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THE CARDIFF AA'D MERTHYR GUARDIAN. FRIDAY, JULY 18, 1845. ACCELERATION OF THE MAIL.—We have the satisfaction of stating, upon the most undoubted authority, that the long and anxiously desired change in the line of mail communication with the metropolis will positively take place in the course of a fortnight. The delay has been occasioned by certain interested parties, who have, throughout the consideration of this question, manifested a spirit of the most intense selfishness. ON Monday last in the House of Commons, the South Wales Railway Bill and the Monmouth and Hereford Railway Bill were read a third time and passed. We perceive by the Gazette that John J. Thomas, Esq., of Caercady, in this county, is appointed to a Cornetcy in the 5th Dragoon Guards; and Capt. Knox, of the 13th Light Dragoons, lately quartered at Cardiff, has succeeded to the Majority of his regiment. Lieut. Charles Deacon succeeds to the vacant troop. CARDIFF MARKET, July 12.-Beef, per lb., 7d. to 811.; veal 5d. to 6d. mutton 6,1(1. to 7d.; lamb 7d.; pork 6d. Butter (fresh) ts. cheese, 6d. to 7jd. eggs, per doz., 9d.; fowls, per couple, 28. 6d. to 3s ducks 4s. Potatoes old white, 6s. purple, 7s. 6d. red, 8s. 6d.; new, Id. to l^d. per lb. Peas Is. 8d. to 2s. per peck. SOUTH WALES RAILWAY.—H. S. Coke, Esq., and se- veral other gentlemen connected with this county and the South Wales Railway, passed through Cardiff on Thurs- day last, to attend a committee of the House of Lords on standing orders with reference to the South Wales Railway Bill. We have every reason to hope that the Act will be obtained this session. CARDIFF SAVINGS' BANK.—Saturday, July 12th. — Amount of deposits received, £314 9s. 5d. ditto paid, JL377 2s. 8d.; number of depositors, 42. CUSTOllI HOUSE, CARDIFF.—Received under bond by J. F. Burrow, from London and Liverpool, 51 chests (3564 lbs.) of tea. TEA.-The genuine and unadulterated Asam Tea is sold, in sealed packages only, at the office of this paper. The agent has not the slightest hesitation in affirming that it will be found of the Most exquisite flavour, and supe- rior to any other sort of tea sold. BRAIIAM'S CONCERTS.—The concert announced in our last was given at the Theatre, Crockherbtown, on the evening of Monday, under the distinguished patronage of the High Sheriff, and was attended by a fashionable and numerous audience. The vocalists, Mr. Braham and bis two accomplished sons—sang with their ac- customed energy and succcss, aid elicited tlvj most enthusiastic applause. When we recollect the advanced » age of the elder Braham, the wonderful power and sweetness which his voice still retains, his puiity of style and perfect expression, we certainly are of opinion that he is entitled to those eulogistic appellations which the public press of this country his so frequently applied to him. He is certainly still "The Prince of British Singers" and "a most extraordinary man." Mr. Charles Braham and Mr. Hamilton Braham have only this point of resemblance—both are able and accomplished vocalists -the characters in other respects of the two voices are as opposite to each other as darkness is to light. Mr. C. Braham possesses a beautiful tenor of moderate strength and compass, but which, nevertheless he manages with admirable skill and t-iste-Iiis Lads of the Village" 011 Monday, being one of the gems of the evening, and in which he received a most hearty encore. Mr. H. Braham has a very powerful bass voice and will, at no distant period, take a very high rank in his profession. In the duet with his father he went through his part with great skill and enW. In the glee (the "Red Cross Knight,") the voices of Mr. Braham and his two sons harmonised beautifully. Altogether the concert was a most delightful one in every respect; and we regret that want of leisure and space, will not allow us to notice it at greater length. The entry of Robert Savours, Esq., the High Sheriff, was hailed with loud and repeated cheers. We hear that an interesting and beautifully embellished Memoir of the late Sir Henry Halford, Bart., M.D., <- F.R.S., &c., Physician to the Royal Family; containing particulars respecting the administration of his Royal Family Pills and Celebrated Cough Pills: as also Di- rections for the use of his Preventive Gout and Rheu- matic Pills," (in the treatment of which diseases he was remarkably sllccessful),-may be had Gratisof the Agents appointed for the Royal Family Medicines.