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I-Icticto. SHERIFF'S ORDINARY. TJOBERT AINSLEY respectfully begs to inform those XV Gentlemen who intend DINING with the HIGH- SHERIFF, that the ORDINARY will be provided at the CARDIFF ARMS HOTEL, JULY 8th, 1845. Cardiff, 1st July, 1845. Glamorganshire Clergy Charity. THE SUBSCRIBERS are requested to MEET at the BEAR INN, in COWBRIDGE, at 12 o'clock on TUESDAY, the 29th of JULY next, to RECEIVE PETITIONS, and to make DISTRIBUTION of the BALANCE in hand. WILLIAM BRUCE KNIGHT, Deanery, Llandaff,I Treasurer. June 18, 1S45. ) GUANO (Genuine PERUVIAN and BOLIVIAN), con- stantly on SALE. A Cargo, of prime quality, just landed. Apply to the Importers, GIBBS, BRIGHT, and Co., 28, Orchard-street; or at GEORGE and JAMES BUSH'S Warehouse, Baldwin-street, Bristol, where it may be seen. TO HAMMER-MEN, BALL-FURNACE-MEN, AND PUDDLERS. WANTED, a Number of GOOD WORKMEN, of the above Descriptions, at LOW MOOR IRON WORKS, near BRADFORD, YORKSHIRE. Low Moor Iron Works, June 19th, 1845. IX consequence of the absence of some of the principal Members of the Committee, at a Meeting held this day at LlaiulafF, to determine upon the proposed Monu- ment and Tomb for the late Rev. THOMAS LEWIS, it was Resolved, that this Meeting be Adjourned to THURSDAY, the 17th of this Month. RICHD. PRICHARD, Chairman. Llandaff, July 3rd, 1845. THE Creditors of GEORGE PRICE WATKINS, late of BROADWAY, in the County of Carmarthen, Esquire, deceased, are requested to send in the particu- lars of their respective claims to Messrs. D. and I". J HOMA-, of .Solicitors to the Executors nameein Li< Will, on or before the 30th day of .)f t.Y lint: and -all persons indebted to the Estate of the said George i'rice Watkins, are hereby requested forthwith to pay tlIPir Debts to Messrs D. and E. Thomas. Brecon, June 20th, 1845. CARDIFF. U) (f) mm aawg With Immediate Possession, A WELL-BUILT DWELLING-HOUSE, with con- venient Offices, a good supply of Water, and a small Garden. Neighbourhood quiet and respectable. For particulars apply to Mr. John Rowe, East Terrace. TO DRAPERS' ASSISTANTS. WANTED, a study, active, experienced YOUNG MAN, who has a perfect knowledge of the Busi- ness, and can speak the Welsh Language. A respectable reference will be required. Also, a respectable Youth wanted as an APPRENTICE. Apply to Griffith Lewis, Green and New-Street, Neath. TREFOREST. ANCIENT ORDER of DRUIDS. rpHE Brethren of the GALLT-VARDRE LODGE, JL No, 328, purpose celebrating their Anniversary on the 12th of JULY, 1845, on which occasion they will walk in procession to a place of Divine Worship, in the Ancient and Pristine Costume of the Order; and they respectfully invite the attendance of the Members gene. rally of other Lodges. Dinner to be on the Table at 2 o'clock precisely. SHAW HOUSE SCHOOL, MELKSHAM, WILTS. .I.. "io x-uujjg ociiUeinen usounU outassicar, jnaiflemautfiu, and General Education, and by a system of rewards, to secure diligence and good behaviour. FRENCH TAUGHT BY A PARISIAN RESIDENT IN THE FAMILY. Terms, &c., may be known on application. Aberdare Canal Navigation. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that the ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING, or ASSEMBLY, of the COMPANY of PROPRIETORS of this NAVIGATION will be held at the CANAL-OFFICE, Aberdare, on THURS- DAY, the 31st day of JULY, 1845, at Eleven o'Clock in the Forenoon. EDWARD LEWIS, Clerk to the Company, July 2nd, 1813. v 3 IN the Matter of the Petition of JOHN PHILLIPS formerly of Evil Issa, in the Parish of Lantwit Vardre, in the County of Glamorgan, Victualler, after- wards of the Village of Upper Boat, in the Parish of Eghvysillan, in the same County, Victualler and HaIlier, then of the Three Horse Shoes" in the Parish of Lantwit Vardre aforesaid, Victualler and Hallier, late of the Village of Treforest, in the said County of Glamorgan V ictualler and Hallier, and at present residing at the said Milage of Treforest, out of business, NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, That RICHARD STEVENSON, Esquire, the Commis- sioner acting in the Matter of this Petition will proceed r? m! f oa VnaI order thereon» at the Bristol District Court of Bankruptcy, at the City of Bristol, on THURSDAY the 1/th day of JULY next, at Eleven o'Clock in the Forenoon precisely, unless cause be there and then shown to the contrary. JOHN BIRD, Solicitor, Cardiff. GROUSE. Notice is hereby given, THAT no Person will be allowed to spoit on the HILLS of Sir CHARLES MORGAN, Bart., which are situate in the several Parishes of Defynnock, Ystrad- fellty, Pcnderin, Cantreff, Llanspythid, Ystradgunlais, and Llywcll, within the Manor of Brecon, in the County ot' Brecon, during the ensuing Season. All Persons found Trespassing by Sporting, Hunting for Gamp, for the purpose of breaking Dogs, or other- wise, will Le prosecuted as the Law directs. And any Person giving information, so that persons trespassing kV\° £ *ictad- Bha11 receive a REWARD of TWO GUN LAS, upon the conviction of the offenderor offen- ders, on application to PHILIP VAUGHAN, Agent to Sir Charles Morgan, Bart. Brecon, 14th June, 1845. C-lainorgaushire Summer Assizes 1845. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, THAT the Commissions of NISI PRIUS, of Oyer and Terminer and of General Gaol delivery for the WATT* • (TLAM0RQAN' will be opened at the TOWN of CARDIFF, in the said County, Sir JAMES PARKEEi^h t* °f bef°ref -rj vr Knight, one of the Barons of RO R S A Y S ^°urtu of Exchequer, and Sir THOMAS SSieJvs CourtW' °De °f the Justice9 °f Her ofX lW* \r °r?mon pleas, when all Justices of the Peace, Mayors, Coroners, and Bailiffs of Liberties, Recognizance, "Witnesses and other, ^i"3003 h art required to attend. having business ROBERT-SAVOURS, ESQUIRE, Cowbridge, June 20, 1845. Sheriff. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, rpo all Attornies, Parties and Witnesses in Civil JL Came* to be tried at the above mentioned Assizes that no Civil Cause will be called on for Trial before THURSDAY, the Tenth day of JULY next, and that the expenses of Witnesses and others, attending on the trial of Civil Causes will be allowed on taxation of costs, «■ if the business of the Assize* commenced on the' said last mentioned day and not before. This announcement in no way relates to Criminal feuiineM. WILLIAM LEWIS, 22 otters. IMPORTANT ENLARGEMENT OF THE CARDIFF AND MERTHYR GUARDIAN. &<> PROPRIETOR OF THE Cardiff dc. Mertbyr Guardian Newspaper, DUKE-STREET, CARDIFF, BEGS most respectfully to inform his Friends and JD the Public generally, of the Counties of Glamorgan, Monmouth, and Brecon, that, with a view of rendering his paper a medium of furnishing copious and accurate Reports of all Public Meetings and Proceedings of in- terest that take place in the several Counties above named, together with a well condensed summary of Parliamen- tary, Metropolitan, Provincial, and Foreign Intelligence, he has enlarged the GUARDIAN to the present size and, upon comparison, it will be found one of the LARGEST PAPERS IN THE PRINCIPALITY. An extensive font, it will be perceived, of BEAUTIFUL NEW TYPE of the most modern description has been provided. H. W., therefore, confidently trusts that his efforts to make the CARDIFF AND MERTHYR GUARDIAN thus more worthy of general attention, will secure to it an iucreased share of public support. As an Advertising medium, the GUARDIAN possesses peculiar and powerful claims upon the attention of the Commercial and Literary Public, as it is the only paper advocating Conservative principles published for the Counties of Glamorgan and Brecon, and consequently is. most extensively circulated amongst the Nobility, Gentry, Clergy, Professional Men, Merchants, and princi- pal Tradesmen of those Counties; whilst in the important County of Monmouth it enjoys a circulation of some hundreds weekly. Cardiff & Merthyr Guardian Office, Duke-Street, Cardiff, June 20th, 1845. WHITE LION INN TM SHILLIM SAi Vf Llffiljft SAVKEF. T) ESPECTFULL Y informs his Friends and the IX Public, that the above Sweep will commence on WEDNESDAY next, the 9th instant. SUBSCRIPTIONS PAID WEEKLY. First Prize, £ 25; Second Prize, £ 10; Third Prize, f 5; and Five Pounds to be divided amongst the other starters: the balance for Wine and expenses. Rules to be had at the Bar. Cardiff, July 4th, 1845. LL C0TTAGE' near NEATH, GLA- MORGANSHIRE. s. W. STONE, B.A., Minister of the English Baptist Chapel, Neath, wishes to undertake the Education of Four Youths, who will be treated as Members of his Family. The course of instruction will comprise all the branches usually taught in Schools, with Latin, Greek, Logic, Mathematics and the Elements of Chemistry and Natural Philosophy. Terms, JE30 per annum; French and Drawing, each 94 per annum. The School will OPEN on the 24th inst. Reference may be made to W. H. Buckland, Esq Cadoxton Place, near Neath to the Rev. Joseph Angus, M.A., Baptist Mission House, London and to the Rey. James Acworth, M.A., Horton College, Bradford, York- shire. The House is in a pleasant and healthy situation, at the entrance to the Vale of Neath. TO BUILDERS. PARTIES desirous of Tendering for the ERECTION of a NEW CHURCH about to be built at MERTHYR TYDFIL in the County of Glamorgan, under the direction of H. M. Commissioners for Building New Churches, are hereby informed that the Drawings and Specifications may be seen at Merthyr-Tydfil, upon application to