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DEATH OF AN OLD INHABITANT. — The remains of Mr. vJnarles T. Edwards, solicitor, whost- death took place on Sunday week, were borne to their last resting-place at Trevethin Church, "n the Thursday following, atnid the deep regret o' his relatives as well as of numerous friends '"ho attended the funeral. The deceased, who was ahout 68 years of age, was clerk to the Pontypool Turnpike Trust and also to the Local Government Board, and as an old inhabitant was much and deservedly respected. THE LOCAL GOVERNMENT BOARD. — An adjourned meeting ot this body" as neld on Friday, the 10th iust., at which were present: E. B. Edwards, Esq, (chairman), and M ssrs. William Conway, W. G. Golding, — Edward* (draper), R. Greenway, Thomas Roderick, W. Hisktns, J. Bi idon, W. Davies, Alexander Edwards, James Essex, J. Willia ns, M.D., William Thomas, A. Beva i, H. Hollo- way, and William Herbert, It was resolved that the re- port ot the Swimming Bitb Committee be adjourned until this day fortnight, then to be further considered. It was proposed by Mr. Greenway, seconded by Mr. A. Bevan, and unanimously carried that Mr. G. Golding be appointed chairman to conduct the election of eight members, who will be required to take the places of those who will have shortly to retire. Mr. W. Conway proposed that Mr. W. R. Luce, the surveyor, be appointed clerk to the Board, at a salary of £10 a year, in the place of Mr. C. T. Edwards, deceased. The proposition having been seconded, it was carried unanimously. Tue Clerk was directed to call the attention of the Pontypool Turnpike Trust to the condition of the gutter in Trosnant. A request was directed to be made to the Water Works Company to allow the Board water for the flushing of the drains when required. At a meeting of the Drainage Com- mittee, held on the same day, comprising Messrs. John Bladon (chairman),Golding, Hoskins, Bevan, Roderick, and Thomas, tenders were received for the construction of the drain at the back of George-street from the following persons, viz.: William Reece, mason, at 5s. 3d. per yard; Thomas Stone, 5s. 2d.; Abraham Lane,carpenter, 4s. 2d.; and Thomas Morgan," archer," 4s. 6d. per yard. The last- named tender was accepted by the Committee and ratified by the Board. In respect to the election previously ad. verted to, we may state that the Board consists ot twenty- four members, eight of whom retire annually, but are eligible for re-election; and as there are now eight fresh ones nominated, together with tbo eight old ones, it is not unlikely that we shall see a stirring etection on Tuesday, 21st inst, the day appointed for it to take place. TOWN HALL, SATURDAY, before H. M. KENNARD and JOHN THOMPSON, Esqrs. AFFILIATION. — Thomas Williams, Garndiffaitb, was summoned by Leah Lewis for the support of her illegiti- mate chil i, of which she said he was the father. Mr. Greenway appeared for defendant. From comp^lainan st itement it appeared that she was a married worn' > her husband had left her four years since june' hat she had been delivered of a child on i r 1 '65, of which defendant was tbe father, a given I n -t given her anything towards its ^amination her something to destroy the'cbud. | complainant said that she had two children by her hus- band; she dian i go to see her husband when he was in he neighbourhood abou1 two vears « £ o, but 'lid give in- fo motion as t > his whereabout* to tie authorities. As c nno aiinuit's statement was ensir ly uncorroborated 111 every pa ticular, the ease wa* adjourned for a fortnight for the production o luriher evid. nee. PUBLIC-HOUSE OFFENCE —Alice Morgan, Ptnt.,aZue, appeared to » summons charging her, on the information ot P.S. Basharn, with selling beer curing a prohibited hour on Sunday, t >e 22nd ult.. Mr. Alexander Edwards ap- peared for defendant. The officer said that he had seen two men with a pint vessel containing beer before them in the back kitchen of defendant's premises at a prohibited hour at night. The defence was that one of the men was was a traveller, and that the beer had been given to the paries, and not, charged for, by a person who had won a pair of boots in a riffle that had taken place in the house. Mr. Mc.Iritosh deposed that the house was badly con- ducted. The Chair --an said it was a suspicious case, but as the Bench could hardly convict on this occasion they must dismiss it. [There was no police business transacted this day week, owing to the assizes being held at Monmouth.]