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SOUTH WALES TURNPIKE TRUSTS. ABSTRACT of a bill, prepared and brought into the House of Commons by Mr. Cripps and Mr. Manners Sutton, for the purpose of making certain further provi- sions for the consolidation of turnpike trusts in South Wales. The Preamble commences by ref. rring to the Act of last Session intituled An Act to consolidate and amen I the Laws relating to Turnpike Trusts in South Wales"—the ap pointment or" commissioners under that acl, whose powers will however, ceaso and determine on the 29th of Septellibpr next, & states that it is necessary provision should be made for carrying into effect certain parts of the said act after such commission shall have expired. It then enacts that certain pieces of roads in the counties of Pembroke, Carmarthen, and Glamorgan shall become county roads. One of the pieces of road referred to is a piece of road extending from a place called Long Cross, on the road from Cardiff to Humney Biidge, to the road from Roath Church to the M erthyr Tydvil and Cardiff roads/' Clause 2 makes provision for maintaining roads partly situated in different counties—namely, 1. "A portion of the turnpike road between the towns of Brecon and Hay, of the length of half-a-mile, or thereabouts, and lying within th" county of Radnor, as part of tbe county road of the county of Brecknock." 2. "All those parts of the turnpike road lead- ing from Neath to Merthyr Tydvil towards Abergavenny, as far as Rhydyblew, which lie in the county roads in the county of Glamorgan;" and 3—I ieces of road "hlch lie In detached parts of Herefordshire to be part of the roads of Radnorshire. Clause 3 gives power to make a new branch road in Breck- nockshire-namelf, a IlDe or hranch of road commencinu at or near Tavem-y-prydd on the turnpike road leading from Builih to Llandovery, and thence crossing the rivers Dulas and Irvon to Pontrbydverre, and from thence to the turnoike road leading from the confiues of the county of Carrnarthen to Llandovery, and which said new line of road will extend through the sevelal parishes of Newchurch. Llangammarch, and Llanwrtid, and must be made within five years of the passing of this act, and, when completed, 3hal1 form a part of the county roads of Brecon. Clause 4 confirms awards and charges made by the com- missioners under the act of last session. Clause 5 contains provisions for facilitating payments by Exchequer Loan Commissioners: former payments confirmed. Clause 6 enacts that interest, at the rate of three per cent., may be charged by Exchequer Loan Commissioners frOID the time of payment until accounts are made up, Clause 7 enacts that the commissioners may appoint trustees of monies secured upon charitable and religious trusts in cases where, by the loss of deeds—the death of trustees, or other causes—may have bad the effect of rendering the office of trustee vacant. Clause 8. The trustees so appointed under the powers con- tained in clause 7 must invest the money awarded to them for the benefit of the trust. Clause 9. The Secretary of State is by this clause em- powered to extend or vary the limits of towns after the com- mission has terminated. Clause 10 repeals part of 7 and 8 Vict., c. 91., s. 52- namely, the following—" That when any toll shall have been once taken in respect of any horse or other animal not draw- ing, or of any horse or other animal drawing, any carriage or vehicle at any toll-gate or bar within any of the said counties, no toll shall be thereafter taken in respect of the same horse or other animal, or in respect of the sa.me carriage or other vehicle, on the same day (to be computed from twelve of the clock of the night to twelve of the clock in the next succeeding night), for repassing through the same gate or bar, or for passing or repassing through any other gate or bar in the same county, within the distance of seven miles from the gate or bar at which such toll shall have been taken, such distance being measured along turnpike roads only, nor for passing or repassing through any gate or bar in any other of the said counties adjoining, within the distance of two miles from the gate or bar at which such toll shall have been taken, to be measured as aforesaid, along and in respect of turnpike roads within either of such countics, nor within one mile measured as aforesaid, from the boundary of such counties; be it enacted, that so much of the said recited act as enacts that no such toll as last-mentioned shall he taken for passing or repassing through any gate or bar within one mIle, measured as aforesaid, from the boundary of such tOUll- ties, shall be and the same is hereby repealed." Clause 11 enacts that waggons on springs arc not to