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Llanbaddock, Monmouthshire. Within Two Miles of the Town ofUsk. TAMES GRAHAM, Jun., has been honored with instructions to SELL by PUBLIC AUCTION, at the THREE SALMONS HOTEL, USE, On Friday, the 17 th day of August, 1866, At Two o'clock in the afternoon, All that very Valuable FREEHOLD ESTATE, known as the HELMAEN" Farm, situate in the parish of Llanbaddock, and county of Monmouth, and containing by admeasurement 24a. Or. 3tip., (more or less) of rich, fertile, Pasture Land. This most desirable property, adjoining the turn- pike road leading from Usk to Newport, and within two miles of the former town, is for its eligible posi- tion and picturesque scenery, unequalled by any in the county. Occupying a gentle and pleasant eleva- tion, it commands a most extensive, varied, and magnificent view of the vale of the Usk with the charming meanderings of that beautiful river. There is a substantial and comfortable residence, prettily located in a level garden also a small farm house, with suitable outbuildings. A pack of hounds is kept within a mile oftho place, and first-class salmon and trout fishing can be had ad libitum. The estate is entirely encircled by a ring fence, i& in a high state of cultivation, and has a small orchard stocked with choice young fruit trees. Skirting an excellent road, within view of, and at an easy distance from, the vil- lage church, and possessing the facilities of railway communication with every part of the country, the Helmaen forms a most choice and delightful residen- tial property, which must be seen to be properly ap- preciated. Full particulars with lithographic plans may be had on application to James Bretherton, Esq., Soli- citor, Gloucester, or the Auctioneer, at his Office, in Monmouth. Dated, Monmouth, 1st August, 1866. Llanbaddock, Monmouthshire. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, BY JAMES GRAHAM, Jun., at the THREE SALMONS HOTEL, USK, On Friday, the 17tlt day of August, 1866, At Two o'clock in the afternoon, Lot I.-All that FREEHOLD MESSUAGE or TENEMENT, with the Outbuildings, Yard, Gar- den, and four several closes of Arable, Meadow, and Pasture Ground, and Orcharding, thereunto ad'oining and belonging, containing together Ga. Ir. 15p, called PEN THE WAIN," now in the rental of £ 10 0s. Lot 2.-All that Freehold COPPICE WOOD, called COED NORMAN," with the Timber growing thereon, containing 6a. Or. 2p. The above properties are situate in the parish of Llanbaddock, in the county of Monmouth, about three miles from the town of Usk, and offer safe and secure investments to the small capitalist. The coppice, which is of ten years' growth, would no doubt, when cut and sold at maturity, repay the purchaser the cost of the fee simple. For further information apply to James Bretherton, Esq., solicitor, Gloucester, D. E. Partridge, Esq., solicitor, Usk, or the Auctioneer, at his Office, in Monmouth. MONMOUTHSHIRE. A very compact and desirable FREEHOLD ES- TATE for Sale by Public Auction, lying near the Turnpike Road from Newport to Usk. MR. THOMAS LEWIS is instructed by the Executors of the late I. HILEY, Esq., to submit to PUBLIC COMPETITION, at the WESTGATE -tiOTEL, NEWPORT, On Wednesday, August 8th, IS6ti, At Three for Four o'clock punctually (subject to such conditions as will be then read), all that valuable FREEHOLD ESTATE, sifua-e 'n the parishes of an!le^noek and Llangattock-Caer- irlcb°;j d'p"s.'b0ut 61 A«res of r rp«irlpiipo as^ure and Arable Land, with orehard- "nUvoi IhpTf out-b»ildings; distant about six n 1 sh ZL ouM ?rVShinS town roT Caorl °f NewP°''t. ttve from Usk, and three trom caerluon, anrl v Pontypool and Abergavenny 1 dlSta'1Ce °f The estate is abundantly supplied with pure sprint water, and a fine runnin" ti-nnt BlJll"g « i i-li t the nrfmprtv • stream teeming with fish skuta thtpioperty: gam,. 