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^lainorgaiislilre Summer Assizes.

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.fAttDiFF POLICE COURT._MoNmv. f e II. Morgan, F,s<> and the Rev. J. Evans.] A bi R.VMjp, STORY—Joseph Darie.s, a man who has ninei-to borne the most unexceptionable character for iionesty and general good conduct, w*s charged by Mr. Jenkins 0l W hitmore-Lane, blacksmith, with having stolen the sum of two shillings and sixpence. Mr. en **ns (leclarea on oath that the man (a bell-hansrer by trade) had employed him to do a triflii- ?ob of work, and that on i hursday last called for it, and placed half-a- crown in hisjJenkins's) hand, from which be was to take 'Is Vllicl Ile wLs to take his c.large 3d. Jenkins looked at the l'i'ce of money— threw it all the vice-bench of his then stooped down to get the change (2s. ;3.1.) from a small tin box n .1 ;i .n upon tlie floor. Having got tiie change, he threw it upon the vice-board the man picked it up—- walked out of hi-- shop —md then Jenkins looked for the ia '-a-erown, but could not find it. lie immediately called to the man, who had scarcely left the premises, and said, "Why, you have taken up the half-a-crown a ong with the change." The man said he had not, and Jenkins commenced a search for tlie missing piece of currency, which, however, proved unsueces-ful. He then went in pursuit of the man, and being annoyed by the cucumstance fnirly taxed him with having poeketfed the money, and advised him "in the most friendly ^-nv possible" to return it. Davies, however, (by Mr." Jen- \ins s account), went into a trenieud%is passion—said ie had only 2s. '3d. in Ids pockets—and concluded by t lieatening to give Jenkins a b v good punching unless he h'eLl his tongue:' Eut in this instance Jenkins was not to be foiled, and therefore he proceeded forthwith to the station-house—detailed the story of his wrong-s- anti requested Mr. Superintendent Stockdale to incarce- 0 rate the supposed culprit without loss of time. Davies was easily found at his lodgings, and a« easily conveyed to the station-house, where Mr. Stockdale, after hearing both sides, liberated him on procuring hail for his attend- ance at the hall on Monday. The magistrates this day thought the story a most perplexing one but ultimately decidell to hold the man to bail to answer any charge r)¡at Mr. Jenkins may prefer against, him at the assizes. Bail was spoodily put in, and the parties left the hall, the accused having to pay the fees, which amounted to 3s. 6d. Michael Donovan was charged with fighting on the evening of Sunday last, near the Popish chapel. Case < adjourned Donovan engaging to appear on Thursday, 1 and prove that he was not the aggressor, but that he intended to remove a drunken countryman, who there- upon struck him, upon which the ftght took place. Rubert Cooke was charged with fighting with a. man named Youny, who was not in custody. Reprimanded anddismissed. ) I'wo OF A TRADE."—Anne Tanner, of Roath, was charged by Mr. Stockdale with having created a distur- bance in Church-street, on the evening of Saturday, by fighting or beating her sister-in-law. It appeared that defendant and her brother and sister-in-law are engaged in the same way of business—selling cabbages and that her brother haying discovered that she sold cabbages at prices ruinously low," and much cheaper than he could, reproached her for doing so, and finally struck her violently. As soon as she recovered from the effects of the blow, she assailed her sister-in-law and was then taken into custody. Reprimanded and dismissed. Catherine, Margaret, and Mary Anne Morgan three little girls—were convicted in the penalty of seven shil- mgs each (including costs) for having beaten another ittle girl named Ma'garet Davies. In default of pay- Dent they were committed to the House of Correction 'or four days. STEALING LEAD.-— Robert Jones and Joseph Wright, eii., were charged with stealing a quantitv of lead from a house near the railway station. Wright was liberated on finding bail for his appearance. Jones was committed.


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