—(See Advt.) ST. SWITHIN.—The anniversary of this Saint, on Tuesday, passed off, in this town at least, without a drop of his favourite moisture, so that if there be any truth in augury, better weather may be expected for the harvest, than the forty days' successive rain which is said to follow his pluvial indulgence on the 15th. THE WEATHER, during the past fortnight has been very unsettled. A great quantity of rain has fallen, and the nights have become almost cold. Should the present state of the weather continue much longer, the arrticipa- tions of an abundant wheat havest may not be realized. The crops are in a very forward and healthy state, but j now want the warmth of a July sun to bring them to maturity. Grass is abundant, and great quantities have been cut and stacked, though a partial stop has been put to further hay-making. Vegetables and fruits are very abundant and very cbeap. SHIPPING INTELLIGENCE.—The Marchioness of Bute, of Cardiff, Joblin, arrived at Zante on the 23rd ult., from Trieste, and proceeded same day for Smyrna; the Mary Stuart, of Cardiff, Fudge, arrived at Ancona from Liver- pool, on the 3rd instant; the Lady Charlotte Guest, of Cardiff, Fraser, sailed from Ancona for Smyrna on the 3rd instant; the Maria, of Cardiff, Evans, arrived at Limerick, from Quebec, on the 12th instant. Outt OWN DELIGHTFUL BED!—The celebrated poet Montgomery, of Sheffield, says—"how sweet it is to stretch the tired limbs and lay the head down on our own delightful bed." No doubt, had he seen one of these now on sale at the Cardiff Pantechnicon," he could not have expressed himself better. The beds sold by B. Kearney, in the Hayes, are delightfully made for rest, and are also delightfully low in price,—they are of fea- thers or milpuff, and to suit purchasers, the same esta- blishment supplies Palliases and Mattresses of excellent material and durable qualities ;-then there are bedsteads either Four-post. French, Tent, or Elliptic-either plain, painted, or polished and a stock of hair-bottomed, caue- seated, or plain chairs, to suit every purse and taste. The stock altogether is not to be surpassed out of town."—(See Advt.) LLANDAFF.—We are glad to find that the successful competitors for the erection of a monument and tomb to the memory of the late Rev. Thomas Lewis are natives of i the principatity-namety, Mr. J. Edwards, Robert-street, Hampstead-road, under the feigned name Ifor," and our highly-respected neighbour, Mr. Evan Morgan, of Cardiff, under the feigned name "2 John 12." There were seven more competitors whose designs (it is but justice to state) were very creditable. A PETITION, of which we subjoin a copy, has just f been forwarded to the House of Lords from this town. It was most influentially and very numerously signed by the gentry, clergy, merchants, and other inhabitants of the place and we seriously and earnestly hope that other tovms along the intended line will, without delay, forward I'TiPeti,i0ns- The.v m iy W|"itten on paper, aud the fallowing will serve as an example :— t 1° the Right Honourable the Lords Spiritual and Tem- poral of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, in Parliament assembled. "The humble Petition of the undersigned gentry, L merchants, traders, and inhabitants of the borough of Cardiff and its neighbourhood 1.1 "SHF.WETH,—That a bill is now before your Itight Hono.. » rahle llotiee for making a railway from Pembroke Dock and Fishgnard to the town of Chepstow, with a branch to Mon- mouth, to be caHcd the "South Wales Railway." "That your petitioners consider the proposed railway as calculated to be productive of the greatest advantage to the commercial and manufacturing interests of South Wales, and particularly of that important portion of it of which Cardiff is the port, in affording increased facilities for the transmission of iron, tin plates, coal, and other products of the district and as affording means for the further development of its well known mineral resources. I hat your petitioners also feel deeply interested in the success of the present bill, as affording the best and most direct communication with the South of Ireland, and u facilitating the completion at a future period of railway communication with the metropolis, and with the Midland and Western Counties of England. Your petitioners, therefore, humbly pray your Right Honourable Home, that the said South Wales Railway Hill may pass into a law during the present session of Parliament"

Glamorganshire Summer Assizes.'.