1S alsQ nuinprous. two packs of hounds hunt the neio.],iln;V' i ,i land is bounded by the property 0f C Nich W,' Jj J. James, Esqrs.; the i, pSSS lovely and pic uresque scenery; and this freehold property is well worthy the attention of capitaUsK t gentlemen fond of sport and country life. The Timber on the estate to be taken at a valu- ation. The tenant, Mr. Harris, who has occupied the farm for the last 18 years, will kindly show the pro- pei't.V. • Particulars and plans are being prepared, and may be had seven days previous to day Of sale, at the Three Salmons, Usk Crown, Pontypool; Westgate Hotel, Newport; J. D. Pain, Esq., Solicitor, New- port; B. Lawrence, Esq., Surveyor, Newport; or of the AUCTIONEER, Cheltenham. N.B.—A portion of the purchase money (if re- quired) may remain on mortgage for a term of years. MR. C. A. COURT, (late Court & Son ) AUC- TIONEER, TIMBER SURVEYOR, & GENERAL VALUER. Agent and Inspector for the Scottish Union Lire Stock, Fire, and Life Insurance Company, &c. MONEY ADVANCED on auv property consigned to him for sale, or the whole effects of a house purchased by private contract where persons wish to avoid a sale by auction. Oflice No 1, Momiow-street Monmouth. WANTED, a Steady MAN to drive a six Horse- power Steam Threshing Machine. Good wages given.—Apply to Mr. WILLIAM LLOYD, Cefn Coch, Raglan, Mon. WANTED, APPRENTICES to the Dress and Mantle Making. The Sewing Machine taught. -Apply to Mrs. HOWELLS, 5, Westgate Terrace, Abergavenny, E A M E S TAILOR AND WOOLLEN DRAPER, ABERGAVENNY, BEGS to announce the arrival of his NEW GOODS, adapted for SPRING JD and SUMMER wear, which he assures his friends and the public generally e-innot be surpassed by any house in the kingdom for quality and style. Every article charged at the lowest,tremuneratlve price. FISHING SUITS (a variety of patterns), from 50s. FISHING STOCKINGS from 16s. FISHING —I BAGS, &c. TBCIE CROWH HOTEL, SAGLAN". TO TOURISTS, EXCURSIONISTS, AND OTHERS. JOSEPH ELEY having succeeded Mrs. Holmes, at the above well. known Old-Established House, solicits U the public for a continuance of the patronage which has been so liberally bestowed upon his predecessor -to merit which he will devote every effort. Home-Brewed Ales, Allsopps and Bass's Ditto, and Dublin Stout on draught and in bottle. Foreign Wines and Spirits, &c. Pic-Nic and Excursion Parties supplied with Refreshments upon the most liberal terms, and at the shortest notice. Every accommodation for Tourists. Well Aired Beds. Good Stabling, &c. STEAM C U L T IVATIO N. MONMOUTHSHIRE. JJOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that on THURSDAY, AUGUST 16th, 1866, A. PUBLIC TBIAL Of THREE of the HEREFORDSHIRE STEAM CULTIVATING, THRESHING, and GENERAL IMPLEMENT CO.'S ENGINES and MACHINERY, Will take place (weather permitting) on the Farm of Mr. Watkins, Llanvair, in a FIELD ADJOINING the USK and ABERGAVENNY TURNPIKE ROAD, and lying midway between the two towns. The pair of Engines, "DOWNTON" and PERRYSTONE," will break up Clover-ley to a great depth with HOWARD'S CULTIVATOR. F The other Engine, "TALPA," will drive the Company's Improved Combined Threshing, Dressing, Grinding, and Straw Elevating Machinery. These Engines move themselves and the whole of the Tackle from field to field and from farm to farm, without the aid of horse power. A LUNCHEON will be provided by Mr. Morgan, Angel