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THE L1I9IF? ATS JIERTUYIt Gl;AE»H\. FRIDAY, JULY II, is 15. TVe are happy to learn that the very Rev. William Bruce Knight, the Dean of MandafF. returned from Llandriudml on the 9th inst:,n,> '•» rather improved he;¡hb. The Earl and Countess of Dunraven have arrived at Adare Manor, county Limerick. from London. Wn see by the Gazette that Mr. John P. Traherne, second son of M. P. Traherne, Esq, of Coitrahen, has been gazetted, from the Royal Military College, to an Lnsigucy, in the 39th Regiment of Foot. :> On Sunday evening last this town and neighbour- hood were visited with a Solent thunder storm, accompanied with huge gusts of wind and torrents of vain, which completely deluged the streets. We have not heard of the occurrence of any accident. TUB GREAT WELSH MINING CAUSE—These important smts are set down by arrangement to come on on Mon- day morning next. The new Solicitor-General Sir Fitzroy Kelly, will not he able to attend, but we under- stand t'int las place will be ably filled by Mr. Cockburn, of the Western circuit. Sir Thomas Wilde positively comcs down. We hope that ample accomruodatioll will be provided for reporters of the public press. CARDIFF MARKETS, 5th July.—Beef, perlb.,7d.to Sd. mutton, bd. to 0i(i.; veal, .3d. t0 0J. lamb, 0d. to 6C1 pork, od. to Oil. Butter (f:es!i), ls.; cheese, O.l. to 7 U. 'I -f.ggs, per doz., 8d. Fowls, per couple, 2s. Od. to 3s.; ducks, 4s. Od. to 5s. Potatoes (old white), per sack, ;)s. 0d; do. (purple), 7s.; do. (red), 8s. to 8s. Od. do. (now), per lh. Id. to peas, per pork, Is. Hd. BRISTOL COURT OF BANKRUPTCY.-T. L. Phillips, Edward Quelch, Thomas Whittaker, aud John Prujean, have severally obtained their final orders. On Sundaj week, the ^9:h day of June, a sermon was preached at Saint John's Chureh, Cardiff, by the Vene- rable Archdeacon Williams, from 1 Sth c. Luke, v. 10, being in aid of the Free Day and Sabbath Schoul., esta- blished in connexion with the Chureh in this town. At the conclusion of the service a collection was made, which realised tIle sum of £ 11 11; 6ft The subscribers and friends of the school met at the Town-hall ia the fore- noon, from which place they walked to Church. On Monday last, a party of about three hundred per- sons reached Cardiff hy the Glamorgan steam packet, and having spent the day, which, upon the whole, Was calm and fine, in seeing the various points of attraction of the town and neighbourhood, returned to Bristol the same evening. .i WD-bie° t0 return our respectful acknowledgements to thcRig.it Honorable John Nieholl, for copies of three buls now before Parliament-namely, the South Wales t urnpike Trusts Bill, the County Rates Bi I, and the Panper Lunatics Bill-abstracts of which will be found in our fourth page. ON Monday morning last, the members of the Cardiff Benefit and Annuitant Society walked in procession, preceded by the Royal Glamorgan Band, to Saint John's Church. The sermon was preached by the Rev. Leigli Morgan, from 4th chapter of 1st. John, v. 7 and 8— Beloved, let us love one another; for love is of God; and every one that loveth is born of God, and knoweth .» ^ovet'1 I10t knoweth not God for God is love." The discourse was most appropriate and was, apparently, productive of the most beneficial conse- quences. After the service had been concluded the proces- sion again formed and proceededto the Angel Inn, where a most excellent and indeed sumptuous dinner was pre- pared, of which the members partook. The evening was spent in a manner truly rational and entertaining. ACCIDENT. — On Tuesday la-st, a labouring man name I Thomas Blaketnore, residing in this town, met with a severeaccidentnearthe Bute Docks. He was on the quay assisting in taking a box from a cart, for the pui- pose of conveying it on board the Prince of Wales steamer, when, in consequence of the slovenly way in which the horse's harness was arranged, and the want of what is termed a « belly band," the tub of the cart fell backwards, and knocked Blakemore over the wall into the cut a height of about 2.3 feet. He sustained by the fall many dangerous contusions, and cuts in different parts of his body. He was instantly conveyed to his. house and promptly attended by Mr. Thomas Evans, surgeon. Ilis recovery is said to be cousidered probable. BKTWEEN the hours of one and two o'clock on the morning of Tuesday last, the Union House of the Car- diff District was entered by four men. It appears that circumstances, which for the present it would be prudent not to disclose, induced the matron, Mrs. Davies, and an attendant to sit up for the purpose of watching the PMral" At one o'clock they saw the doors and win- dows were securely fastened as usual, and then being overcome by the fatigue of watching fell asleep. In the course of a short time they were alarmed bv cries, and on proceeding to the large room in which the school- master, Mr. Herbert Rees, and his pupils slept, found by the statements of the boys that that room had been entered by four men, two of whom had carried away a large heavy box in which Mr. Rees kept his clothes, papers, and other things, and that one of the men had struck Mr. Rees with great violence upon his mouth with a large massive bludgeon, Mr. Rees could give no in- formation respecting the outrage as he was asleep at the time, and neither