: I am a jeweller, in Small-street, Bristol. On Wednesday, Thomas Lewis, the prisoner, came to my shop in the evening, and offered me one silver tea spoon and one dessert spoon, the one was marked J. C. M. and the other S. XL I asked him where he had them from. He said his nrother was dead an l he wanted money. I melted them the next day. Rev. Geo. Thomas: Do you always melt silver so soon after you receive it Witness: It just depends on whether we want it or not, we never offer such things for sale. Frederick Lazarus lives with Moses Blenkenzi, who keeps a jeweller's shop in Bristol. Henry Lewis came and offered six tea spoons for sale. Mr. B. asked him how he came by them. He said his father was dead and his mother had sent him to Bristol to sell them. Shortly after he left, the prisoner Frederick came to the shop and offered a silver watch for sale. He gave it into my hand. I took it and shewed it to Mr. Blenkenzi, who said he would not buy it. Prisoner said, it was not to you I offered it, it was to another man." John Stokes lives with a Mr. Cummins, pawnbroker, Bristol. Frederick Lewis, the prisoner came on Wednes- day and offered a silver watch to be pledged. He had five shillings on it. He said he wanted the money to take him back to Newport. I gave him the money and made the entry in my book. I marked the watch, it was pledged in the name of Henry Thomas, Newport." I now pro- duce the watch. (Prosecutor identified it.) Samuel Causwell Newton, is a sergeant of Police, Bristol, stated that Geo. Edwards sent to the station house about eight o'clock on the morning of Thursday, that he took the bundle, &c.—that on Friday he saw Henry Lewis with a pilot cloth coat on. He thought it did not fit him and took him up. He took the coat off and found in the pockets the dessert knife and fork, the two seals, and also on making a further search, he found the shirt now pro- duced, all of which the prosecutor identified. The prisoners were remanded for further examination and the prosecutor and witnesses were respectively bound over to prosecute and appear when required, in the sum ofjE50each.

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