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MONMOUTHSHIRE MIDSUMMER SESSIONS. The Summer Quarter Sssions for this county commenced on Monday week, before 1 full bench of magistrates. S. K. Bosanquet, Ksq., Chairma. KEEPER or THE Hons OF CORRECTION—INCREASE OF SALARY.—The business o; the paper in compliance with an order of last Sessions vas—" To take into consideration an application by Mr. Merret, the keeper of the House of Cor- rection, for an increase n his salary." The Clerk of the peace read Mr. Mcnett's implication for an increase of his salary on the ground of iicreased duties, together with the notice given by Mr. E. Hi'hillips, that he would move that L:30 per annum additionabe given to Mr. Merrett. A Magistrate said that as Mr, Phillips was unavoidably absent, perhaps some nhe: gentleman would move the question. Sir Digby Mackworth novel a resolution to that effect, and Mr, Reece begged leave tll seend the motion. Considerable discussion enned in which the following magistrates spoke:—Sir D. lackworth, M r, Prothero, ill r. Little, Rev. James Coles, Mr. Villiams, Major Marriott, and Rev. J. B. Davies; after whih the following amendment was moved and carried Th: a Committee of Magistrates be appointed to investigate aOlenqllirc into the conduct and fitness for office of the Gove,or and Matron; who shall make their report to the Mastrates at the next Quarter | Sessions." COUNTY LUNATIC ASYLUM-" To take into consideration the proposition from the Magtrates of Glamorgandiire for the erection of a joint County unatic Asylum." The order 1 of last session together wi:h SilJeorgc Tyler's letter having been read, a long conversation \1k place between the ma^is- [ tratcs in an tin Jer tone, whicfcndcd by it being resolved J "That the proposition from theJommittec of Magistrates of v the county of Glamorgan, madoo the last quarter sessions, ) in reference to a Lunatic Asyliuand then adjourned to this L session, be further adjourned to e October sessions, in order that the result of the bill, novtefore Parliament, on the s subject, may be-known by the mistratcs." I ME FINANCE COMMITTEE.-he report stated that the various bills against the conn had been examined and passed. It recommended that aate of one penny in the pound should be granted for !ie current quarter. The Unions of Abergaveriny, Newpoi and Dore, had not paid the county stock. '.I'Iie 'I'reasti,s'at(,d that he had since received the proportion from Atgavenny and Newport. TREASURERS' REPORT.—Thetal receipts for the quarter were £ "2853 4s. 1 'id., and the oendiiure £ -?5r)2 4s. Id., leavi ig a balance in favour of th'ounty of £ i;51 Os, 01d. TilE SIJ((VEYORS' HEPORT.UIliTY BRIOGES,mong other trilling repairs the snrveyofcommended the painting of Chepstow bridge. Major Maott drew the attention of the court to the fact that on the rough of Monmouth giving up their separate jurisdiction the;ccame rated to the county, and the latter took charge of atheir liabilities, including their bridges but it appeared 01 had been ovtrtooked —a bridge across the Trothy-in tWOlrishes. He wishe.1 that the county surveyor might be inscted to take charge of the bridge. There appearing SOHle wt of form ill the mode of application, the Cleik of Peace wslirected to make enquiries on the subject and report to theneQuarter Sessions. WEIGHTS AND MEASURES.—Tllnspector's report stated that certain persons had been finflu his recent circuit, and concluded as follows.—" 1 wouldlso most respectfully lay before you the fact that miihef the iron-masters, coal- proprietors or keepers of weigh-machines upon several train-roads, sent any weights to nJ) be inspected during my recent journey, and that it is vetfare for them or for any farmer, miller, or corn dealer, bring their weights or measures to me for inspection, dug any of my periodical journeys." The calendar contained a greatumber of cases, few of which, if any, possessed the ibtest feature of public interest. BRECON MIDSUMMER CARTER SESSIONS. These Sessions were held or'uesday in(] Wednesday week. John Jones, Esq lilanb/du, chairman. Tuesday morning was occupied with thtxamination of the county accounts, in the course of which hn Lloyd, Esq., of Uinas, put some questions with a view ascertaining whether the debt which had been incurred blic erection of the county hall could not be paid oil by borrng money at a lower rate of interest than 5 percent.; but speared from the replies of the learned chairman that I agreements entered into with the bondholders precluded aarrsnglMnent of the kind, and that money could not have I: obtained at the time on lower terms, because the termsle such that the Icndcis could not call up the principal aty other than the stated periods. At the suggestion of the choan, the comminee ap- p inted to provide raeans for t^afe keeping of pauper lunatics, were instructed to defer ir report, until the result of Lord Ashley's bill on the sllbJe II"W before parliament, can be ascertained. The lists of parish constables hlg been produced by the deputy clerk of the peace, the li(;(| chairman called the attention of the court to the returrntlJc hy the magistrates' clerks in the various hundreds, (!