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J. GREAT BRITAIN STORES, H SSIS&SB »!BSB G-SLM&Z&'Jt L. WALTER, TAILOR, WOOLLEN DRAPER, HATTER, & GENERAL OUTFITTER, IN announcing to the Public that he has iust received a very large Stock of the best manufactured FRENCH HATS, which he will sell at a lower rate than the general common Silk Hats, sold for French, begs to invite the attention of the Neighbourhood at large to his SPLENDID STOCK of READY-MADE CLOTHING, for the present Season and particularly wishes to impress on the Public that this is the first Establishment in Wales which has adopted the judicious plan of marking the Selling Price, in plain figures, on every Article-a plan which cannot fail to be hailed with admiration, because, while it realizes the most sanguine hopes of the economist, must be a source of pride to the Proprietor, based as it is on the most enlightened views, and conducted upon the most honor- able principles. L. WALTER confidently and positively asserts that his system must effect a greater saving to the Public, in the article of Dress, than ever yet has been realised in this part of the Kingdom. Aware that there is a general impression that lowness of price necessarily involves inferiority of quality, can unhesitatingly say, that with the facilities at his command and his practical experience in the Trade, he can secure lowness of price with every other concomitant advantage. L. W. earnestly solicits the attention of those persons who have not yet favoured him with a trial, confident that the result must be the general approbation and support of all parties who rightly appreciate the advantage of Fashionable Dress. The Proprietor of this Establishment, while he courts the custom of the wealthy, and renders it worthy their patronage by furnishing the very best material, and making up the same in the first style of the art, by the subjoined List of Prices, places the most elegant articles within the reach of all to whom economy is an object, with the addi- tional advantages of returning any article ordered which does not meet with their approbation. LIST OF PRICES FOR GENTLEMEN'S CLOTHING, MADE TO MEASURE. £ • s. d. £ 8. d. £ s d. Tweed Coat .from 0 12 0 Best quality manufactured.. 2 10 0 Albert and Polish 'Mixed Office Coats, handsomely CHILDREN'S DRESSES. T11D?E • • V 014 0 Office Coats, handsomely CHILDREN'S DRESSES. T11D?E • • V 014 0 made ,0 16 0! Black or Drab Kerseymere 0 15 0 Gent.'s Tweed Wrappers 0 17 6 Tunic, Vest, and Trousers.. 14 0 Best quality manufactured.. 12 0 Cachmerette, (all shades).. I 1 0 Ditto, Jacket, Trousers, Gent.'s Taglioni, or Russian Waistcoat 1 6 0 WAISTCOATS. Coats 1 2 0 Bluejacket from 0 10 0 Plaid Polka, (most fashion- BREECHES. Handsome Toilenett and ab!e) 1 4 0 Gentlemen's Cotton Cord Valentia Vests 0 6 6 Gent.'s Mixed Beaver 1 10 0 Breeches 0 8 0 Elegant Tibet Shawl pattern 0 10 0 Ditto fine Dress Coats 1 8 0 Ditto Kerseymere, of any Splendid Black Satin 0 14 0 Saxony ditto 118 0 j colour 0 15 0 FIgured Satin, in elegant Best quality manufactured,. 2 5 0 style 0 12 0 Superfine Frock Coats 1 10 0 TROUSERS. Black Kerseymere.from 0 7 6 Saxony ditto, with silk fa- Fashionable Woollen Trou- cings 2 0 0, aera 0 10 o Men's Suits of best Moleskin, ready made, 18s.; to measure, 20s. This being the only Establishment in the Town solely devoted to Men's and Boys' Clothing, the Public can be suited most advantageously from an unrivalled Selection of PARIS & LONDON BEAVER HATS, NAVAL & YOUTHS' CAPS, SUPERIOR WHITE & COLORED SHIRTS, SILK HANDKERCHIEFS, UNDER SHIRTS, DRAWERS, FLANNELS, &c. &c. GOOD TAILORS WANTED July 17th, 1845. !.alt- by auction. I GLAMORGANSHIRE. TOWN OF BRIDGEND. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. William Morris, On THURSDAY and FRIDAY, the 24th and 25th of JULY, 1845, on the Premises at NOLTON VILLA, OLD- CASTLE, BRIDGEMD, the undermentioned very valuable Modern and well Preserved FURNITURE &e. The Property of ABRAHAM VERITY, Esq., who is giving up his present Establishment. VIZ.:— TN the Dining Room, a set of Mahogany Dining Tables jL with circular ends, a Mahogany Sofa with horse hair seats and cushions, a handsome Town made Mahogany Sideboard, Six Mahogany Chairs with horse hair seats, an Easy sliding Chair with hair seat and chintz covering, Chimney Glass in Gilt Frame; Two Crimson Moreen Curtains with Brass Poles and Bands, a Carpet 18ft by 15ft., Hearth Rug, Bronze Fender, Fire Irons, Hearth Brush, and a Handsome Dinner Lamp. In the Drawing Room, Six Chairs with cane seats, Two Fancy ditto with Blue Damask seats, Rosewood Loo Table upon a pillar and claw, Card ditto and Work