be liable to higher rate of toils than caravans. Clauses 12 and 13 arc short formal ones. COUNTY RATES. ABSTRACT of a bill (as amended in committee), pre- pared and brought into the House of Commons by Sit John Yarde Buller, Lord Courtenay, and Viscount Ebring- ton, for the purpose of amending the laws relating to the assessing, levying, and collecting of county rates. New title for third reading—" An act to amend the laws rela- ting to the assessing of county rates." Clause 1 contains a short preamble, and enacts that justices at sessions may appoint any number of justices, not exceed- ing eleven in number nor less than five, to be a committee for the purpose of preparing fair and equal county rates, or of altering and amending such rates, from time to'time, as cir- cumstances may require. Clause 2 enacts that if three or more members of the com- mittee are present at every meeting, they shall be competent to act as fully and effectually as if all the members were present. Clause 3 empowers the committee to appoint a clerk. Clause 4. Committee to make and award county rates and, for the purpose of preparing fair and equal rates, the committee may, from time to time, as often as they deem it necessary, procure returns from overseers of the poor and all other persons having the custody or management of any public or parochial rates, which returns, previous to being sent to the committee, must be laid before a vestry meeting of the parish, &r.. to which they have reference for approval. Clause 5 enacts that the property liable to be assessed towards the county rate shall be taken to be the property which in any paiish or place maintaining its own poor is liable to be raled for thc relief of the poor. Clause 6 enacts that the word" "full and (air annual value" shall be taken to mean the net annual value of any pioperty. Clause 7 empowers committees to inspect rates, assess- ments, valuations, &tr. Clause 8 provides a penalty of any sum no: exceeding £20 on churchwardens or others who shall refuse to attend and produce documents, when required to do so by the committee. The penalty to be recovered before any two justices of the peace. Clause 9 enacts that committees may, from time to time, and so often as they think fit, by their order in writing, cause new valuations to be made of any parish, township, or place within the county. Clause 10 enacts that the committeo may make allowances and compensations to persons employed in the execution of this act, which, with all expenses necessarily incurred, shall be paid out of the county stock. Clause 11 enacts t'iat if parish officers make false returns, the expenses of making the valuations to be paid by the parishes in addition to the full proportion of county rate due by such parish or place. Clause 12 enacts that when and so soon as the committee have prepared any county rate, in which the total amount of the annual value of the property in any parish or place within the county is estimated at a greater or less amount than in the last preceding county rate, they shall cause such rate to be printed and oistributed. Within twenty-one days after the receipt of such rate, the parish officers shall submit the copy to a public vestry meeting of the parishioners. Persons rated to the relief of the poor may take extracts from the said copy without payment of any fee. Clause 13 enacts that the committee shall, at the time thev send the copy of the rate to the overseers, Sec., also send a notification of a reasonable time, not less than one calendar month, within which objections to the rate may be forwarded to the committee. Clause 14 provides that public notice be given in the news- papers of the county when the rate wiil be taken into consi- deration by the Court of General or Quarter Sessions. Clause 15 enacts that the rate shall be deemed valid after receiving confirmation by the Court of General or Quarter Sessions. Clause 16 enacts that parishes aggrieved may appeal against it to the Quarter Sessions holdcn next after the Session at which such rate was a'lowed and confirmed. Twenty-one clear days' notice, in writing, of the iutention to appeal must be given to the overseers or the person charged with the collec- tion of the rate. Clause 17 enacts that it shall be lawful for the Court of General or Quarter Sessions upon any such appeal, instead of hearing the appeal, to order, upon the application of the ap- pellant or respondent in such appeal, a survey and valuation of their respective parishes, townships, or places, and shall fix the next or some subsequent session for recdving such survey and valuation, and for hearing and determining the appea1. Clause 18 enacts that persons obstructing overseers, collec- tor, or other