Hotel, Abergavenny, in a tent on or adjoining the Field, at which ^VILLIAJVI HERBERT, Esq., Clytha, has kindly consented to preside. Tickets (exclusive of wine, &c.), 2s. each. v Omnibuses will run from Abergavenny, Usk, and Monmouth, to the ground; and the Penpergwm Station is within easy distance. The object of this Public Trial is to raise Capital for a Pair of Engines and complete Set of Tackle, for the exclusive use of the District, on the following terms, viz.:— (Extract from last Half-year's Report of the Company.) It is the ultimate object of the Directors to supply any District in Herefordshire, or the adjoining Counties, where ±<1,IRX) Capital can be raised, with a pair of Engines and a complete Set of Machinery. Ihe necessary £ 1,000 being raised, all further trouble and responsibilit.v, in prcijadjfl&^aisd^nianaging the machinery and men, will be. taken..<•>«.v-u. at the Board. ■_ s & The advantages hereby offered to new districts are obvious, as the subscribers not rjnly wve all the pre- li mi nary expenses registration fees, ensure cheaper management, &c., but obtain every advantage for £ 1 000 which they could derive by forming an independent Company with double the Capitftfi" Prospectuses, Half-yearly Reports, &c., together with any information required, måfbe obtained from J. PHILLIPS SMITH, Manager of the Company. Ojices-C 0 R N EXCHANGE CHAMBERS, HEREFORD. N-R* Further particulars, with names of gentlemen forming Local Committee, in future Advertisement TUESDAY NEXT, AUGUST 7TH, 1866, At the Assembly Room, Three Salmons Hotel, Usk. To Private Families, Parties Furnishing, Hote Keepers, and Others. Great Sale of Electro Silver-Plated Goods, 100 dozen sets of Ivory Table and other Cutlery together with upwards of 400 dozen of Table and Dessert Forks, &c., in the most novel designs, executed by first-class workmen, and consigned direct from the Works of Mr. WILLIAM IIORSFALL, 67, Leavy Greave, Sheffield. CORNELIUS EVANS and SON beg to announce \J that they have been favoured with instructions to SELL by PUBLIC AUCTION (principally without reserve), in the above Room, On Tuesday next, August the 7th, 1866, A very choice and beautiful assortment of ELECTRO SILVER-PLATED GOODS, Spoons, Forks, Ivory Table and Dessert Cutlery. iggg* The Auctioneers respectfully solicit the Ladies and Gentlemen of the town and neighbour- hood to inspect the above first-class Goods, in the Morning previous to the commencement of the Sale, ] feeling assured that critical inspection of the rich and beautiful specimens of taste and skill which will be exhibited cannot fail to insure their approval. The whole will be on View. t The above Stock is with confidence recommended by the Auctioneers, the respectability and high standing of the manufacturer, who is consignor, being a guarantee of the quality of the goods. The Sale will commence at Eleven o'Clock in the t Morning, and at Three in the Afternoon, precisely. Orders taken and Estimates given for Re-Plating. BRIDGE STREET, USK. EDWARD thomas,1 (Late II. Williams J CHEMIST DRUGGIST, and PHOTOGRAPHER, Physicians' Prescriptions and Family Recipes care- fully compounded. HORSE and CATTLE MEDICINES. Cigars, Tobacco, Pomades, Perfumery, Combs, „ Brushes, &c. DE VISITS and other Portraits taken daily in the best style of the Art. -1 Two Guineas Reward. L ^ldetCHAmSeiN\S ?i6Tn6* Lady'" appendages Locket, with following gold; hair, engraved "W.R.W."