ditto, an Ottoman ditto with blue damask covering, a very handsome Mahogany circular Pedestal, Two green watered Moreen Window Curtains with brass poles and pins, a splendid full toned cabinet Piano Forte, Two years only in use, made on the most improved principle, by Dimolines," late foreman to Broadwood, Canterbury; Music Stool, a large Chim- ney Glass in Gilt Frame, Brass Fender, Fire Irons and Hearth lirush, a carpet 16ft. by 14ft., Hearth Rug, a Japan Coal Reservoir with Copper Scoop, a modern 8-day Timepiece in Mahogany Frame. The Upstairs Furniture include Four French and one Four-Post Mahogany Bedstead, Servants' ditto, Six prime Feather Beds, Bolsters and Pillows, several pairs of Blankets, Counter- panes, and Marseilles Quilts, Hair and Wool Mattresses, Palliasses, Mahogany and Deal painted Chests of Drawers, Washstand and Ware, Dressing Tables, Swing Ghsses in Mahogany Frames, a Brussel's Carpet about 1-lft. square, Bedside Carpeting, Fenders and Fire Irons. The Kitchen Requisites are 2 good sized) Deal Tables, i 6 Chairs, Flour Bin, Safe, Plate Rack, 2 Fenders and Fire Irons, and a general assortment of Pots, Kettles and other Culinary Articles, Brass and Iron Candlesticks, Snuffers, Trays, &c., &e., Mahogany dinner Tray & Stand, Cheese Waggon, Japan Tea Trays, Waiters, and lock-up Canisters, Bread and Knife Baskets, 2 sets of China, blue and white dinner Service, and other ware, a variety of Glass consisting of Quart and Pint Decanters, Finger Glasses, Ale, Wine and Tumbler ditto, and Desert service of ditto, a modern Tea Urn and a Brass Break- fast Teakettle with stand, Ivory handle Knives and Forks, &c., &c. A number of different sized Casks, Tubs, and Buckets, Garden Roller, Cucumber Frame and Glasses Garden Tools, and a quantity of old Iron, &c., &c. There are a variety of Books on different subjects, in- cluding Latin, Greek and French School Books. On the first day will be sold, a handsome modern built Pheaton and Harness, a five-year old Poney Mare about 14 hands high, remarkably docile, goes well in harness, has excellent paces and safe to ride; 2 Dogs, one a well bred Setter and the other a Labradore breed a good Sidesaddle and Bridle, part of a Mow (about two tons) of prime, old, and well harvested Hay, and as much of the Household Furniture as time will admit. The Sale will commence each day at 11 o'clock in the forenoon, and the whole sold without reserve. TOWN OF CARDIFF. FOR SALE BY AUCTION, BY MR T. WATKINS, (Under the directions of the Poor Law Commissioners), at the GUILDHALL, CARDIFF, on MONDAY, the 4th day of AUGUST, 1845, at two o'clock in the afternoon, (subject to such Conditions of Sale as shall be then produced),— ALL THAT FREEHOLD MESSUAGE or DWEL- LING HOUSE, (lately used and occupied as a Workhouss-for the Poor of the Town of Cardiff), situate in SAINT MARY STREET, in the said Town of Cardiff, together with the spacious Outbuildings, Courts, Yards, and Garden of considerable extent, thereunto adjoining and belonging. j The above Premises are most eligibly situated in the centre of the Town, and form a most desirable invest- ment for building purposes. Further particulars may be obtained of the Auctioneer; or at the Office of Mr. E. P. Richards, Solicitor, Cardiff. MONMOUTHSHIRE. FOR SALE BY AUCTION, By Mr. H. M. PARTRIDGE. At the NEWBRIDGE INN, MONYTHUSLOYNE, on THURS- DAY, the 24TH day of JULY instant, piecisely at Two o'clock in the Afternoon. A HIGHLY-DESIRABLE ESTATE, called PEN- YRHEW, situate in the parish of Monythusloyne, together with a F A RM contiguous thereto, called M AES- YGARN, the whole containing by admeasurement 82A. OR. 8p., more or less, now in the occupation of Mrs. Rachel Lewis, and her under tenant. This valuable Property is situated in the centre of the Monythusloyne Coal Field, with Railway Communi- cation with Newport, and contains a considerable portion of the best Red Ash coal, left unworked, together with all the lower veins untouched, and which must necessarily become daily more valuable, as other Collieries are worked out. The Purchaser might be accommodated with an ad- joining Estate, if desired, upon reasonable terms, which would render the whole one of the most complete and valuable Properties in the parish of Monythusloyne, either as regards surface or minerals. T -J°rTCfurtIlerT>partiCuUlars' aPPiy to Mrs. RACHEL LEWIS, at Prayrhew or Mr. WADDINGTON, Solicitor, Csk. Usk, 10th July, 1845. SALE OF KENTISH FILBERTS. OWING to the appearance of a plentiful cron nf FILBERTS in KENT this Season, the Advertiser will be happy to Contract to supply parties, at the proper Season, (about the end of September) with good