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ftgncttlture, &r.


ftgncttlture, &r. FLOWER-GARDEN AND SUR1:BBERIEs.-During this showery weather weed and cleau borners, beds, &c,. and mow Grass lawns frequently. Keep herbaceous plants neatly tied up, in order to prevent them from being damaged hy wind. Remove aU suckers from standard Hoses as they appear likewise shor- ten back any over luxuriant shoots, and bud chotce kinds. Beds that haye been filled with early blooming annuals, &e" should be cleared o If, and replanted with other things. The plants raised from the first sowing of Brompton Stocks s,houhl be pricked out into borders and pots, plaeillg HIP latter 111 tlw shade for a few days, and then exposing thE'111 to the ,lI1fiuell,ce of the sun and air, Keep gravel walks well rulled during moist weather. Pits and Fmmes,-Cuttings of herbaceous plants should be put under hand-glasses, in shady situations. Shift and stop Chrysanthemums, applying manure water to t1wm occasionally. Shift Balsams and other tender annuals, shade during the heat of the day, and sprinkle with water in the after- noon. Lights and frames should now be repaned and painted, to be ready for use when mure particularly wanted. FLORISTS' FLOWERS.-The past showery weather has been highly beneficia,Lto all seedling flowers. The Auriculas, whic,h were recommexiald to be pricked out 111 pans, must not, how- ever, get too much of it. Worms are apt to draw the young plants out of thü ground; where this is the case, a dose of lime water will ùe found of service. Tulips ought now to be all out of ground, and carefully and graùually dried. Cover the capsiUvs Qf those wlUch have beta allowed to seed with a band- glass the wet lodging on the npex will often cause the destruc- tion of the seed-vessel, unless thus protected. /iauniicttltises will now require great earo to pravc.it th -7,1 m iluxg fresh growth; as the Grass withers the roots should be taken up, some varieties attaining maturity much earlier than others. Pinks.—My pinks grtftvn in half-peck pots are blooming highly satisfactory this season some sorts watered with Brain's liquid guano have thrown up stems as high as Carnations where this system is adopted, the bloom may be prolonged by placing them under the Tulip awning, or ither light cover. Continue to put in pipings, shading them during the hottest part of the day. Carnations and Picotees. -Continue the directions as to tying, &c" as given last week, liquid manure may now be athan- tageously applied. Brush oft all green flies or aphis as thev appear on the buds by taking them thus early much trouble is saved. Pansies. Prick out cuttings that have taken root, and in looking over beds of seedings, eradicate all that do not come up to the standard, as given n a previous Chronicle. HARDY FHrIT AND KITCIES GARDEN.—The late rains have been favourable for the prediction of Strawberry runners and as soon as a sufficient quantiy has struck root for the purposes of forcing and the formatim of new plantations, the further progress of the runners shiuld be stopped. Some good soil should be prepared for the reception uf the plants as they become sufficiently rooted fir bedding out. They will thus he strong for final planting out in autumn, and will bear well next season. Continue reducing the superabundant shoots of fruit trees. Those ot the Apple Plum, and Cherry-trees, having crumpled foliage from being nfested with aphis should be rather unsparingly shortened, and tie removed portions burned. After the trees have been gone ove, they should be syringed with gas liquor, mixed with 8 or 101arts of water. This will destroy many kinds of insects, hut t will take little or no effect upon the American blight. lvhee this appears it will bo neeessaiy to apply naphtha with a siall brush. The naphtha distilled from coal tar is the eheapes, and answers this purpose quite as well as the more expensive tinds. Kitchen Garden.—The last sowings of Peas and FrenclBeans should now be made. Finish planting out the principal ctps of Broccoli for winter and spring use also Savoys, Brusselsjprouts, and German Greens, (jive plenty of water to Celery recently planted, and pick olr any leaves that may be seen maked with the Ih, The soil in which this crop is jdanted cannot c made too rich.


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