(! f,.eS received by the superintendents, in pursuance of order to that effect made last sessions. lie said that wi the jntendcnts of hundreds had been appointed, libi sa]ar;cs had been given them, as it was uncertain what wj be the amount of fees which they would probably recei^,lt 1 jlt.y now found that in some districts these fees were,.y large, and therefore he suggested that a committee shobo appointed to enquire as to the amount of salary which tJlC fees would form a proper remuneration for their ser^ considered that being entitled under the act of parlknt t0 aj[ tj,- immunities of constables, they could not be dfye,) of the f-es, but the amount of their respective salari.\sre entirely at the dis- cretion of the justices in sessions. A discussion followed, which tenitC(j jn tbe appointment of a committee. John Lloyd, Esq., of Dinas, rose said, that he felt com- pelled to resign his seat at the Cunlloads gjard, and then proceeded at some length to give thaSons for his resigna- tion, stating that he understood, w be accepted the office, that the legislature had done all it t„[,t ri^ht to relieve the tiaveller when it obliged them to lr (be tolls and remove the gates to a distance of 2 miles fr<iach other further than it allowed by the law previously and in so doing had consulted more than was perhaps et¡¡ble, the benefit of the traveller at the expense of the Uoldcrs of this county, who would be obliged to make up ^ficiencies in the tolls; but the Board having yesterday coto a decision calculated to add still more to the county bur*, and to involve itself ultimately in great difficulties, hilt obliged to withdraw from taking a share in carrying Much measures. Mr. L, then explained that he referred tlf) removal of a gate to the di.ancc of two miles from th«-n of Hay, 011 the plea that parties were travelling only (yards on the trust roads were now compelled to pay. He stj.at the legislature had already relieved all persons traveg only 300 yards, and it they earried out this measure tlowusof Brecon, Builth. and all others in the county, WOI have a right to demand equal liberty of exercise ani reciion. To this he should have no objection if it couldho dCnplished without involv- ing the trust in the enormom ew?e of re-building all their toll-houses, besides, by afforilinj(pOIt;lI1ities of evasion re- ducing their revenue to one-haind in slIpport of this view be cited several cases involviiteatcr hardship at present existing than that alleged near II The Chairman did not consideis question a proper suoject for discussion at the Quarter S.ms, but as the subject had been introduced, he felt it necess to some rem irks in explanation vf Mr. Lloyd's Statcols. According to the act in this case, no gate could be iutaincd within one mile from the boundary of another coil, and hence the necessity for the removal of the Hay gale,1 the choice of the most eligible spot for its re-eicction ^referred to a committee, whose report had been adopted. committee had selected the spot mentioned in their repoiuh a view of preventing the evasion of the tolls in a partis direction, and although he had at the board meeting ta the same view as Mr. Lloyd, as to the expediency of thep, and had found him- self voting in the same minority, be did not cousiller that a sufficient reason for resigning hi*d* After a few words from the J Hugh Bold, the Rev. Thomas Vaughan, and H. Allen, 1 the Clerk of the Peace was directed to give notice of the:tioll of two members of file Itea(Is' Board, in file room o4llOY(t. and l,lov(l V. Watkins, Ksq., of l'ennoyre wb»d sent a letter stating that he had from the first declined""? in that capacity. John Lloyd, Ksq., then moved tlhe thanks of the Court be presented to J. Parry De Wintclq.. for a portrait of the most noble the Marquis Camdcdescnted by him to the county, and passed a high cuJogiu¡l the merits of the noble- man whose memory it Was intend? lionotir. The motion was seconded by the Lord Lieute1, who referred to the splendid sacrifice made by the laiIar'luis Camden to the public service, in giving up the salary attached to his office; which was unanimously -ottogcther with an order for placing the portrait in the Grainy room. The remainder of Tuesday amP wholc of Wednesday were occupied in disposing of a fascs of appeal and the trials of prisoners, the procecdinlelng devoid of public iuteNst except to the parties imme3'y concerned. .—

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