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Porthycarne House, Uske, MONMOUTHSHIRE. MR. H. M. PARTRIDGE (of Newport) is favored with instructions from the Executors of the late Thomas Reece, Esq., to SELL by PUBLIC AUC- TION, on the premises, at Porthyearne House, on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, the llf/i, 12th, and 13th of September next, All the truly valuable and highly-preserved HOUSE- HOLD FURNITURE, in mahogany and rosewood Piano-forte, Organ, Books, Pictures, Bed and Table Linen, China, Glass, Earthenware, Dairy and Brewing Utensils, Garden Implements, 2 Carts, Car- riage, Bath Chair and Harness, set of Double Harness, Set of Single ditto, Saddle, 1, 2, and 3-light Garden Frames, Ilatid-glasses, Rollers, Yvrater Engine, and Miscellaneous Effects,—full particulars of which will be given in Catalogues, to be had, one week prior to the sale. at the Principal Inns of Mr. J. H. Clark, Post-office, Usk, and at the Offices of the Auctioneer, 3, St. Woolios Place, and 109, Commercial-street, Newport. Sale to commence punctually at 11 a.m. each day. MONMOUTHSHIRE. T10R SALE, by PRIVATE CONTRACT, Two J_ Undivided Seventh SHARES in the iollowing valuable ESTATES All that desirable and compact Estate called the NEW HOUSE," situate in the parish of Llangeview, within two miles of the town of Usk, and consisting of a commodious House, with well arranged and suitable Farm Buildings, and several pieces or parcels of Arable, Meadow, and Pasture, and Wood Land, containing, according to the tithe survey, 83a. 3r. 15p., and now in the occu- pation of John Baylis, as tenant thereof. And all that Estate called THE LITTLE HOUSE," or TYBACH," consisting of all those several closes, pieces, or parcels of Arable, Meadow, and Pasture Land, situate, lying, and being in the parishes of Llangeview and Llangwm, and containing by ad- measurement 34a. 2r. 14p., or thereabouts, now in the occupation of Mr. Cradoc Gwynne Watkins, who is the part proprietor thereof. These Lands are in a good state of cultivation, and on the New House estate there is a valuable Coppice Wood now nearly fit to cut. The property may be viewed on application to the respective occu- piers. Further particulars may be obtained from Messrs. WADDINGTON and GUSTARD, Solicitors, Usk. Usk, 1st September, 1866. RAMS FOR SALE. MR< JAMES GRAHAM, Junr., will SELL bv PUBLIC AUCTION, at the Uss M0*xHj.r MAKREX, September Urd; 1866, very superior long- woolled yearling RAMS, the property of Mr. Peter Marfell, Cwm Farm. Sale at 11.30 a.m. Dated, 30th August, 1866. GAME. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that the GAME on His GRAUE THE DUKE OF BEAC:FORT'S under- mentioned Properties is strictly Preserved :—Namely, in the Parishes of Raglan, Llandenny, Itton, and Trelleck's Grange in the Woods called Wentwood, Chepstow Park, Veddw, Cefngarrow, Gethly, Suck- pant, Ravensnest and Purcas-also, in the Upper Hale and Glyn Woods and Meadows adjoining, in the Parishes of Llandogo and Penalt, on the Bailey Pit Farm and Woods in the Parish of Monmouth, and Trecastle Farm in Llangoven. The Tenants and Woodwards are particularly re- quested to see that all parties Sporting on His Grace's Estates confine themselves to the Districts stated in the Cards, which must be of this year's date, as those previously issued are revoked, and Gentlemen holding Cards are invited to assist as far as possible in the enforcement of these regulations. OSMOND A. WYATT. TROY HOUSE, 14th August, 1866. GAME NOTICE. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the GAME -Ln on TBEWORGAST FARM, in the parishes of Llandenny and Raglan, is STRICTLY PRE- SERVED, and all persons pursuing the same will be treated as trespassers. Signed, THOMAS BIGHAM. Tr eworgan, August 16th, 1866. GAME NOTICE. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the GAME on land in the occupation of Mr. Edward Wil- liams, in the parish of Llantrissent, is STRICTLY PRESERVED, and all persons pursuing the same I will be treated as trespassers. Signed, THOMAS BIGHAM. Treworgan, August 16th, 1866. GAME.—NOTICE is hereby given that the Game G on all the Lands and Woods in my occupatio n, in the parish of Llangeview and elsewheie, is PR E- SERVED, and any person found trespassing will "be prosecuted. THOMAS JAMES. GAME NOTICE. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that the GAME on all lands belonging to WILLIAM BLOWEB, SARAH BLOWER, and MARTHA BLOWER, situated in the hamlet of Gwehelog-, and also iu Llangwm Ucha, is STRICTLY PRESERVED. (Signed) MARTHA BLOWER. Brook Villa, Tintern, August 30th, 1866. NOT IC E— The GAME is STRICTLY PRESERVED on Llanlleeha Farm, in the parish of Tredunnock, and any peraon found Tres- passing will be prosecuted. (Signed) RICHARD WILLIAMS. IS HEREBY GIVEN", that any persons V>f n OLlnr* TRESPASSING on Altabilla Land in pursuit ame or Nutting will be treated as trespassers. (Signed) JOHN DAVIES. Altabilla, August 29th, 1866. I THE CROWN XIOTIEIL, RAGLAN- TO TOVRISTS, EXCURSIONISTS, AND OTHERS. JOSEPH ELEY having succeeded Mrs. Holmes, at the above well-known Old-Established House, solicits tj the public for a continuance of the patronage which has been so liberally bestowed upon his predecessor -to merit which he will devote every effort. Home-Brewed Ales, Allsopps and Bass's Ditto, and Dublin Stout on draught and in bottle. Foreign WinesandSpirits.&c. Pic.Nic and Excursion Parties supplied with Refreshments upon the most liberal terms, and at tlie shortest notice. Every accommodation for Tourists. VI ell Aired Beds. Good Stabling. &c. ME. C. A. COURT, (Tate Court & Son,) AUC- TIONEER, TIMBER SURVEYOR, & GENERAL VALBER. Agent and Inspector for the Scottish Union lave Stock, Fire, and Life Insurance Company, &c. MONEY ADVANCED on any property consigned to him for sale, or the whole effects of a house purchased by private contract where persons wish to avoid a sale by auction. Office No 1, Monnow-street Monmouth. ¡ MONMOUTH. I Sale of Genteel and Modern Household FURNI- TURE, in Spanish Mahogany and Rosewood, fine- toned Piano-forte, Dessert Service, 30 Oil Paintings, Engravings, 150 Volumes of Books, Plated Articles, &c., which MR. C. A. COURT (late Court and Son) is favored with instructions to SELL by AUCTION, in the BOROUGH COURT (removed for convenience of sale), On Wednesday, August 29th, 1866. Sale to Commence at Two o'Cloek. Particulars in Posters. fjpIIE HIGHWAY BOARD of the ABERGA- IL VENNNY DISTRICT hereby give NOTICE that I on the Fifteenth day of October next application will be made to Her Majesty's Justice" of the Peace assembled at QuarterJSessions in and for the County of Monmouth, at Usk, in the same County, for an order for entirely stopping up as unnecessary a certain useless Footway in the Parish of Aberga- venny, in the said County, leading from and com- mencing at the Brooks Lane, near the entrance gate of the Brooks Farm, along, across, and over a certain meadow of Mr. William Lewis, and two other mea- dows of James Charles Hill, Esquire, numbered res- pectively 261, 243, and 242, on the Tithe Apportion- ment Map of the said Parish of Abergavenny, and ter- minating at the Turnpike Road leading from Aberga- gavenny to Brecon, at a point apposite or near to the .house'"and premises callecf The Knoll, iu the plan at the said Footway, uill be lodged with the Clerk of the Peace for the said County, on the Fifteenth day of September next. By Order of the said Highway Board, this 14th day of August, 1866. JAMES H. FARQUHAR, Clerk to the said Board. SOVEREIGN LIFE OFFICE, 0 Established 20 Years, At 48, ST. JAMES'S-STREET, LONDON. Annual Income, £ 100,000. ACTIVE AGENTS WANTED IN THIS LOCALITY. H. D. DAVENPORT, Secretary. Thomas's Emulsion of Syrups, OR PECTORAL COUGH DROPS, FOR coughs, colds, influenza, hoarseness, hoop- ing cough, difficulty of breathing, asthma, and affec- tions of the pulmonary organs generally. The great demand for this truly valuable Syrup is a sufficient proof of its efficacy, and renders it unnecessary for the proprietor to urge its numerous advantages; suffice it to say that it is composed of the active properties of herbs, roots, and balsams, in a concentrated form, and possesses great soothing and healing properties. From its agreeable taste it may be easily administered to children, and is not un- acceptable to adults who have an aversion to medicine. Sold in bottles at nd., Is. Hd., and 2s. 9d. each, by the 2 proprietor—T. RODERICK, Chemist, Pontypool; and most ;hemists and medicine vendors. Blaenavon—J. J. Jones, High-street; Usk- J H. Clark; Monmouth-W. Spencer; Abergavenny-J. Watkins, &c. Bayley's