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Reform Demonstration in Hyde-park.

The Spread of Cholera.

The Acceptance of the Preliminaries…


The Acceptance of the Preliminaries 0.1. Peace. The Minister of the Interior has transmitted to the Prefect of Police the following note, which has been posted up at the Exchange:— Austria. accepts the preliminaries of peace admitted by Prussia. The plenipotentiaries of these two Powers are assembled at the Prussian head-quarters to nego- tiate an armistice. 11 The definite reply of Italy is expected, who declared she accepted in principle." The mediation of the Emperor has therefore attained the great object it had in view-hostilities are definitely suspended. Tha preliminaries of peace are accepted, and everything gives us reason to anticipate that an agreement will be come to between the belligerent Powers. It is with profound satisfaction that we announce this result. Never did we understand better the evils of war as on seeing them so near us, with all the ex- cesses it provokes and all the sorrows it leaves be. hind. This speedy close of such a bloody war is equally honourable to the conquerors, who have not wished to exaggerate their successes, and to the conquered, who still being able to resist, have sacrificed the bitter re- sentment of defeat; it is especially honourable to the mediator who, to use the just words of M. Rouher, has shown himself as great in his disinterestedness as dis- interested in his greatness. It will be asked, perhaps, what France gains by this peace, which will have the double consequence of satis- fying the aspirations of Italy and realising the ambi- tion of Prussia. We reply that she gains, first of all, peace; that is to say, what best suits her part in the world, and what may be most profitable to civilisation and progress, which she represents in the world. Then she gains the realisation of her programme of 1859-Italy free from the Alps to the Adriatic. The Quadrilateral in the hands of Austria was a permanent menace for the work accomplished by the arms of France, and consequently a cause of perturba- tion in Europe. Italy is free; she is not, however, made; and, as the late M. Billaut said, she needs more than ever to con- solidate herself after having oompleted herself. Struggles are henceforth at an end for her, and it will be her wisdom whioh will insure her reorganisation, by preserving to her in the friendship of France one of the guarantees of the situation in Europe henceforth acquired for her. of the guarantees of the situation in Europe henceforth acquired for her. As for Prussia, it will be the moderation of her pre- tensions which will give peace its true oharaoter.-La France, a French Imperialist paper.



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Sheer Nonsense.

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Humiliating: Meditation.

Rose in the House of Lords.


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