? <t;, Lo?ket> stone, engraved Liz." two'lie™ blood Rudder and one Oar, a Pebble Coa't Stumps, Hall, and Bales) set in cold • 10Xlei* heart-shaped Ornament, set with paste stone,* "a?" person finding the above, will receive the R.GW i' offered, upon bringing them to Mr. John Pritcbarcl Peargoad Farm, Llandenny, or to Mr. Charles Phil' lips, William the Fourth," Newport. THE QUEEN INSURANCE COIPAKI. LONDON OFFICES— QUEEN INSURANCE BUILDINGS, 60, GRACECHURCII-STREET, E.C. AND 13, REGENT STREET, WATERLOO-PLACE, S.W. LIVERPOOL OFFICE QUEEN INSURANCE BUILDINGS, DALE-STREET. The Company is represented by Branch Agencies thron ghout the tlniteu -Kingdom, and in most of tlie Colonies and F >reign Countries. Capital £ 2,000,COO Paid-up 187,C72 Funds in hand, as per last Report 343,413 Fire and Life, Income over 125,00 Dividend paid last year, 10 per cent. FIRE INSURANCES AT THE REDUCED GOVERN- MENT DUTY. RATES OF PREMIUM. Common Insurances Is. Cd. per cert. Household Furniture from Is. 6d. per cert. Hazardous Insurances 2s. 6d. per cent. Shops and Stocks therein from Is. 6d. percent. Doubly Hazardous Insurances ..i 4s. fid. per cent. And Special Insurances according to Risk. ALL RATES OF PREMIUM VERY MODERATE. HOME and FOREIGN FIRE and LIFE INSURANCES of every description. J. MONCRIEFF WILSON, Manager. JOHN E. LEYLAND, Secretary. Applications for Agencies at Home or Abroad to be addressed to either the Liverpool or London Offices. BIUTON MEDICAL AND GENERAL LIFE ASSOCIATION. Chief OtIices-429, STRAND LONDON, "W.O. TRUSTEES. George Barlow, M.D. R Partridge, Esq., F.R.S. Sir J. Duke, Part., Aid., M.P. John Propert, Esq. Sir Chas. Hastings, M.D., W. Tyler Smith, M.D. D.C.L. Francis "VVebb, Esq. DIRECTORS. Chairman of the Board—George H. Barlow, M.D. Deputy-Chairman—Francis Webb, Esq. By the peculiarly equitable manner of dividing the profits, the Policies issued by this Association become payable during the lifetime of the person assuredwithDut extra premium. After having been in force a period of nv<3- years, all policies are absolutely indefeasible and indisputable. Declined and deceased Lives assured at equitable rates. Capital Stock, £ 200,000; Annual Income, £130,001>. Large and increasmp Bonuses. Qualified medical attendants who re named by proposers to this Association are consulted as t e medical ailvisers of the Directors, by whom all mcdical fees arc discharged. Every devaluation of Life Asrauan.ce transacted; terms for wmc])., with detailed prospectuses iuiu every information, may ba had on application to JOHN MEsi-EVT, Actuary and Secretary. TMPERIAL LIFE INSF1UNCE COMPANY", N<>; I, OLD BROAD STREET, LONDON, E.C. T, I^sriTUiU 1S20. ihe distinguishing featuie of this Company is perfect security, ihe amount insured from the commencement exceeds £ 71,500,000 Ihe amount of Claims and returns paid £ 2,300,000 'Ihe Proprietors' Capital' is £ 750,000 Tiie Fund accumulated from Premiums exceeds 10 years of the Premium Income, and 34 per cent, on the Insurances in force. DIRECTORS (1865). Martin Tucker Smith, Esq., M.P., Chairman. Charles Marryatt, Esq., Deputy Chairman. Thomas Geo. Barclay, Esq. •, Samuel Hibbert, Esq. Jerries C. C. Bell, Esq.. Thomas Newman Hunt, Esq. diaries Cave. Esq. v-' James G. Murdoch, Esq. Ed. lienry Chipuian^'Bsq. Frederick Pattison, Esq. Henry Davidson, Esq. G. J. Gray stone Reid, Esq. George Field, Esq. William R. Robinson, Esq. George Hibbert, Esq. James Scott, Esq. AUDITORS. John U. Astell, Esq., M.P. James Brand, Esq. Paul Butler, Ejq. SAMUEL INGALL, Actuary. The Imperial Art Union. jEo,000 FIRST PRIZE, AND UPWARDS OF 1,500 OTHERS IN PAINTINGS, VARYING IN VALUE FROM tl,000, DOWN TO jEa EACH. THIS ART UNION allows all Prizes to be selected i. by Prizeholders themselves, in any part of the Kingdom. Ticket holders or their representatives will be ad- mitted to the Drawing. Subscription Half a Guinea Per Share. Remittances to be made to the Secretary, or any of the Agents, who will also furnish every informa- tion. RICHARD KING, Secretary. Offices, 10, Castle-street, Holborn, London, E.C. N.B.