Tonic, Aperient, & Purifying FAMILY PILLS. EOR bilious and liver complaints, indigestion, sick headache, loss of appetite, heartburn, nervousness impurivies of the blood, and other ailments arising from a disordered state of the stomach and bowels. These vege- table pi lis are particularly recommended for general use :and only require to be tried to prove their great efficacy: Being mild in their action they are invaluable to families, and may be taken at any time without interfering with i ordinary engagements. Sold in boxes at 7id„ Is. ljd., and 2s. 9d. each; or free by post for 8, 14, or 33 stamps. Prepared only by T. RODERICK, Chemist, Pontypool; and sold by most medicine vendors, and agents for Thomas's Emulsion ot Syrups. PONTYPOOL AND j GORRELL'S :j Manufactories j A EE n°w Replete I X rr 11 with every article in the lrade, of the best, quality and workmanship and at reduced prices. Leather Mill Bands for all kinds of Machinery on the shortest notice. Colliery Proprietors Contracted with for Saddlery. Horse Clothing and Rugs, London Whips, Bits, and Spurs. Satchels, Ladies' Bags, Portmanteaus, &c. Compe- te mt Workmen sent to all parts of the country on the sb o''tcst notice. True Ivorites. THE ANNIVERSARY of the SAINT DAVID'S PHITJANTHKOFIC LODGE, of the above Order, will be held at the CROSS KEYS INN, Usx, on WEDNESDAY nex .t, the 5th of SEPTEMBER, when the members will be 1 !iappy to have the company at Dinner of any frie Dds who may be disposed to join them. A BALL wiiL be hold in the evening. GREAT WESTERN RAILWAY. 'WORCESTER MUSICAL FESTIVAL. Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, SEPTEMBER 11,12, lS, and 14, 1866, ORDINARY RETUFIN TICKETS from all Great Western Stations to WoitCESTBK, issued on MON- DAY, SEPTEMBER 10th, and fallowing days will be available for Return up to and^nclusive of SATURDAY, 15th SEPTEMBER. FIRST & SECOND CLASS RETURN TICKETS At SINGLE FARES for the DOUBLE JOURNEY Will be issued on each day of the Festival (available for the day of issue only) jay the ordinary train leaving Hereford at 8.20 a.m. and intermediate sta- tions to Worcester, as per <time bill. Also from Cardiff, 6,50 a.m., and intermediate stations to New- port Newport, 7.25 a.m., anil intermediate stations to Hereford. Passengers from these stations must return by the 5.55 p.m. and 6.20 p.m. trains from Worcester. Return Tickets at Single First and Second Class Fares will be issued to Performers on Monday, September 10th, and following days, and will be available for the Return Journ.ey up to Saturday, the 15th of September, inclusive. These tickets will only be granted on production of an orchestral ticket signed by Mr. W. DONE. J. GRIERSON, General Manager. Paddington, August, 1866. The South Wales fCoal Company BEG to inform their friends and the public that on and after the First qay of September next the prices for their House Co$Lwill be, at Usk Station Wharf per ton. Kaglan-Road di/io MonmowiiuSlati^ditto 12s. „ Terms: Cash oi. Delivery' SiaBjwCTwe-per ton will be changed on all coal had on credit, if not paid for on the day of delivery. August 23, 1866. 4 The Abertillery Red Ash Coal Company BEG to inform, their friends, and the public that on and after the First of September next the prices for their House Coal will be, at the Usk Station Wharf j.lis. per ton. Raglan Road ditto C. 12s. „ Monmouth Station ditto 12s „ Terms: Cash on delivery. Sixpence per ton will be chalrged en all coal had on credit, if not paid for onfhe day of delivery. August 23, 1866. r MESSRS. JONES AND PARKER, COAL MERCHANTS, BEG to inform their frient|6 and the public that on and after the First of September next the prices for their House Coal will be, at the Usk Station Wharf lis. per ton, Raglan Road ditto. J, 12s. „ Monmouth Station ditto?,, •••• 12s. „ Terms: Cash oil Delivery. Sixpence per ton will be chfrged on all coal had on credit, if not paid for on|the day of delivery. August 23,1866. J I MONE-Y TO LEND^T^RADES- MEN, FARMERS,$OTHERS.—MONEY immediately advanced on gdod personal security, or Leasehold, Copyhold, and freehold Property, from £ 50 to £ 5000, at 5 per cei|b interest. Upwards of five hundred thousand pounds have already been advanced.