heard, felt, nor saw anything until he felt himself wounded by the blow. The doors were oper, and the box, emptied of its contents, was found in the garden, between which and the house are two high walls, over which the men must have passed. The box. con- tained wearing apparel, five shillings in the pockets of » one of the pairs of trousers, eight small and old fashioned silver tea spoons, a tabLe sflom marked A., two small gold rings, two small seals with the name Cecil on one and Anne on the other, a silver pencil case, and a receipt from a bank for the sum of £ 'l(K), which of course, will be valueless to any one except Mr. Rees. It is evident that force was not used in entering the house as neither of the locks or fastenings were injured. The depreda- tors must therefore have entered by means of a skeleton key, or by some means, have procured one of the keys of the house, which we believe will eventually prove to n'. be the case, as a sort of master-key for the Ward in which the schoolmaster slept was suddenly lost some weeks ago under these circumstances :—The person who had the care of it placed it on a table whilst she executed some trifling mission, and on her return missed the key, and it has not since been seen. At that time a man, who is strongly suspected to be one of the four who committed the outrage, was engaged at work in the room, and most probably secured the key. We are in possession of the tr names of the suspected" parties and several other facts f connected with the robbery, but for the present, any 1 further disclosures would be imprudent. BRAHAM'S CONCERT.— 3y an advertisement which ap- pears in another column, the public of this town and neighbourhood will perceive that Mr. Braham, the very celebrated vocalist, intends giving a concert at our The- atreonMonday next, in which he wi'l be assisted by his two accomplished sons, Messrs. Chas. & Hamiltoll Braham — the performance-, beingunderthe patronageofthehigh- t sheriff. The programme contains a selection ofthe most admired songs, songs that have acquired popularity through f the instrumentality of Mr. Braham alone, who is most truly f and emphatically termed "the Prince of Vocallists." t AV ith regard to his sons we may state that, from notices which have appeared in the columns of our metropolitan and provincial contemporaries, we are led to conclude they possess powers of the very first order. Mr. Chas. Braham's voice is a remarkably li.ie tenor & his brother's is a deep bass, which, we are told, he uses with great energy and power, forcibly reminding us of Lablache. Another word is quite unnecessary, itS we feel confi lynt that our townsmen and tmvnswomeii will eagerly avail themselves of this oppoitunity of hearing the "celebrated t Braham" once more. ) IMPO:;T\NT TO ELECTORS. — To avoid the disfranchise- A ment of electors in cities and boroughs, all poor-rates .1 and asses i 'd taxes (if any) payable in respeetof premises previous to the 0th of April, must be paid on or before the 20th of July, to entitle an elector to be inserted in the ensuing register. The window-tax is payable by Act | of Parliament, whether demanded or not. The poor- £ rate is not payable till demanded. No elector should, however, omit to pay his poor-rate because application has not been made for payment, as the collectors may think they have called when they have not done so and for tear of ultimate neglect the poor-rate and window tax should be paid immediately. \Ve remind ourConser- vative friends that the 3J:h proximo is the last day allowed by law for taking freedoms, and the 20th of the same month for sending in claims for voting in counties. FURNITURE run TIIE MILLION.—If singing for the million is useful, furniture for the million must be much more so, inasmuch as solid comforts are more valuable than empty sounds. At the Cardiff Pantechnicon," iu the Hayes, beds, bedsteads of all descriptions, (four-post, tent, French, and elliptic, either French polished or plain)* together with an extensive selection of chairs, (hair-t^ bottomed, cane-seated, and either decorated or plain), may be inspected. The price is really so low that persons may suit themselves at once with any article ot household goods. —(See Adv.) CARDIFF SAVINGS' BANK.—Saturday, Ju'y 5th. Amount of deposits received, JE340 Os. od. ditto paid, £21 14s. 8d.; number of depositors, 59. THE SOUTH WALES RAILWAY.—After surmounting difficulties and dangers of no ordinary description, the South Wales Railway bill seems to have fair prospects of ultimately receiving the full sanction of the legistat-ure. The termini of the main line will for the present be Fishguard and Chepstow, with branches to Pembroke.» and Monmouth. The crossing over or under the Severn* the selection of the point, whether the O.d Passage ùr; Hock Crib, or whether the rail shall go roand by Glou-' cester, are left as open questions, but there is no doubt that the full object of the promoters will eventually b' attained. Thus, after all the hopes and fears, the n e ,(/ ings and counter-meetings, the contending interests anJ. opposing views, the matter is settled for the present ees'* sion at least, but to be renewed in the next. It seem-s^ matter of regret that the views of the Admiralty Wtf respect to the bridge had not been ascertained earlier, a* great expense would thereby have beeo avoided. 0, f-