FIL- BERTS, direct from the Grower and fit for storing at the very low Cash Price of SIXTY SHILLING per hundred pounds; delivered in Cardiff Free of Expense. Apply to Mr. WM. TAYLOR, Bute AJ-ms, Bute Street, Cardiff. July, 1845, lioticto. I MISS MARTHA VAUGHAN'S SCHOOL WILL RE OPEN on WEDNESDAY, the 30th of JULY, 1845, Crockherbtown, Cardiff, July 9th, 1845. CLASSICAL, MATHEMATICAL, & COMMERCIAL ACADEMY, BRECON, SOUTH WALES, CONDUCTED BY MR. J. F. GEARY, (Late of Airedale College). THE above Establishment will RE-OPEN, on MON- DAY, the 28th instant. A Prospectus, <&c. may be had on application. COLLEGE SCHOOL, GLOUCESTER. THIS SCHOOL WILL RE-OPEN on MONDAY, J. the 4th of AUGUST, 1845. Those gentlemen who wish to make enquiries respecting this School, are requested to apply to the Rev. Dr. Evans, College Gardens, Gloucester. LLANTWIT COTTAGE, near NEATH, GLA- MORGANSHIRE. S. W. STONE, B.A., Minister of the English Baptist Chapel, Neath, wishes to undertake the Education of Four Youths, who will be treated as Members of his Family. The course of instruction will comprise all the branches usually taught in Schools, with Latin, Greek, Logic, Mathematics and the Elements of Chemistry and Natural Philosophy. Terms, E30 per annum French and Drawing, each £4 per annum. The School will OPEN on the 24th inst. Reference may be made to W. H. Buckland, Esq., Cadoxton Place, near Neath to the Rev. Joseph Angus, M.A., Baptist Mission House, London and to the Rev. James Acworth, M.A., Horton College, Bradford, York- shire. The House is in a pleasant and healthy situation, at the entrance to the Vale of Neath. Aberdare Canal Navigation. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that the ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING,or ASSEMBLY, of the COMPANY of PROPRIETORS of this NAVIGATION will be held at the CANAL-OFFICE, Aberdare, on THURS- DAY, the 31st day of JULY, 1845, at Eleven o'Clock in the Forenoon. EDWARD LEWIS, Clerk to the Company. July 2nd, 1845. FLY POWDER. IMPORTANT TO FLOCKMASTERS. SHEEP and LAMB COMPOSITION, for preventing the alarming attacks of Fly and Scab, effectually destroying Tick, Lice, and all other Insects injurious to the Flock, cleansing and purifying the Skin, thereby greatly improving the growth of Wool, with one-fourth the labour and expense of the Dipping Composition. Prepared only by M. THOMAS, CHEMIST, COWBRIDGE. Directions for use with each Bottle. M. T. has had the honour of supplying most of the influential Gentlemen and Farmers of the neighbourhood for the last four years. TO IRON-FOUNDERS. WANTED, by the Cardiff Gas-Light and Coke Company, 4000 Feet of C-inch CAST IRON PIPES, with necessary Bends and Syphons. The Pipes to be proved, and delivered on the Quay of the Bute Dock or Glamorganshire Canal, Cardiff. Further particulars may be obtained at the Gas Works, Cardiff. Tenders for the above to be forwarded on or before the 22nd day of JULY instant, addressed to Mr. E. P. Richards, Cardiff. Cardiff, 10th July, 1845. RAILWAYS. Published this Day, price Is., with a Map, THE GirCE QUESTION BY WYNDHAM HARDING. EVILS OF DIVERSITY OF GAUGE, AND A REMEDY. J. WeaJe, 59, High Holborn. TOWN OF CABDZFF. TO INN-KEEPERS, TAVEM-KEEPERS, &UZ «3ratsais<. TO BE LET, AND MAY BE ENTERED UPON IMMEDIATELY, A LL that old-established and well-accustomed free A TAVERN, known as the NICHOLL ARMS, Located in one of the best situations in the above flourishing and daily-improving Town, and in the imme- diate vicinity of the projected line of the SOUTH WALES RAILWAY, (which now is beyond a doubt of being put into early operation). The Premises are extremely convenient, and well adapted to the Trade, having an excellent Brewhouse with all other necessary Out-offices, Stabling, &c. RENT AND TAXES MODERATE! The many years' standing, and other well-known advan- tages which this taking offers, render it superfluous to make further comment, unless to say, it still maintains a FIRST-RATE BUSINESS. The Stock-in-Trade, Bar, and other Fixtures, together with Household Furniture, are to be taken to at a valua- tion, and nearly the whole of the Brewing Utensils (which belong to the Lessor of the Premises) are at the use and service of the incoming Tenant, free of charge. The whole of the interior and exterior of the House have, within the last twelve months, undergone complete repair, with highly judicious alterations. For further information apply to Mr. C. Sawyer, House-Agent, Auctioneer, &c., Cardiff; or to Mr. Henry Jones, the present Tenant, upon the Premises. The Incoming will be about £200. Cardiff, 16th July, 1845,

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