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POLITICAL GOSSIP. THE whitebait have received information that they are required to attend at Greenwich on Saturday, ta meet her Majesty's Ministers at a Ute-a-tste, or many td'l^ll^p'orto3'2fn wsTI-rnTdrmea circles that the barter offered to and gratefully declined by the Earl of Lons- dale will be given to the Duke of Richmond. Every Duke of Eichmond from the first masJe by Charles II. has enjoyed this distinction. IT is said that the Hon. Francis Lawley, who was the Times correspondent in the Southern States dur- ing the war, and was previously private secretary to Mr. Gladstone, has joined the staff of an influential journal of advanced Liberal opinions, to which he contributes a leading article daily. MR. BEALES, prior to starting on his grand demo- cratic promenade, was advised to take care of his watch and leave it behind him. His reply was noble and worthy of a patriot. He trusted in the integrity of his political supporters who surrounded him. He had not proceeded 200 before he was minus his watcb. THE King of Hanover has sent his coat and trousers to the Museum of Hanover which he wore at the battle of Langensalza. The only remark the suit can evoke is, There's nothing in it." Babies in Hanover born on that day are requested to permit themselves to be christened Langensalza. THE Queen of Spain has put a little gilt on the bitter pill which the new Ministry has prepared for the people by ordering the taxes to be paid six months in antioi- pation. Her Majeaty wjahes to share the sacrifices made, lhfal subjects," and has therefore directed that the taxes on the private property of the Crown shall be paid in advance. the Post-office has been singularly exhibited. By the universally-ex- pressed[wishof the inhabitants of Eridge-green, near Tnnbridge, the postman, who has a daily walk of some 20 mil.el' 5™ been reheved fr0m the Sunday but with the announcement of this favour is a declara- tion to the effect that his pay (if pay can oane(j\ is to be diminished by one shilling per week, although he has, of course, still to deliver the same number of A little bill at the last election for Warwick was the subject of an action at law last week. The pub- lican who sued the candidate, Mr. Greaves, claimed £ 52, he having been paid £ 45 and he alleged Sat a meeting 300 people attended, and "That79 bottles of port, 48 bottles of sherry, 30 brandies, 23 gins 16 rums, 14 whiskies, 56 cigars, 47 screws of'tobacco, and 11 quarts of ale were consumed the whole amounting in value to £ 49 17a. 5d. he damages to the room brought the bill up to about £ 5^ There was a good defence, but plaintiff got a verdict for £ 23. g IT will be learned with very sincere regret that the Right Hon. Mr. Brand 13 suffering under severe in- dieposition. Some few weeks ago he was compelled by an attack of erysipelas to absent himself for some days from his Parliamentary duties. On his resumption of those duties before complete recovery he was again attacked by indisposition, and we learn that yielding to the counsel of his medical adviser, he is about to proceed at once to Aix-la-Chapelle, to take the benefit of its waters and the change of air. Mr. Brand was evidently labouring under serious indisposition whilst attending the Liberal JSte at Lewes, on Thursday-in f2t he was totally unfit to undergo the fatigue, but S the ''bTt0ee "S he determined to make the effort, ihe speedy return of the risjht hon. gentleman, in restored health and strength, ^will be haUed by all hia w ever shade of politics—with sincer p • THE members for the borough of M y > • Harvey Lewis and Mr. Thos. Chambers, Q.C., the Marylebone Representative Council last the purpose of paying their respects, and to P. the position of various matters which had Parliament during the session. Both hon. roembe referred to the successful defeat of Sir Thos. Mary Wilson's Settled Estates Bill, which would encroach upon Hampstead-heath. With regard to the rUDiio Health and Artisans' Dwellings Bills, many important clauses had been objected to by Marylebone and other local boards, and they not only entirely concurred in -the objections to making the police sanitary inspectors, but to other clauses which were of such an unconsti- tutional character that they were happy to say that members of the late as well as the present Government had admitted it, and they believed that the amend- ments of which they had given notice would be oarried. The compulsory clauses of the New Vaccination Bill also required very great attention, and would have it at their hands. After referring to the vast assistance they had received from the local boards and from their officers, the members sat down amid loud ap- plause. The Rev. E. J. P. Eyre moved, and Professor Marks seconded, a cordial vote of thanks to the borough members, who briefly acknowledged the com- pliment, and the proceedings closed.


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