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tiLAilORii A;\MII«K <d» *RTi,K Our tomth contain?, j lull reporr oi tlie piocerdiiiu> of the magistrates on Monduy lust i.t tkr General Unai-ler Session* for this Cumnv. There were 'Ir twenty-one magistrates present, including the Vice- Chairman, Henry Thomas, Esq., who took the Chair in the unavoidable absence of the Right Honorable John Nicholl, M.P. The Finance Committee, in their report, notice one or two items in the accounts Of our County Prisons. Satisfactory explanations were instantly given by the respective Governors- Mr. Woods and Mr. Cox. At the last Sessions a conversation took place respecting the state of the Weights and Measures used in certain districts of the County, and the manner in which the Inspectors performed their duties the Finance Committee were requested to direct their attention to the subject. In their report, the Committee state that in accordance with the expressed wishes of the magistrates they made inquiry into the care and custody of the Weights and Measures belonging to, or lately used, by the County Inspectors, and found that those used by the Inspector of the Swansea district until this spring were the property of the Town Council of Swansea, who had declined allowing the further use of them out of the town of Swansea; consequently no inspec- tion has since taken place in the towns of Neath, Aberavon, and their respective neighbourhoods. In the Cardiff district," the Committee report, no inspection has taken place for some years." An inspector was appointed at the last Epiphany Quarter Sessions, but he has been unable to perform his duties, in consequence of the defective state of the Weights and Measures handed over to him by his predecessor." The Merthyr district is provided with a complete set of Weights and Measures; but the Committee could not ascertain when any inspection took place;—so that in the most populous and im- portant districts of this County,—in fact, with the exception of the town of Swansea, throughout the County, the duty of seeing that tradesmen use correct Weights and Measures is most inefficiently performed. The Report concludes by calling the attention of the magistrates to certain items paid by two of the County Coroners to medical witnesses, but which payments, although not made strictly in accordance with the letter of the law," are declared to have been requisite. Upon the motion of Mr. Thomas Edward Thomas, e items were unanimously allowed. A county rate *n ^le P°und was ordered. Captain Isapier s usual quarterly report was read by Mr. Dalton, from which it appeared, that within the three months ending on the 15th of June, 494 persons were summoned and apprehended, of which number 191 were cases of drunkenness-H a much greater pro- portion than has occurred in any previous quarter during the last three years;" and which Captain Napier attributes "to the increased rate of wages now given at the various works in the county, and to the rapidly increasing number of beer-shops." During the last quarter no less than 30 convictions took place against public-houses and beer-shops. It was stated in conversation, that the station-house at Bridgend smoked," which elicited an observation from the Vice-Chairman, that "the Swansea gentlemen were best calculated to deal with nuisances caused by smoke. Orders were passed for raising the various sums required for the maintenance of the police force. The rate for the Ogmore and Merthyr districts will be heavy this quarter, as, in consequence of the large ba- lance in hand, but in opposition to the wishes of the County I reasurer, no rate was made at the last Sessions for these districts. The rate-payers will, therefore, bear that circumstance in mind. The Vice-Chairmau drew the attention of the magistrates to the numerous accidents which, within the last two vears. hav. untortunately taken place at Eagles' Bush Colliery near Neath. It was unanimously agreed, that the Secretary of State should be requested to send a sur- veyor to the colliery for the purpose of making a minute examination of it, so that correct information may be obtained as to its actual state, and that the magistrates may be enabled to take ulterior pro. ceedings under Lord Ashley's Act, should the report render such a step advisable. The only notice given for next Sessions was by Mr. N. V. E. Vaughan- namdy, that in the event of the passing of the South Wales Railway Bill this Session, a communication he made to the Directors, expressing the wish of the County Magistrates that a sufficient additional Police 4 force should be employed along the line of road durinir the period of its construction;" and that the force be placed under the control of Captain Napier. The i, wSi0QCTed <?n TuesdaJ'' an(1 UP to one o clock Wednesday with the trials of Prisoners. A copious Report of the proceedings will be found in our second pace. ""Mn w