person in the execution of his or their duty, shall forfeit any sum not exceeding jiJJ, which penalty may be re- covered before two justices of the peace. Clause 19 enacts that all penalties and forfeitures, costs and charges by this act lIuthorised to be imposed may be levied by distress and sale of offender's goods; and if it appear that no sufficient distress can be had upori the offender's goods and chattels, any two justices may, by their warrant, cause such offender to be sent to prison. there to remain without bailor mainpiize for any term not eKceeding three calendar months, unless such sum and costs be sooner paid. The said penalties, when recovered, to be paid to the treasurer for the county, to be by him applied in aid of the rates of the county. Clause 20 enacts that sessions may determine costs of appeal and of valuation ordered by sessions. Clause 21 enacts that costs of valuations directed by the committee shall be paiJ by tbe respective parishes so valued, and recovered by such and the like ways and means as thc county rate. Clause 22 enacts that all the powers, &c., of former acts relating to the assessment, col1ection. and levying of county rates (save and except such parts thereof as are by this act varied, altered, or repealed) shall be good, valid, and effectual for carrying this act into execution. Clause 23 enacts that the act shall extend to all places hav- ing separate commission of the peace, and to all rates of the nature of county rates. LUNATIC ASYLUMS"&^AUPER LUNATICS. ABSTRACT of a bill (as amended by the Committee) to amend the laws for the provision and regulation of Lunatic Asylums for counties and boroughs, and for the maintenance and care of Pauper Lunatics in England. Prepared and brought into the House of Commons by Lord Ashley, Sir James Graham, and Mr. Vernon Smith. Clause 1 repeals the act passed in the 9th year of the reign of Geo. IV., intituled, "An Act to amend the laws for the erection and regulation of County Lunatic Asylums, and more effectually to provide for the care and maintenance of Pauper and Criminal Lunatics." except so far as the said act repealed any previous act or acts. Clause 2 enacts that Justices of the Peace of every county and borough, not having a Lunatic Asylum, shall either erect or provide one, or shall unite with some county or borough for the erection of one. Clause 3 enacts that the justices of every county and bo- rough, not having a Lunatic Asylum, shall give noticc in the newspapers within ten days of the tirst sessions held after the 20th December, 1845, of their intention to appoint a com- mittee to superintend the providing of an asylum, either for the lunatics of the county alone, or in connection with the justices of some other county, for the care of lunatics of the respective COUllt ies. Clause 4 enacts that justices of every county and borough, not having a Lunatic Asylum, shall, at the then next sessions, appoint a committee to superintend the providing one. The committee so appointed for the sole use of any county or bo- rough to consist of not less than seven justices. Every bo- rough, not having six justices besides the Recorder, to be annexed to the county or to one of the counties, in which it is situate, for the purposes of this act.. Clause 5 empowers subscribers to any Lunatic Asylum to appoint a committee to treat with a committee of justices with the view of uniting with the couuty or borough in providing aa atyliua, t Clause 6 enacts that if the committee of subscribers to a Lunatic Asylum, and the committee of justices, Iletermine to unit2, an agreement is to he drawn which shall specify every particular appprtainin6 to the object in view. Clause 7 enacts that the committee of justices shaH deliver a copy of such agreement at the then next sessions. Chuse 8 enacts that the justices of every connty and borough having a Lunatic Asylum, but of inoufficicnt accommodation, sha1l provide an additional asylum or accommodation. Clause 9 gives power for the visitors of existing county and borough asylums to unite under the powers of this act wilh the visitors of any other county or borough. Clause 10.— l'reseut visitors to remain in office till the ses- sions next after the 20th of December, le45, Clause 11 contains provisions for the appointment of future visitors. Clause 12.