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,H 0 L L p 'I L I iIIItI Impurity of the Blood. Unless the blood be kept in a pure state the constitution must be weakened and disease supervene. These wonderful Pills possess the power of removing or neutralizing all con- taminations of the blood and system generally. They quietly, but certainly, overcome all obstructi ons tending to produce ill health, and institute regular action in organs that are faulty from irritation or debility. The dyspeptic, weak, and nervous may rely on these Pills as their best friend and comforter, as they act upon the main springs of life, and thus save thousands from a premature grave. Complaints of Women & Children. The very mild and painless action of these invaluable Pills recommends them to ev ery household as a remedy for the first departure from health. Any mother, nurse, or young person guided by the directions which accompany each box of Holloway's Pills, has at once available means for checking disease, purging the blood, and expelling from the system all gross humours. They are indeed, at all ages, th» female's tried friend. Disorders of the Liver with Flatu- lency and Indigestion. Loss of appetite anfji flatulency are usually the forerunners of stomachic disease. These famous Pills exercise the most salutary power in all affections of the liver, and all irregularities of the stomach and bowels; they restore a healthy function to every internal organ, overcome all obstructions, and cast out all impurities. Weak Stomachs.-Impaired Digestion. The wisest cannot enumerate one tithe of the distressing symptoms arising from enfeebled digestion, all of which may be readily dispelled by these admirable Pills, as they rouse the stomach, liver, and every othv organ of digestion to that healthy tone which .fully enables them to convert all food and drink to the nourishment of the body—hence, these Pills are the surest strengthened, and the safest restorative in nervousness, wasting, and chronic debility. (The Pills and Ointment are sold at Professor HOLLOWAY'S Establishment, 533, Oxford Street, London, also by nearly every respectable Vendor of Medicine throughout the Civilised World, in Boxes and Pots, at Is. licl., 205. 9d., 4s. 6d., lis., 22s., and 33s. each. The smallest Box of Pills contains four dozen; and the smallest Pot of Ointment one ounce. Full printed directions are affixed to each Box and Pot, and can be had in any even in Turkish, Arabic. Armenian, Persian, or Chinese. No. lt>—i Gtcellhad oddiwrth Anwyd mewn 10 mynyd HAYMaJST'S BALSAM OF ROBE- I ROUND. &HA0* Fwwtvh, abit-to ■, ifiwtsfst -jt. y m j,'rest &'v raiiu. ? &» r* a**1 '-vrroiywna. ya y«ri >■ fryrihysuia;' tuJA<yi fjwy, a 'Vwwolu yti hyfiyd i'r sreaati. fel t if«Uir & roddi i tiMtt YL gystal ag 1 rai o* vllsodiiis lutSmA ,s1onW°),ol > pKnrfe/ia* 11.4 »•>• ""41.1" a„ import Fir*, Aa over, Mar 28ih, 1869. J havs (or aoiue ye-ar hsrt year Balsam of Hore- 8aound for Mru B Wef.xtii, ad Into daú wrfttng to-tell fonhowniii'-b barest sh-* b v- tier »ed 8hewa* con idered eonsmnvtlva, tjut th« h:).l.<an> fckr quit* restore her, and she Is nf"» qv.ite a* on* I h*vi nicija-manderi fvv. losens Of CWlomeis. nti al) have 1 wW with it. i tn-t yo,r? &c..—H B WEBSTKE.. Kats. Haymari. ihasnlat Penydarrea, Merthyr. Dear Str.- Your Balsam Is ot great value. I have tried Si an tat children, a»cl flno It rami effectual J EVA.NX. Chomht. is Oaishrope street, Birmingham. —When in Swansea I v6-,u rwofoxaeinded by a Obamlit there to try YOU' Balaaru and found great benefit bom it. Please seJ1\1 mb some 'reiunrtiatoly to address. Yours truly, J PIJ-NSLZY. Contractor. To Mr Hayiaau, Chemixt OelllrrhodrU r.i'^r fai- c dystiolscshan rn profi gwellhad trwy dde^nyddio y FT-AI.AAM hwn. Fuotoedle 1)) a tg 9SU A HAYMAS Ffetvlisdd, Castell- aedd, ac yn ca, I d werthu1 sxiewi. boteli Is. li a 2s. go. ;r un, gac bo fferyllyld pare?, ns yr, Abertawe, Caer- dydd, Merthys, Abo Ma Oanrfyrodir, Haverfordwest, Lerpwl, IT ho 11 By-wysosiseth ftlr ORO, HWVLLWYI,W Sutton dc Co., Bwrolay <&• Som, LVW-dMn; "oUiius Jç Rosser. Pearce. & Co., BHste ac Bvans A Co., Lerpwl aOCHKLiA Briy iir i')f eytaoasM gymeiyd sylw fod # geiriao Rav »»'» Balsam Borehoauii WSMSI en 'tamirfo ar y bOK <1, heb ft hm nid oes <3.5.»r yn wirion- a tuby mao ciya ariseaa.? wnh gymwryd j poteli mwy&f £428