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JLK Y RHYFEDDOD DTWED D ARAF. JL Y Rhyfeddod Diweddaraf. Y Rhyfeddod Diweddaraf. COUGH BALSAM GEOEGE. Cough Bait am George. Cough Balsam George. MAE yn EXPECTORANT, DEMULCENT, ac Antispasmodic ardderchog. Mae yn Expectorant. Demulcent, ac Anti- spasmodic ardderchog. Mae yn Expectorant, Demulcent, ac Antispasmodic ardderchog. MAE YN GWELLHAU AR OL I BOB- peth avail fethu. Mae yn gwellhau ar ol i bobpeth arall fetlm. Mae yn gwellhau ar ol i bobpeth arall fethu. COUGH BALSAM GEORGE. Cough Balsam George. Cough Balsam George. Y feddyginiaeth oreu rhag Peswch. Anwyd, Diffyg Anadi, Bronchitis, In fiuenaa, Crygni, Poeri Gwaed, Darfodedigaeth, Pas, a phob anhwylderau y Ddwyfron, y Gwddf. a'r Ys^yfaint. SYLWEU.—Rhydd un dogn ryddhad, ac ychydig ddognau v/ellhad PWYSIG.—Darllener y tystiolaethau o gwmpas pob costrelaid. RHYBCDD.—CcSed y cyhoedd fynu gweled fod y geiriau Georges Ooug1- Balsam" wedi eu har- graffu ar bob potel; heb hyny nid ydynt yn ddi- dwyli. Ar wfrth mewn Poteli, Is. 1'c. a 2s. 9c. yr un, gan braidd bob Fferyllydd a Chyffeir-werthyd- I drwy y byd a chan y Perchenog, B. A. GEOKGE, Family Chemist, Pentre, Pontypridd, TNFANTS' POWDERS.-Y mae yn syndod i v fath effaith sydd gan yr EUROPA LIFE PRESERVERS" ar gyfansoddiadau babanod. Nid yn unig y maent y Feddyginiaeth Oreu a Dyogelaf dd clion Mamau roddi i rai bychain pan yn Tori Danedd, eiihr gweithredant yn iachaol mewn Llewygon, Enyniad, Bronchitis, Rhyddni, y Frech Wen, y Dwymyn Goch, y Freeh Goch, d-c. Ar werth gan Fferyllwyr, mewn sypynau, am IF. ltc. a 2s. 9c. yr un a chan y Perchenog, B. A. GEOEGE, Pentre, Pontypridd. S Y L W. Darllener y tystiolaethau pwysig a dyddorol geir o gyleh pob sypyn. 356L W r-, I)DFA'R ( IWLADSAEWR \.fi Am Btnhswvie, a. Chardiau. gW YDDFA'R J WLADGARWB ,$ tidi Purity of Blood Essential to Life, Health and Strength. These ^ills surpass all other known JUedicincs for Purifying the BLOOD being safe and yet effective, they are available for all as a Domestic and Household remedy. In conge-tions and obstructions of the LUNGS and Llnm, they quickly remove the cause of the disease, and in constipation and disordered condition of the BOWELS, they act as a cleansing aperient, removing; irritant matter from the intestinal canal, relieving spasms, cramps, and painful gripings. Bilious Headaches, Nausea and Foul Stomach, Loss of Appetite, and Lowness of Spirits. The cleansing properties of these Pills soon produce a wonderful change in the constitution, removing all excess of bile, headache, palr,itation, pains after eating, and giddiness. They restore the appetite, clear the complexion, and improve the general health. The Mother's Friend. Females' Specifics. Every Mother of a Family should know the value of these Pills in removing all accumulations and restoring suspended or perverted secretions at various critical periods of female life they are useful beyond measure they can be taken safely by females of all ages, and are invaluable in a!l children's complaints. Debilitated Constitutions, Trem- blings, and Loss of Nervous Energy. These Pills are unsurpassed as Nervl-.e Tonics they correct all irregularities and weaknesses. Tht, act so kintiiy, yet so energetically on the functions of digcuv ■ i, that the whole body is revived, the blood is purified, and the muscles become firmer and stronger therefore sufferers from Nervous Weakness in every form should give them a fair and honest trial. The Pills and Ointment are sold at Professor HOLLOW AY'S Establishment, 533. Oxford Street, London, also by nearly every respectable Vendor of Medicine throughout the Civilised World, in Boxes and Pots, at is. i jd., 2S. gd., 4s. 6d., us., 22S., and 33s. each. Full printed directions are affixed to each Bcx and Pot, and can be had in any language. N.B Advice can be obtained, free of charge, by applying at the above address, daily, between the hours of 11 and 4, or by letter. No. 17 +. XL NT. TEAS at Lone on Prices. 