—In case any justices or subscribers shall ill any year neglect to elect visitors or to fill up vacancies, the former visitors shall reroam 111 office unul such elpcllon shall have been made or such vacancy shall have heen tilled up. Clause 13 refers to the order to he observed at meetings of the committee-the clection of chairman-the appointment of clerk and surveyor. Clanse 14 enacts that the. clerk may convene a meeting cf tbe committee in cases of emergency. Clause 15 enacts that visitors shall sue and be sued in the name of their clerk, whose death or removal shall not abate actions. Clause 16 enacts that visitors, wheu an asylum or additional asylum or accommodation is required, shall meet to reedve aud determine on planr. and estimates, and to contract for the purchase of lands and buildings, and for erecting, &1'. the necessary buildings. The visitors shall fiom tillle to time make their report to the General or Quarter Sessions of the county or borough for which they act, which report shall con- tain full and particular infonnatian relative to lheir proceed- ings. Clause 17 gives visitors power to purchase iu consideration of a rent reserved. C1ausc 18 gives power for visitors to take a lease at a rent. Clause 19 gives power fùr incapacitated persons to convey and exchange. Clause 20 hu reference to the application of money on a sale by, or exchange with. any incapacitated person. Clause 21 enacts that persons III possession at the time of such purchase and exchange, shall be deemed entitled till the coutrary be shown. Clause 22.—The Court of Chancery may order expenses to be paid by visitors. Clause 23 contains provisions for the enfranchisement of copyhold and customary hereùitament.. Clause 24.—Assessment to rates and taxes not to he in- creased after purchases for the purposes of this or any former act. Clanse 25,-Visitors to ortler al1 ordinary rrpairs of asylums No order or determination for payment of money to be made at any meeting of visitors unless due notice had been given of the meetin(7. Clanse 26 enacts that separate provision be made for chronic lunatics in order to prevent exclusion from asylulIls of curable lunatics. Clause 27.—All proposals, agreements, and plans, to bp. sub- mitted to the Commissioners in Lunacy, aud aJl contracts and estimates to be approved of by the Secretary of State. Clause 28 empowers visitors 10 contract with the owners of licensed houses for the care and maintenance of pauper lunatics. Clause 29 gives power for visitors to dissolve unions of counties or boroughs, with the previous consent of the Sccre- tary of State for the Home Department. Clause 30 gives power to visitors, with the consent of the Secretary of State, to sell lands and buildings, and to apply the monies in carrying into execution the powers and purposes of this act. Clanse 31 enacts that no visitor shaH have any interest in any contract or agreement. Clause 32 coruains provisions for raising monies reqltired for the purposes of this act by county and borough rates Clause 33 empowers justices of connties aud councils of boroughs 10 raise money hy mortgage of the rate-. Clause 34 enacts that justices anù councils m*y apply to Commissioneu of Consolidated Fund for Public Works, under Act 5 and 6 Vict., c. 9, for advance of money. Clause 35 contains provisions for the payment of the infe- rest on the mortgages and of a portion of the principal in each year. Justices and councils so hOlrowillg money on mort<ra<re are required to appoint a proper person to keep an exact and regular account of all receipts and payments in reSpfct thereof. Clause 36 enacts that provision be made for paying money borrowed within a limited period not exceeding 30 years, Clause 37 gives power to raise and pay moneys already bor- roweù. Clause 38 enacts that the asylum may be erected Ol1t of a county or borough and if the asylum he situate in any other county or borough, justices of such county or borou6h may. notwithstanding, act ".erfin. Clause 39 enacts that visitors mnst submit general rules to the Secretary of State; and, subject to such general rules, to make regulations, and to appoint aud dismiss oi1icers, and fix a week 1 y rate for each lunatic. Clause 40 provides that if the rate be found insl10icicnt for maintaining the asylum, justices in session may increase it. Clause 41 enacts that visitors shall appoint a Chaplain, Medical Officer, and Clerk. The duties of these several officers are laid down. Clause 42 enacts that the clerk of the asylum shall send annually copies of the accounts to the Secretary of State and Commis3iouers in Lunacy. Clause 43 enacts that three visitors at least shall visit every asylum once in every three months. Clause 44 enacts that lists of pauper lunatics be sent half- yearly to tbe Clerk of the Peace and (he Secretary of the Commissioners in Lunacy and a list of all private patients in any asylum to be sent half-yearly to the Commissioners. Clause 45 enacts that annual returns of pauper hlnatics be made by Boards of Guardians in a form prescribed in schedule D, tll the Clerk of the Peace of the county or borough within which the parish to