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^lainorgaiislilre Summer Assizes.

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MOHOlJTHSHmi ♦1 JLWRORT TOWN-HALL, MONDAY, JULY 7th.—Before the Mayor and Thomas Hawkins, Esq.—Roseanna Kelly was chaiged with assaulting Elizabeth Jenkins. Fined 2s. 6d. and costs .—John Day was charged with having been druiikatid disorderly. Discharged on paying 3s. Gd., having L °I C°,StS—W Thomas was charged with having been drunk. Ordered to pay the costs, which amounted to three shillings—Jaw* Thomas was fined 5s. and costs, or in default of payment to suffer one month's imprisonment, for having been dieorderly in the public streets. Patrick Crowley, Mathew Ford, and Cornelius Colhns, were charged with having illegally excluded Wm. Killmarting from the Hibernian Benefit Society. Case dismissed-to be settled by arbitrators. -Andrew Cary was charged with having been drunk and disorderly, and with having broken a window in Mary Youngson's house and assaulted her. Fined 5s. and costs.— William lam Manuel was charged with stealing a tarpauling from Cornelius Palmer. Discharged. —David Harris Was charged with assaulting Joseph James. Remanded. MONMOUTH AND HEREFORD RAILWAY.—The report on the Monmouth and Hereford Railway Bill was brought up on Tuesday. "BEILQAVENNY'—CAUTION.—On Sunday week, at noon, as Mr. Morgan, draper, of this town, was proceeding up stairs in search of something, he was alarmed by a strong smell of smoke, and on going to a room in which were kept a large quantity of woollen shawls, &c., he found that the sky-light, made of the glass termed "bull's eyes," had operated upon the woollen goods in the same way as burning glasses. An alarm was given, and assistance arriving, the fire was put out; but owing to the quantity of water thrown upon the goods, as well as a part of them being destroyed by fire, a loss of between JE20 and X30 was the consequence. The property was, fortu- nately, insured. THE MONMOUTIISIIIRF, AND GLAMORGANSHIRE BANK- ING COMPANY, THE VICTORIA IRON WORKS, AND Sllt BENJAMIN HALL, BART.—The proceedings in Chancery connected with the above proceed in the usual dilatory manner, so^ peculiar to the court, and vexatious to the suitors. We refrain from reporting the proceedings to the present time, because they must be to a considerable extent ex parte, at the same time it is quite clear that no decision of the court can be come to, until after the long vacation-or November next—and all attempts at private arrangement is given up on both sides. The professional gentlemen engaged in the suit are certain to reap the greatest beiiefi t. -Mining Journal. BLAENAVON.— MEN-DECOYS. — Within the last fort- night a great feeling of excitement has prevailed among the workmen of the iron works in this neighbourhood, owing to the arrival of some American delegates, on the express honourable purpose of inveigling men from their just and honest employment. We would most strongly warn the men against listening too credulously to pro- mises, which, though now holding out hopes of affluence and contentment, will, in the end, undoubtedly, turn out delusive & unreal. The terms are arbitrary-free passage, but an obligation to work for no other. The soul of an Englishman pants for liberty, and would it iu a strange land resign its free will, and to a foreigner! Who would be a traitor slave ?" Assuredly no one! And, besides, would the exchange, putting aside all claims of family, of home, and of native land, be for the best' We doubt it! Dr. Franklin's remark was, that those who expected roasted geese and turkeys flying about ready roasted, and praying to be eaten, would be mistaken. TREDEGAR IRos WORKS.—The occasion of the mar- riage of the Marquis of Worcester with Lady Georgians Curzon, eldest daugher of Earl Howe, was observed here- on Thursday, July 3rd, by the firing of cannon and other tokens of joyful respect, suitable to the auspicious event. THE annual tea party of the Welsh Baptists, for the purpose of liquidating the debt of their chapel, was helJ on Monday last at Tredegar, when nearly IG00 persons partook of tea and cake. The assembled multitude W¿l'e enlivened at intervals by the performance of several pieces of sacred music.


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