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MERTHYR AND NEIGHBOURHOOD. Lady Charlotte Guest had an afternoon party on Thurs- day last at her house in Spring Gardens. The anniversary of the English Independent Chapel at Merthyr is to be held next Sunday. A better crop of hay has seldom been seen on the hills than this year, and had the weather been favourable, the scythe would have been used on Monday, on most of the Companies' farms. THE IRON TRADE.—Although the staple manufacture of this town and district is not so brisk as it was two months ago, yet the men are fully employed, and we hear of 110 deficiency of trains, and that the furnaces are not lighted till Tuesdays or Wednesdays, as was unfortu- nately the case some years ago, to the loss of masters and workmen, and the tradesmen too. ZION CII.vrEL—A noble effort was made on Sunday, and for some months previous, by the congregation worshipping at this chapel, to liquidate the debt incurred in its erection. We understand that forcible sermons were delivered by Messrs. Griffiths, of Alltwen Morris, of Olandwr; and Evans, of Gapel Sion, to crowded audiences, and the collections made that day very nearly- completed the sum of jE;200. CORONERS' INQUESTS were held—on the 25th ult., on view of the body of David Williams, who was found dead on the Dowlais Cinder Tip. Verdict accordingly. On the 30th, at the Angel Inn, on the body of Richard Morgan, aged :11, who died on the preceding day from injuries he sustained last week by the trams at Plymouth IronWorks. terdict," Accidental Death." F.vr.11. ACCIDENT OX THE TAFF VALE RAILWAY.— On Tuesday afternoon last a newly "married man, named Richard Jones, in the employment of Anthony Hill, Esq., was unfortunately killed on this line, near the Troed-yr- rhiew station. We have been informed that the deceased was riding upon a trucks or carriage, which contained bags of oats, probably intended for his employer's works, and that upon arriving at the spot to which the oats was to be conveyed—a place situated a short distance nearer to Merthyr than the Troed-yr-ihiew station-he must have unhitched the carriage upon which he wag riding from tlie t.iain, and in doing s0 have fallen 011 the line. The carriage passed over him, and lacerated his thighs aihi other parts of his body 111 the most dreadful manner. 11 is death was nearly (if not ) instantaneous. An inquest was held on Wednesday un \iew of his mutilated remain*, lwfure Win. Da vies, Esq.. coroner, ",I¡ell a verdiet of Accidental death'' was returned, with adeodand of one shilling upon the wheels of the carriage. MERTHYR POLICE COURT.-WEDNESD.4.Y, JULY 2. [Before T. W. Hill, Esq.] ASSAULT.—Mr. Kirkhouse, principal mineral agent of the Cyfarthfa works, was summoned by Ann Warner, for assaulting her on Thursday last. Complainant said: — «• I was going to Aberdare mountain on Thursday, the 26th ult., and two little girls were with me, one of whom was my own child. I bad no basket nor any thing of the sort with me. I met this man on the tramroad, and passed him by. He hallo'd to me, and then I stopped. He asked me where I was going 1 I said it was to Aberdare mountain. He said I was going for sticks and to break the hedges. He caught in my arm,—the mark was visible 011 Friday,—and said, 'You are one of the w- of the Cellars,' and hit me with a good sized stick on my hand. I said, Don't beat me again, I am a poor sickly- woman.' He kicked me on my side. lie and another man then laid hold of me and brought me to his house. A little girl, aged 14, one that was present with com- plainant, corroborated her testimony. Daniel Evans was called by Mr. Kirkhouse, and said: —" I was sitting in the field above an hour before Mr. Kirkhouse and the woman came there I was sitting exactly opposite the parties. I heard Mr. Kirkhouse asking her, Where are you going this way 1' She an- swered, No odds to you.' He then asked her, Don't you know who I am V She said, Yes, I know very- well;' and added, that she had as much right on the main road as he had. Mr. Kirkhouse said, Go back and when he told her that she sat down on the railway, with her feet in, and gave the coldest scream that ever was. She then told Mr. Kirkhouse not to beat her. Mr. K. turned his back on her and said, Here's a devil saying I have beaten her.' I don't know how they came to say about beating—he did not touch her. Mr. K. said, Old Pat, you think to frighten me this time.' She then screamed. There they continued in that way for half an hour—he desiring her to go back, and she refusing. Hugh Jones, the carpenter, then came on. Mr. K. said, Now, Hugh, let us take her from the railroad.' Hughes caught in one of her arms, and Mr. Kirkhouse in the other, and went with her, I think, to a parish road about a quarter of a mile from that place. I was sitting down and smoking. I can swear he did not kick her that time, perhaps he did when he left her. Mr. Kirkhouse had a staff under his arm, but I did not see him touch com- plainant." Five or six other witnesses were called, who swore that Mr. Kirkhouse did not assault her. Mr. Kirkhouse said that the colliers had lately waited on Mr. Crawshay, and requested him to order that no suspicious looking persons should travel that road, as a great quantity of coal was stolen there. He denied that he had kicked her or maltreated her in any manner. He had the power of preventing or permitting any one to pass that road and when he saw suspicious looking persons, he always would stop them, because they went for sticks and broke the hedges. When complainant saw him, she threw the pieces of coal she had gathered into the canal. Mr. Hill said that he was bound to believe the little girl, who had given her evidence in so clear a manner, and ordered Mr. Kirkhouse to be fined £5 and costs, which sums were immediately paid. George Davies was charged by William Justins with an assault. Case dismissed. Morgan Jenhn, and Margaret, his wife, were charged by Elizabeth Jenkin, married woman, with an assault on Saturday evening last. This case was also dismissed.

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