-Apply to Air.,I- C. JOHNS, Licensed Appraiser and House Ageift, Prospect Place, Stow Hill, Newport, Mon., (opposite the New Presbyterian Chapel), or to Mr. C. J. K, JACKSON, Auctioneer, &c., 5, Cambria Place, Aljbion Road, Pontypool. Money also advanced on alII kinds of property, fur- niture, and effects, intended for sale by auction. N.B.—All applications by |>ost to contain 4 stamps for reply. Usk Farmers' Club. A MEETING of the COMMITTEE of the Usk Farmers' Club will [$>0 held at the THREE SALMONS HOTEL, on Friday!, the 6th of SEPTEMBER, 1866, at 6.30 p.m., for the purpose of drawing up a List of Prizes, and making arrangements for the next Annual Meeting. J. H. CLARK, HON. SEC. Usk, August 30, 1866. Loyal Cwmcarvan Lodge, Of the PHILANTliliopIC INSTITUTION (N.U.) rpiIE ANNUAL DINNER, and PIC-NIO will i take place at the MON^IOUX'HSIIIBE HOUSE, MITCHKLTKOY, on MONDAY, SEPTBMBEB iOth, 1866. Tickets, 2s. 6d. each. A Grand Cricket Match WILL be Played at MONMOUTH, on the 12th TT and 13tli of SEPTEMBER, between Eleven Gentlemen players, including the Messrs. GRACE,— and Twenty-two of the Agincourt Club and district. Wickets will be pitched each day at 1U.30. TTTAlSlED, a PONY, thorough-bred, 13 hands TTTAlSlED, a PONY, thorough-bred, 13 hands f high, to draw either in single or double harness, high on withers, and not underiour vears old. Two weecs trial will be icquired. Apply at the VICARAGE, Raglan. 1 k ORDER OF COUNCIL. AT COUNCIL CHAMBER, WHITEHALL, The 8th day of August, 1866. By the Lords of Her Majesty's Most Honourable Privy Council. PRESENT: I LORD PRESIDENT. Mr. Secretary WALPOLE Mr. WADDINGTON. WHERE \S by an Act passed in the session of t the eleventh and twelfth years of Her present 1 Majesty's reign, chapter one hundred and. seven, I intituled An Act to prevent until the first day of September, one thousand eight hundred and fifty, and to the end of the then session of Parliament, ( the spreading of contagious or infectious disorders among sheep, cattle, and other animals," and from time to time continued by divers subsequent Acts, ] and lastly by an Act passed in the session of the twenty-eighth and twenty-ninth years of the reign of Her present Majesty, chapter one hundred and nineteen, it is (amongst other things) enacted, that it shall be lawful for the Lords and others of Her Majesty's Privy Council, or any two or more of them, from time to time to make such Orders and Regulations as to them may seem necessary for the purpose of prohibiting or regulating the removal to or from such parts or places as they may designate in such Order or Orders of sheep, cattle, horses, swine, ur other animals, or of meat, skins, hides, horns, hoofs, or other parts of any animals, or of hay, straw, fodder, or other articles likely to pro- pagate infection, and to make any other Orders or Regulations for the purpose of giving effect to the provisions of the said Act, and again to revoke, alter, or vary any such Otders or Regulations; and that all provisions for any of the purposes aforesaid in any such Order or Orders contained shall have' the like force and effect as if the same had been 1 inserted in the said Act: 1 And whereas the said Act has been amended and explained by an Act passed in the twenty-ninth year ] of Her present Majesty's reign, intituled An Act to amend the Act of:the eleventh and twelfth years of Her present Majesty, chapter one hundred and seven, to prevent the spreading of contagious or infectious disorders among sheep, cattle, and other animals." And whereas divers Orders have been made by the Lords of the said Council in relation to the Cattle Plague, which were consolidated and amended by an Order bearing date the 24th day of March last, which Order has been altered and extended by subsequent Orders: And whereas provisions are contained in the said Order of the Privy Council, bearing date the 24th day of March last, to regulate the movement of cattle on any highway, and such movement without a licence as therein referred to and described in the schedule thereto annexed is prohibited, except for a distance not exceeding 500 yards from one part of the same farm to the other And whereas it is expedient that the forms of licence set forth in the schedule to the said Order should be altered, and also that certain provisions should be made in respect of sheep and lambs, and that certain of the said Orders should be explained