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dforrigtt EntflUgmre. SPMN.—The Spanish Government have uecidod tliat they would publish no official reply to fie manifesto of the Prince of Asturia<, but they have dexpa-chei private instruction* to their agents to watch most caref dly life movements of the Carlist party. A meeting of deputies war held at the hou-ie of Scnor Pacheco on the 20th, to aiscusi the question of the Queen's marriage, when the parties present were unanimous in rejecting the pretentions to the hand cf her Majesty of the Count de Trappani and the. Prince of igtmias •, but it was unanimously agreed that the Queen ou;ht to be allowed to take the initiative in the matter. GRKHCE.—We have accounts from ithens which present in afflicting terms the state of disorder itto which Greece has been plunged. Coletti having succeeded in packing an assem- bly, now finds a rival in Metaxa, who jiosvs symptoms of an inclination to set up on his own acctunt and Balbi, the minister of justice, is said to have S'nt in his resignation on the ground that he can no longer tale part in the acts of such a cabinet. In the meantime Cole.tihas presented a law for the suppression of brigandage, the >assion for which has seized men of all ranks anil classes. KUSSlAV FROSTIEH8, JtlNE 7—The imperial ukase relative to the dress of the Jews is 3taed in an account from the Russian frontiers to have already produced some deplo- rable effects. These were, indeed, not intended by the Hin- peror, but were almost the inevitalle consequeucc of a measure, which so suddenly and violently interferes with thn most cherished habits of a people. In Bordiczew, a con- siderable commercial town in Nolhyna, where, as in many towns of Southern Russia, the Jews ftrm the Majority of the inhabi ants, some young Jews appearccin the synagogue with- out long locks of hair; the Chassdiin, a most fanaucal religions scct, prevailing chic-fly in liussia and Po'and, re- sembling in some respects the Shak;rs of North America, incensed at this violation of a sacred custom, fell furiously on the blasphemers, as they call them, threatening to tear them to pieces. All their representations, that they had only obeyed the commands of the Emperor, were unavailing. The Chassidiin exclaimed that the Emperor could not command them in a religious manner; that lie might be the god of the Jawanim (so the Jews call the Russians, as properly the Greeks), but he was not theirs; that they should rather suffer themselves to be alive than to submit to such wicked oiders. A dreadful tumult occurred, and two of the young men are said to have expired under the ill treatment of the Chassidiin. A strict investiyaiinn is set oil foot by the Go- vernor, and we are assured that fn'teeu of the Chassidiin have already been sent to Siberia. What has grieved these unhappy fanatics worse than all the rest is, that before setting out on their melancholy journey, they had to change their natural dress for that usually worn by the exiles to Siberia, and that their heads were shaved, their long locks being, of course, the first sacrifice. INDIA AND CHINA.—Bombay and Calcutta papers have been brought by the Overland Mail. Their dates are Bombay, the 20th of May, and Calcutta, May 7, with intelligence from China to the 20ih of March. The Victoria steamer, with the mail. arrived at Suez on the lltli ult., twenty-two days from Bombay, bringing thirty-two passengers. She was dis- patched eleven d-jys ill htlvauce of tie nsu..1 time in cou»e- qucnoe ul tit; UHJUSOOU. British .udl" remains perfectly uanq'iii the affairs in the PHiijaub ire sriil in a unski- lled s'ate. Siudp. wa- healthy. ",U;<ír Khan hud jsi'veu top I all thoughts of attacking Prshawur, ioii the princes on the west the Indus had rai;eu oii< h alanu iit the military operu- tiuos tit tin- gul>an' \'aj> et and his Inle annv. thev had written to Dost Mahommed, entreatiig hiai to pievail on the British authorities not to molest then. Furlough bad been granted to six Regiments of Boinbaynative infantry, each of which had about 2UO men absent on eave-the best proof of the tranquility of the country. Tie news from China is without interest, and we find nothin; in the money or stock markets that require notice. Sir IIthry Hardinge was still at Calcutta, and the Company's JDoninions supply no new intelligence whatever. AMERICAN ICE.For some time pit this novel importation has been in pretty general use in Glasgow. It is perfectly clear and transparent, being carefuly cut from large ponds prepared for the purpose, and kept free from all impurities. It is certainly a very striking instaice of the spirit o: enter- piise, that a regularly organised compiny should be established for the purpose of dealing in such aoinmodity.




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