the Rev. JAMES COLQUHOUN CAMPBELL, on and after MONDAY, the 7th of JULY next. The Tenders are to be delivered Architects. of JULY, Sealed and Endorsed, with the Names and Resi- dences of the parties submitting the Tenders, and of the Sureties proposed. H. M. Church Commissioners do not pledge themselves to accept even the lowest tender if its amount exceeds that at their disposal for this imme- diate object. Merthyr-Tydfil, June 30th, 1845. SELTERS WATER. (In England called Seltzer Water). DECLARATION OF THE NASSAU GOVERNMENT. THE GENERAL DIRECTION OF THE DOMAINS OF HIS HIGHNESS THE DUKE OF NASSAU, DECLARE, by these presents, that being desirous to prevent and put a stop to the numerous falsifications committed in respect to the Waters of Sellers, (in Eneland called Seltzer Water), in the Kingdom of Great Britain its Colonies, and Dependencies, which have been made known to them on indisputable evidence, and wishing by every means in their power to secure for the future to the consumers of the Waters of Selters (Seltzer Water) in the Kingdom of Great Britain, its Colonies, and Depen- dencies, the enjoyment of the genuine Water of that Spring, as also of the Springs of Fachingen, Schwalbach and Weilbach, likewise the property of His Highness the Duke of Nassau, they have resolved, from the 1st of January, 1845, to use the Metallic Capsules of Mr. John Thomas Betts, of London, known under the name of "BETTS'S PATENT METALLIC CAPSULE," as a top cover ing for all the Bottles, both large and small, filled with the said Mineral Waters for Mr. John Thomas Betts and intended for the Kingdom of Great Britain, its Colonies and Dependencies. On these Capsules are to be impressed the Arms of Nassau, and under the arms the name of the Water con- tained in the Bottle, with the words BETTS INIPORTER, and BETTS'S PATENT," around. The above named Bottles, capsuled in such a manner will likewise bear, as heretofore, the usual marks con' sisting of a Shield, impressed on the Bottle, containing the Arms of Nassau, or a Crown, under which are the initials H.N., and around the name of the Mineral Water contained in the Bottle, and also the usual burnt mark on the lower end of the Cork. The General Direction of the Domains further DECLARE by these presents, that they have granted to the said John Thomas Betts, Patentee of the above described Capsules, and to no one else, in the Kingdom of Great Britain, its Colonies, and Dependencies, the exclusive right to pur- chase and export, direct from the Springs, the Waters of "s Selters, Schwalbach, Fachingen, and Weilbach. They DECLARE further, that the Bottles, after being filled with the respective Mineral Waters, are to be im- mediately, and in the presence of their officers, closed with the above named Capsules, which bear the impres- sion of the drawing beneath. IAIPORTERX ( TP s The present Declaration is granted to Mr. John Tho- mas Betts, with authority to publish the same. Given at Wiesbaden, this 18th day of December, 1844. The President of-. the Direction- General of the V BARON DE BOCK HERMSDOFF Ducal Domains V of Nassau, J HENRY HENDEL, Secretary. The Public will observe, by the above declaration, that these Waters, protected and hermetically closed by the PATENT METALLIC CAPSULES, may now be obtained in the same state of freshness and perfection, iriespective of time or temperature, as at the first moment when taken from the Springs, without the possibility of fraudulent substitution. These Waters are imported in Hampers containing Four Dozen large, or Five Dozen small Bottles, at the rate of 10s. per Dozen, and 2s. the Hamper for the for- mer, and 7s. per Dozen, and Is. 6d. the Hamper for the latter, Bottles and Hampers not returnable. And, as the sale must inevitably extend to many thousand persons, CASH PAYMENTS WILL BE INDISPENSABLE; on receipt of which Hampers will be delivered at the Railway Receiv- ing Houses; and to any part of the Metropolis, exclusive of the Railway Stations, where carts are liable to detention. Mr. Betts respectfully informs the Public that the first Importation having arrived, Orders will be received, addressed No. I, Wharf Road, City Road and to prevent disappointment he begs further to state that they will be executed consecutively, with reference to priority of date. Special Agents, from whom the smallest quantity may be obtained, are in course of appointment, in Town and Country. And applications for Agencies, from respecta- ble persons, where appointments are not already made, • r'ii Particulars by addressing, letters paid, to No. I, Wharf Road, City Road, London! wftl!L'eKle-fS ,?n °ther Mineral and Effervescent Water# jyjU be weJ'giWe.




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