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How the Money Goes.


How the Money Goes. Bismarck may be admirable, but he is expensive. He has cost us half a million already. On Monday the Chancellor of the Exahequer moved that the bill for creating terminable annuities should be relinquished, and X495,000 of the half-million or so set aside for that purpose should be applied to the conversion of Enfields into breech-loaders. There is a further sum, we believe, asked for the construe bion of four immense turreted ships, but Mr. Disraeli was careful to show that he was all for retrenchment. Mr. Gladstone assented to the measure, thought General Peel a little precipitate, and threatened next year to revive the question of liquidating the National Debt. We trust, it he does, it will be out of some fund not included in the estimates, for the House of Commons cannot be Brought permanently to see the propriety of fritter- ing away its means in paying its debts." Englishmen %a tjiey could not help being extravagant. On ha™ p mg t it came out that some of the dockyards mpmuMaMa ^eea with iron, so thick that a Sir Tnfcn T»e?.a11? there offered to repave with anything besides if i8 and save the State £ 100,000 theMrS the existing pavement, and buildinS wi ila0kn°^led«ed that ^9 C0^ <>f boat- gig really costs Stfbuil^and^S^ 22 over andTbove?h« n^-LeDnox' and Co-» for anchors, over ana above the ordinary market price.- Spectator.

Reform Demonstration in Hyde-park.

The Spread of Cholera.

The Acceptance of the Preliminaries…



Love Song.

Sheer Nonsense.

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Humiliating: Meditation.

Rose in the House of Lords.


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