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^lainorgaiislilre Summer Assizes.

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The weather continues to be very unfavourable to the hay harvest in the vicinity of Cowbridge, but will prove of great service to the wheat, barley, and turnip crops. COWBRIDGE PETTY SESSIONS.—Held at the Town- hall, Cowbridge, on Tuesday, the 8th of July, 1845. [Before R. C. Nicholl Carne, Esq., Hugh Entwisle, Esq., and the Rev. Arthur Dene.]—Mr. David Jenkins, of Lautwit Major, one of the relieving officers of the Bridgend and Cowbridge Union, applied for a summons to be served on If ilham Thomas, late of the said parish of Laufwit Major, for deserting his wife and family. Granted.—WiHtam Jones, constable of Llanblethian, applied for summonses to be served on Thomas Thomas, of Llanblethian, labourer, and John Phelps, of the same place, "gentleman," for drunkenness, and on Edward Llewellyn, of the same place, butcher, for assaulting him in the execution of his duty. Granted. NEATH.—FRIDAY, JULY4TH.—Captain Hickey's Com- pany of the 75th Regiment, with Lieutenant Nelthorpe, and Ensign Heats, halted last night at Neath, and marched this morning for Swansea and Llanelly, on their route to Carmarthen. NEATH PETTY SESSIONS.—FRIDAY, JULV 4.-[Before I rcderick Fredericks, Esq., Howel Gwvn, Esq., and OiUhJi Llewellyn, Esq.]— Anne Evans," the wife of I homas Evans, of Neath Abbey, collier, was charged with hav ing assaulted Elizabeth Davies, 0f the same place> by sulking her am} tearing her cap. Convicted in the nf K in of If shillings and costs. Paid.—JoAn Davies, of Killjbpbill, blacksmith, was charged by Margaret .?.M,ieS V. au assault- The as3ault being of a trifling tile magistrates dismissed the case. Mr. Har- greares appeared for the defendant—David Francis, of L,?' Lower, was summoned by Adams, game- h ivCf '° J '1-s(l-> to answer a charge of s, eenjfound 011 Mr. Grant's preserves in pursuit of game. Defendant did not appear; but as he had been UV summoned the case was heard during his absence, ana he was convicted in the penalty of forty shillings, lllcluding C°utS| E. fivausi Esq., barrister-at-law, was held to bail in the sum of £ 100 and two sureties of too each, to keep the peace for the term of three months towards Mr. G. Penrose, of Eaglesbush. At the Bristol Channel Regatta, on Thursday week, for the Bristol Channel Cup, value 15 guineas, four boats started, one of which was the Sivattsey, of Swansea, which won easily. SWANSEA INFIRMARY.—The annual general meeting of the subscribers of this deservedly supported charity, took place at the 1 own-hall, Swansea, in th# afternoon of Friday last. The meeting was most respectably attended amongst those present were:—I. Richardson, Esq., Mayor of the borough S. Benson, Esq.; M. Moggridge, Esq. J. Grove, Esq. W. Grove, Esq. H. Bath, Esq.; G. G. Bird, flsq. &c. &c. The Mayor having taken the chair, the annual report was read by the Secretary, Mr. G. T. Stroud, which was deemed highly satisfactory- and from which it appeared that the funds were in a very flourishing state, and that the Infirmary continued to maintain its high position as a Charitable Institution. The number of in-door patients during the past year was 143; and the number of out-door patients amounted to no less than 2172. The report having been adopted, the meeting proceeded to the election of the committee of of after which the usual voies of thanks weie unauimou«'y awarded to those p.iysiGians and surgeons who so laudably devote their time and talents to the amelioration of suffering humanity; >0 V, Grove, Exq., for his liberal donation of £ !'J towards the maintenance of an extra Ward; and to C. cniy Smith, Esq., for supplying the Infirmary with ,");ds, After the transaction of some further business t.ie meeting separated. SWANSEA SAVINGS" BANK.-— Saturday. June '2Jfh.-— Deposits received, £ 120 13s. 4d.; paid, £ 217 1U 3d • nonces to withdraw, £ 5)7 lGs. 3d. T,:Ilics homas Grove Saturday, July 5th.-Deposits rc- wi'thd: Pait1' £ 134 0s" 1!J notices to J v>' f1 ~S- Manager, Mr. William Edrnon 1. tho KEATRE was opened on Monday last, under h_ most favourable auspices, by Mr. NcWcombe, the lessee and manager. M°n(lay evening last, the celebrate! •l, nnc-' deli\ered an Exhortation of some con- siderauic 1 -ngth, to a very crowded audience, at the lar-e school room m Goat Street. He stated that his impor- _i.it message was to warn the inhabitants of Swanseaand ne world m general, of our Lord's second covins; that be vi as sent to do in the very same manner that John the p .P st was sent to proclaim bis first coming Mr I "nee was accompanied by another Rev. Gentleman, <'lr, otarkev), who engaged in prayer and exhorted in t.ie evening before Mr. Prince. Both gentlemen have a pe- culiar style of speaking: certain syllables were frequently of measured length- "Behold He cometh"! was "a sentence often used. In which the words" He cometh" were generally or always twice repeated after the first delivery, dwelling on the syllable com during a certain interval of time, as, "He co meth He co- meth," at the same time straining the voice to a very loud pifr-h without any variation of tone. A report respecting their novel doctrine it was that. brought so laro-e a concourse of people together. Though the manner of the speakers appeared solemn yet few if any of the hearers seemed alarmed by their prognostications. FIRE AT SWANSEA.-About eleven o'clock on Monday morning last, the neighbourhood of Carr-street was greatly alarmed by observing dense volumes of smoke issue from the chimney and windows of Mr. Gregory the cabinet maker's house. Some of the police rushed through the crowd and insisted uron entering the house, when after some minutes it turned out that the cause of alarm was all smoke"-nothing more.



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