which each such lunatic is chargeable is situated. The return is to be laid by the Clerk of the Peace before the Justices in Quarter Sessions. Clause 46 enacts that the medical officer of every parish anù union shall give notice of any chargeable pauper, deemed to be lunatic, to the parish officers, who are to have every lunatic whom they shall know of hy such notice or otherwise examined and sent to all asylum. Clause 47 contains provisions with respect to the care and custody of wandering lunatics, and lunatiC3 not chaig:<dlj and not under proper care, Clause 4U imposes penalties on meùical officers, overseers, &t" who shall omit to give the noticc referred to in clause 4f> Claiise 49 enacts that no pnupers snail be reccived into any asylum without a certain order or certificate. Clanse 50 enacts that no person, not heincr a pauper to be received into an asylum without an order and two medical certificates. Clause 51.—A medical practitioner sicrnincr an untrue certi- ficatc to be deemed guilty of a misdemeanour. No certificate to be signed by the medical officer of the asylum. Clause 53. Every pauper to be in the first place taken to the pTincipal asylum of the county 01* borough, if circumstances admit, Clause 53. Every pauper lunatic not bein.g in an asylum or house licemed for the purpose shall be visited hy a'mellical man, and returned in a list to the clerk of the peace and the commissioners in lunacy. Clause 54 gives power to visitors to remove paupers to a hospital for chronic lunatics, and to proviùe further room, if necessary, for curable lunatics. Clause 55 has reference to the settlement of paupers: and Clause 56 gives two justices powcr to enquire and adjudge in questions of disputed settlement. Clause 57 specifics the mode of determining that a pauper is chargeable to a county or borough. Clause 58 enacts that, in cases of inquiries and appeals, guardians anù OmeNS interested to have access to the lunatic. Clause 59 enacts that justices may make an order upon the union or parish sending a lunatic for maintenance. Clause 6D enacts that if the lunatic shall be adjudged to he- long to some other union or parish, justices to make order upon such union or parish fur his m<J.intenance, Claus> 61 enacts th:1.t if the settlement of the lunrttie cannot be ascertained, justices to make order npon the treasurer of the county or horough fur his maintenance. Clause 62 contains provisions for the reimbursement to a county or IJorough of monies paid on account of a lunatic after- wards adjudged to helong to any parish or union. Clause 63 gives visitors power to discharge a lunatic, on the undertaking of a relative or friend that he shall ùe no longer chargeable, and shall be taken care of. Clause 64 empowers justices to make onlers out of their rcspective jurisdictions. Clause (jj enacts that justices shall give reason in writin6 for refusing to make an order for the conveyance of any lunatic to an asylum. Clause 60. Persons aggrieved ùy an order or refusal may appeal to the sessions. Clause 67. Justices to make returns to Quarter Sessions of cases brought before them. Clause 68 enacts that money ordered to he paid by any clerk, overseer, relieving officer, or treasurer to be levied (in caSe of neglect to pay) by distress. Clause 69 gives power for meùical persom, guardians, anù overseers of unions and parishes to visit pauper patients of such unions and parishes. Clause 70 enacts that when any asylum can accommodate more than the lunatics of the county or borough, visitors or justices may order the admission of uther lunatics. Clause 7i contains provision for the discharge and removal of lunatics from asylums, and penalty on officers, &c" allowing them to escape, or to be at large without permission. Clause 72 contains provision for defraying the expenses of the removal or discharge uf a pauper. Clanse 73 and" 4 have rl'J.'q-e!1ce to the duties of governors of asylums. Clause 75 enacts that notice of the death of a lunatic be sent to the clerk of the peace and the commissioners ill lunacy. Clause 76. The superintendent uf eyery asylum to make en- tries of the death, discharge, or removal of every lunatic. Clause 77 imposes penalties on omcers or servants who may ill-treat lunatics. Clause 78 contains provision for the recovery of the penalties so imposed hefore justices. Clause 79 gives a form of the conviction. Clause 80 gives pOWer of appeal against such conviction to the Quarter Sessions. Clause 81 enacts that every city, town, liberty, &e" not being a herough within the meaning of this act to be annexed to, and rated as part of tlw county within which the Same is situate. Clause 82 is an interpretation clause.

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