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MWiMIHMSHIRB. NEWPORT.—On Tuesday last, the Odd-Sisters of New- port, walked in procession to St.Paul's Church, where an excellent sermon was preached to them by the worthy Curate, and they afterwards dined together at the George and Dragon. Sir Charles Morgan's rent-audit commenced at New- POl't, on Monday last. NiiWpouT.—O11 Monday night last a fire broke out in the Three Horse Shoes public house in this town, Fortunately it was discovered by a gentleman who hap- pened to be passing, and who immediately alarmed the inmates, who had about two hours before retired to rest. e have not heard the extent of the damage. The fire was soon got under through the praiseworthy exertions of the inhabitants. For several days past, hay making has been completely retatded in the neighbourhood ol Newport, in consequcnce of the wet weather. On f uesday last a great many people visited Newpoi", by the s earners, from Bristol; and we are told that it was in consequence of a cheap train having been started, so as to enable the inhabitants of Birmingham to have a to and fro journey to our town. PRESENTATION OF PLATE TO THE DUKE OE BEAU- FORT'S WHIPPERS-IN.—Our readers will, no doubt, remember that William Long, the huntsman of his Grace the Duke of Beaufort, was presented wi h a piece of plate about twelve months since. The gentlemen meet- ing with the Duke have now come forward to the number of about 270, with subscriptions to present the whippers- in with a piece of plate, for their civil and energetic conduct in the field.— Monmouthshire Beacon. We are credibly informed that the proposed Hereford, Abergavenny, and Newport Railway Company have completed their arrangements for the purchase of the Monmouthshire Canal Company's tram-roads and canals, and that a large deposit has been made in town this week to bind the bargain. We have not heard what effect this arrangement may have upon the progress of the Newport and Pontvpool Railway Bill, so recently passed by the committee, as to whether the same will be now abandoned or not. The arrangement, we conceive, is well calculated to give the greatest satisfaction to the iron and coal- masters of Monmouthshire.—Mining Joitrnnl. THE Newport and Pontypool Railway Hill was read a third time and passed in the House of Commons 011 Monday last. NEWPORT TOWN HALI., June 26th. — [Present the I Mayor and Thomas Hughes, Esq.Patrick Crowhj, Matthew Ford, and Cornelius Collins, officers of the Independent Hibernian Society, were charged with hav* ing illegally excluded a member named William Kill- mart'ng- ca,eremanded.— Maria Meyrick Jenkins preferred complaints of assault against each olher. Each ordered to pay the Costs-two shillings.—Ellen flart was convicted m the penalty of fhe .hillings and costs, for Aillie, the wil* of FNNIE,. Momlav. June 30th.— [Beiure the same 1II"8'istrat,'s.l tlntr* W tUiains was convicted in the penalty of «ve fthilliiiKs and I costs for an offence of gn at indecency, in defau]( 0f pay- ment to suffer fourteen da\s" imprisonment.—jUenja/iiin I Bird was fined five shillings for drunkenness,-Henrg Dike was fully committed to take his trial, charged with having stolen one ton of bark, of the property of Mr. Richard Powell. STEAM TO CHEPSTOW.—We perceive that Messrs. Southan and Evans, of Gloucester, the spirited owners of the screw steamer Clara, have placed that vessel on the station between Gloucester and Chepstow-one of the most delightful trips with which we are acquainted. THE TRACY PBEItAGE.-The report was signed and left at the Home Office for her Majesty on Saturday last, the 28th instant, and will be referred to the House of Lords. The report states that the claimant has fully proved that his great grandfather, William Tracy, who married Mary O'Brien, in Dublin, in the year 172S was the third son of the Honourable Mr. Justice Tracy, of England, and that he (the claimant) has proved himself to be the heir male of the said William Tracy. The case is now being prepared for printing, and is expected to Le ready in the course of the week. When the printed cases are lodged in the House of Lords, the claimant will then, be entitled to get a day named to go before the House. ABERGAVENNY.—At the last audit of Wm. Jones, KCf;" of Clytha, £5 per cent. was^returned to his numerous tenantry. In November last the same benevolent gentle- man granted a similar boon, and kindly considering the agricultural distress of 1844, Mr. Jones returned jEtO per cent. from the Midsummer rental of that year. DISTRESSING AND FATAL ACCIDENT.—A most melan- choly accident, fatal in its results, occurred on the'iueiine plane at Llanfoist, on Tuesday week. A little girl, of about fifteen years of age, daughter of John Gunter, a labourer, was descending the line, and in spite of the oft- repeated calls and cautions of the workmen, would per- sist in getting on a loaded tram, by a sudden jerk of which she was thrown to the ground, and melancholy to relate, the whole train passed over her neck, instantaneously de- priving her of lie. A man has been apprehended at Brecon, on the charge of house-breaking at Talybont. Should this fail to be proved, Cusack intends troubling him with six distinct charges of burglary in the neighbourhood of Abergavenny. TREDEGAR IRON WORKS.—A fatal accident took place on Tuesday, the 24th of June, in one of the Coat leveh belonging to these works, by which a man named Thomsu Bryan, was harried into Eternity. He Was at work win a mass of coal fell upon him, and crushed him in such a dreadful manner, that he died on the day after i: occurrence. The poor fellow, who was an honest, up- right and hard working man, has left a widow, with live children, to mourn over this sudden bereavement.


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