12 or 181bs., rails paid to any part of England and Wales. Black Tea, Is. 8d., 2s., 2s. 2d., and 2s. 4d. Xlnt Tea, 2s. 8d., or 12 lbs. for 30s. Very Fine Tea, 3s., Id. per lb. less if half-chest is ordered. Fragrant Coffees, If. 4d., Is. 4§d., Is 5<|d,, Is. 6i-d., William M. Alderson and Co., TEA TASTERS, 35, Walbrook, Mansion House, LONDON. E.C. AGENTS WANTED. TEEMS CASH. 1817. MONEY immediately advanced to any amount, from £ 50 and upwards, upon every descrip- tion of security, comprising real and person- al estate, farming stock, reversions, annuities, furniture (without removal), life policies, and any other tangible personal security. No charges made, or commission taken, and the strictest secresy will in all cases be ob served. Interest as follows, viz. :— On freeholds or leaseholds from 3 per cent. per annum, personal security from 4 per cent. per annum, other securities at equally reason- able rates. Applicants are requested to apply in the first instance by letter, containing full particulars in order to save unnecessary trouble, to FREDEIUCK HAWKINS, Esq., 9, Great Russel Street, Bloomsbury, London, W.C. 1780 FROM JERUSALEM TO PONTY- PRIDD AND BACK. Davies's Toothache Pills Of world wide reputation, "Patronized by the Secretary to the German Consulate at Jerusalem," are the cure for all pains in the head, face, side, back, &c., aiid should be taken by all persons suf- fering from general debility. 30, Madeley-street, Rosehill, Derby. DEAR SIE,—Herewith I enclose you Is. 2jd. in stamps, for a box of your celebrated .Toothache Pills. You will please excuse the address as I have by some means lost it. I brought h doi- boxes with me from Bridgend some 18 months since, which I have given away to various friends and I may add, that I do not know a case where they have failed to produce the desired effect. I thii k you should advertise them in the papers as they would be a boon to hundreds of sufferers.—Yours truly, DR. DAVIES. W. H ECKETT. Sold in boxes, Is. lid., 2s. 9d., & 4s. Gd,; by post one penny extra. L257 Gwelihad oddiwrth antvyd mewn 10 mynyd. Hayman's Balsam of Horehound, RHAG y Peswch, Anwyd Crygni, a phob afiechyd yn y Brest a'r Ysgyfaint. Y mae yn atal twymynau, yn peri i grynhoadau tufewnol ddod i fyny, a gwelihad i Beswch. Mae yn hyfryd i'r genau, fel y gellir ei roddi i blant yn gystal ag i rai mewn oed. Rhodda hwn iachad uniongyrchol a pharhaus. MAE EI FLAS YN FELUS. A DYMUNOL. IMPORTANT TESTIMONIALS Amport Firs, Andover, May 29th, 1869. Sir,-I have for some years had your Balsam of Horehound for Mrs. B. Webster, and intended writing to tell you how much benifit she has derived. She was considered consumptive, but the Balsam has quite restored her, and she is now quite strong. I have recommended you dozens of customers, and all have been pleased with it. I am yours &c.H. B. WEBSTER. Mr. Hayman, Chemist. Penydarren, Merthyr. Dear Sir,-Your Balsam is of great value. I have tried it on my children, and find it most effectual. J. EVANS, Chemist. 18, Calthrope Street, Birmingham. Sir,-When in Swansea I was recommended by a Chemist there to try your Balsam, and found great benifit from it. Please send me some im- mediately to address.—Yours truly, J. BARNSLEY, Contractor. To Mr. Hayman, Chemist. Gellir rhoddi nifer fawr o dystiolaethau yn profi gwellhad trwy ddefnyddio y -BALSAM hwn. Parotoedig yn unig gan A. HAYMAN, Fferyllydd, Castellnedd, ac yn cael ei werthu mewn boteli Is. lie., a 2s. 9c. yr un, gan bob fferyllydd 2 parchus yn Abertawe, Caerdydd, Merthyr, Aberdar, Caerfyrddin, Haverfordwest, L'erpwl, a'r holl Dywysogaeth. Llanelli: Gwilym Evans. PRIF ORUCHWYLWYR,—W. Sutton & Co., Barcley & Sons, Llundain; Collins < £ Itosser, Pearce & Co., Bryste; ac Evans &• Co., L'erpud. GOCHELIAD.—Erfynir ar i'r cyhoedd gymeryd sylw fod y geiriau Hayman's Balsam of Hore- hound wedi eu stampio ar y boteli, heb yr hyn nid oes dim yn wirioneddol. D.S. Y mae cryn arbediad wrth gymeryd y poteli mwyaf. L428.

People's Hall, Pontypridd.