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FUNERAL OF Sm. WM. FOLLETT.-The mortal remains of this distinguished lawyer and advocate were on Friday morning consigned to their last resting-place, in the vaults under the eastern portion of the Temple Church. The whole of the Judges (with the exception of Lord Denman, who was unable to attend), the Lord Chancellor, Lord Brougham, Sir Robert Peel, Sir James Graham, the Right lion, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, the Yiee-Chaneeilor of England, Eml Caernarvon, the Vice-Chancellors "Wigram and Knight Bruce, Lord Campbell, Mr. Greene, M.P., Chairman of the House; Wii-i. Brougham, Esq., Wm. Wingfield, Esq., the Attorney-General, Lord Langdale, R. Kindersley, Esq., Mr. Baron Parke, and upwards of 200 of the principal members of the common law & equity courts being present to pay the last token of respect to the lamented deceased, and assisted in the funeral ceremony. The funeral cortege, which consisted of a hearse, containing the body, and the mourning coaches, each drawn by four horses, in which were relatives of the deceased, left Cumberland- terrace at eleven o'clock, and arrived at the Temple ex- actly at half-past twelve, when the procession was formed on the terrace in front of the gardens, and proceeded in the following order:—The Master, the beadles and at- tendants of the Inner and Middle Temple; the benchers of the Inner Temple, the benchers of the Middle Temple, two by two wearing black silk scarfs and bands the lid of feathers and porters, the choir, consisting of ten boys and twelve male voices the reader; Archdeacon Robinson, the Master of the Temple the coffin, on the right of which, Mr. Burge, Q.C., as treasurer of the Temple, Chief Justice Tindal, Sir James Graham, the Chancellor of the Exchequer; and on the left, Mr. Crowder, Q.C., Principal of the Temple; Lord Lyndhurst, Sir R. Peel, and the Vice-Chancellor of England, acted as pall-bearers. The chief mourner, R. B. Follett, Esq., and the brothers and immediate relatives of the deceased, followed by upwards of one hundred gentlemen, forming nearly the whole of the Queen's Counsel in the several Courts of Law, ns also the Judges, two by two. Ihey proceeded round the terrace into King's Bencli-walk, through Tanfield-court, to the western entrance of the church, and up the centre. The body being deposited on a bier, the persons forming the procession filed olt to the places allotted to them. The body and gallery of the church being filled by the various members of the pro- fession, the Funeral Service was chaunted by the whole choir; at the conclusion of which the body was deposited in the catacombs, between the late Mr. Joy and Mrs. Warre, and immediately beneath the remains of the late Lord Thurlow. The scene was altogether ono of the most impressive and solemn appearance, and there could not have been less than 5,000 persons present,

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