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BBECOKSHIRE. BRECON INFIRMARY,—July 1st, 1845. „ IN. OUT. Patients remaining last Week 3 54 Admitted since 1 9 Cured and Relieved q 7 Dead 0 0 Remaining 4 ;h) Physician for the ensuing week Dr. Lucas. Surgeon, &c. Mr. Batt. BRECON MARKET. — Wheat, per imperial bushel, 5s. 9d. to 6s.; barley, 4s. to 4s. 6d.; oats, 2s. 8d. to 3s.; malt, 8s. üd. to 9s. Beef, per lb., 6^d. to 7iL; mutton, 7d. to 7-Ld. veal, 51d. to 61(1 lamb: 6d. to 7d. Butter, • j cheese, 4^d. to 5jd. New potatoes, 3d. to4d.; green peas, Is. per quartern; Ducks, from 3s. to 4s. per couple. COMMITMENTS TO BRECON COUNTY GAOL.—June 2G. by T. Dew, Esq. and Rev. Lister Venables.-Jame, Watkins, William Watkins, and John Williams, labourers, to 41 days' hard labour, each, in default of a penalty of £ I each, inflicted for an attempt to take fish, other- wise than by angling, in a stream of water called the Llunvy, in which the Earl of Ashburnham hath a private right of fishery. June 27, by the Rev. Hugh Bold-Thomas Jones, alias Stafford Tom, and James Cross by, alias Scotty, were this day re-examined, upon the charge of breaking into, and stealing various articles from the dwelling-house of the Rev. Charles Williams, at Lanvigan; there not being sufficient evidence produced to insure a conviction, they were discharged. The police however, kept them in custody until the arrival of police- officers from Monmouth, where several cases of burglary, it is understood, will be clearly brought home to them they having, when captured on that occassion escaped from the constables at Llanfoist. Oa Monday week, the Brecon Otter Hounds came upon the drag, near Newton Pool, and after having hunted up the river as far as Trallong common, then- found the gentleman aftet a spirited hunt of about threa hours duration, he was killed near Penpont. We were glad to see some of our neighbouring gentlemen with most of the officers of the garrison, in the field, for it proved that the sport of otter hunting still possesses suffi- cient charms to induce some influential persons to support it in this neighbourhood we had feared that the means of pursuing it would be lost to us, but now entertain hopes that the pack will be as well kept up as it used to be in its palmiest days. IMPORTANT TO ANGLERS By the new Fishery AEI, all rivers in England and Wales are to be closed on itin 13th of September in each year, and any person catching, or having in his possession, any trout measuring in length less than seven inches from eye to fork, will subject him- self to a penalty not exceeding £ 10 nor less than £j.

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