Now, therefore, the Lords of the said Council do hereby order as follows Art. 1. From and after the 12th day of August one thousand eight hundred and sixty-six, so much of the said Order of the 24th March, 1866, as con- tains the forms of licence to be given for moving cattle shall be rescinded, and the following forms shall be substituted, and shall be applicable to the following animals, viz., bulls, bullocks, cows, oxen, heifers, calves, sheep, and iambs. A. Fat Stock Licence. I, A.B., of (a) hereby license the removal of the undermentioned animals marked with the letter X (b), from the premises of of in the county or borough of to (c) at in the county or borough of such animals to proceed as follows (d) And I grant this licence after satisfying myself that the said premises are not within an infected place, and that no case of Cattle Plague has existed on the said premises [or within one mile of the outward boundary of such premises] within twenty-eight days immediately pre- ceding the date of this license; and that the said animals have been on the said premises for the said period of twenty-eight days (e). This license shall be in force for three days, from and no longer, and no animal can be moved under it, on any high- way, between sunset and sunrise. Dated this day of 1866. Description of Cattle. Breed Age __I I (Signed) ——————————— (a) This licence may be granted by the Local Authority of the place from which the animals are removed, or any person appointed by such Local Authority to grant such licence. (b) The cattle must be marked with the letter X on the hind quarteij. licensed market or place of slaughter, &c. ,/) Describe route. The highway, if the animals proceed by highway, must not pass through, or within a mile of, the out- ward boundary of any "Infected Place," except to enter an in- fected district in which they are to be slaughtered. (Tin the case of cattle landed in any place in England from Ireland, the certificate of the Local Authority that such cattle are free from disease, shall be accepted by the person authorised to grant this licence as sufficient for the purpose of granting such license. B. Store Stock Licence. I of in the of one of Her Majesty's Justices of the Peace having jurisdic- tion in the place from which it is proposed to move the animals described and marked as below, having satisfied myself of the correctness of the declaration i annexed hereto, hereby license the person under mentioned, being the seller or owner thereof to move > the said animals from to by the 3 under-mentioned route, provided that the said animals shall not be driven through auy "Infeeted Place," or within one mile of the outward boundary of such place. Dated this day of 1866. Num ber, Name Name & address of Descrip- and Route the buyer, owner, or Name tion, and Address person to whose pre- Mark of mises the animal is of the seller or Taken. to be sent for Drover. Animal. owner. breeding purposes. of the | seller or Taken. to be sent for Drover. Animal. owner. breeding purposes. From Through I Through I To This licence shall be available for six days from the date hereof, and no longer. But no animal can be moved under it, upon any highway, between sun- rise and sunset. C. Declaration of Owner or his Agent. (a) (To be, annexed to the foregoing Licence, and not detached therefrom.) I, A.B., of in the of do hereby declare that the animals marked (which I have sold) (b) to are free from Cattle Plague, and that no case of Cattle Plague has, within the two months immediately preceding my making this declara- tion, existed upon the premises from which I desire to move such animals, or within two miles of the outward boundary of such premises. And I further declare that the said animals have all of them been on the said premises for 28 days immediately preceding my making this declaration, and have not during that time been in contact with any newly purchased animals. Dated this. day of Signed by [Declarant]. fa) This declaration must be made by the owner, or his agent, n the presence of the Justice. i (i) If the animals are being moved on change of tenancy, or on change of pasture, or from premises in one place to premises in another in the occupation of the same person, insert instead of the words [which I have sold] the words [which I desire to move from to J. If the animals are required to be moved for the purpose of breeding, insert instead of the words [which I have sold] the words [which I desire to send for breeding purposes to .] (c) The occupiers must, if possible, be persons living within two miles distance from the premises of A.B.; if they live at a greater distance than two miles from those premises, the Justice must satisfy himself that they have reasonable means of knowing the truth of the facts which they certify. Certificate to accompany Declaration. We, the undersigned, being each of us occupiers of upwards of 100 acres of land, and living within a. distance of (c) miles of the premises of A.B., have viewed the animals described in his declaration, and to the best of our knowledge certify them to be free from Cattle Plague; and we believe tiaA. the statements .A>L JDI8 A..J&. are correct. Dated this day of 1866. I.J. of 0. K.L. of P. Art. 2. Where animals shall be landed in any place in England from Ireland, there shall be substi- tuted and attached to the licence, in lieu of the decla- ration and certificate aforesaid, a certificate in a form to be prescribed by the Local Authority having jurisdiction in the place where the same shall be landed; such certificate to be to the effect that the animals are free from disease. A Art. 3. Provided that nothing herein contained shall render it illegal to use or act under any licence according to the forms in the said Order of the 24th March 1866 set forth, until the 31st day of August one thousand eight hundred and sixty-six. Art. 4. Any Local authority may make a regulation requiring the delivery of the licence to a police con- Ic stable, or other duly appointed person, at the ultimate destination, in exchange for some document acknow- ledging the receipt to be signed by such policeman or other person, in a form to be settled by such authority. Art. 5. All the regulations and provisions relating to cattle only, contained in the said Order of the 24th March 1866, and in every subsequent Order amend- ing, explaining, and continuing the same, except the Orders herein-after mentioned, and except such regu- lations and provisions as relate to foreign cattle, and cattle brought by sea from any part of the United Kingdom into England, shall, from and after the fif- teenth day of August one thousand eight hundred and sixty-six, apply to sheep and lambs, in the several counties mentioned in the schedule hereunto annexed, and in the counties of cities, or towns, cities, and boroughs therein contained. Art. 6. The Orders, dated as follows, shall be ex- cepted from the operation of this Order :— The Order dated April 14th, 1866 The Orders dated April 27th, 1866, respectively The Orders dated May 5th, May 26th, and May 31st, 1866, respectively; The Orders dated June 7th and 22nd, 1866, respectively The Orders dated July 19th and 31st, 1866, respectively except so far as any provisions contained in such Orders, or any of them, apply to sheep and lambs. Art. 7. In addition to the several parts of animals mentioned in the said Order of the 24th of March, the hair or wool of cattle, sheep, and lambs shall be included. Art. 8. Every regulation made by a Local Autno- rity, in conformity with any Order of the Lords of the Privy Council, where no provision has been made for the publication thereof, shall be published by an advertisement thereof in some newspaper circulating within the county or other place, subject to the jurisdiction of sucn Local Authority. Art. 9. This Order shall be construed along with the said Order of the 24th March last, and all the provisions contained therein relative to the offences for the contravention thereof, and the penalty for the same and otherwise now in force, except so far as they be inconsistent with anything herein con- tained, shall be applied to this Order. Schedule of Counties. ?,hester Lincoln Nottingham Suffolk uainbria^e Essex Northampton Norfolk Somerset (Signed) ARTHUR HELPS. PUBLIC NOTICE. T HEREBY GIVE NOTICE, that I will not be -L answerable for any Debts contracted by my Wife, ELLEN WALTERS, after this date. (Signed) ENOCH WALTERS. Llanover, August 30th, 1866. WANTED, APPRENTICES to the Dress and 1'1' Mantle Making. The Sewing Macluoe taugM. —Apply to Mrs. HOWELLS, 5, Westgafe Taripcc, Abergavenny,