-Agents JVanted on Liberal Terms. References required. Just published, price 3d., or post free for four stamps. LOCAL ANAESTHESIA or, the Total Extinction of Pain in Extractions and other Dental Opera- tions. By A. ESICELL, Surgeon Dentist, 8, Grosvenor- street, W., author of "Dental Surgery, a Practical Treatise," "Pure Dentistry," &c. Simpkin, Marshall, and Co., and all Booksellers. Thomas's Emulsion of Syrups, OR PECTORAL COUGH DROPS, FORcouglis, colds, influenza, hoarseness, hoop- ing cough, difficulty of breathing, asthma, and affec- tions of the pulmonary organs generally. The great demand for this truly valuable Syrup is a sufficient proof of its efficacy, and renders it unnecessary for the proprietor to urge its numerous advantages; suffice it to say that it is composed af the active properties of herbs, roots, and balsams, in a concentrated form, and possesses great soothing and healing properties. From its agreeable taste it may be easily administered to children, and is not un- acceptable to adults who have an aversion to medicine. Sold in bottles at 7|d., Is. L|d., and 2s. 9d. each, by the 2 proprietor—T. RODERICK, Chemist, Pontypool; and most ;hemists and medicine vendors. Blaenavon—J. POPE fiNewport—Thomas J. Jones, High-street; Usk— J H. Clark; Monmouth—W.Spencer; Abergavenny—J. Watkins, &c. Bayley's Tonic, Aperient, & Purifying FAMILY PILLS. Z, FOR bilious and liver complaints, indigestion, SIPK.headache, loss of appetite, heartburn, nervousness. <>f. FB' -W'RFISTY-AI-ID OT&W ANREKIITS arising from a disordered state of the stomach and bowels. These vege- table pi[ls are particularly recommended for general use, and only require to be trisd to prove their great efficacy. Being mild in their action they are invaluable to families, and may be taken at any time without interfering with ordinary engagements. Sold in boxes at 7ad., Is. ltd., and 2s. 9d. each; or free 2 by post for 8, 14, or 33 stamps. Prepared only by T. RODERICK, Chemist, Pontypool; and sold by most medicine vendors, and agents for Thomas's Emulsion 01 Syrups. THE CHAMPIOIT Liver and Stomach Pills. THESE PILLS are compounded from the T recipe of one of the most eminent physicians of the present day (who, from purely philanthropic motives- knowing their excellent properties by experience has been induced to give the benefit of them to the public at arge). They are prepared by an able and experienced chemist, and are acknowledged, by the faculty, to be the most valuable medicine for all disorders of the stomach, and derangements of the liver, ever prepared. It is a well-known fact that most of the diseases incident to the human race, arise from a disordered stomach, and irregular state of the bowels, and for want of a suitable remedy, taken in time, thousands of (at first) simple mala. dies, become serious illnesses. To guard against this great evil, and to preserve the blessings of health, these pills are confidently and earnestly recommended. They act generally on the constitution, cleanse the blood of all impurities; regulate the secretions, and give tone to the stomach; correct the morbid condition of the liver, regulate tne bowels, and, by removing all impediments, restore elasticity and vigour to the whole frame. Sold in Boxes (with directions for use) ls.lM, and 7fd, each. (A Saving by taking the Large Size). Sold Wholesale by Messrs. BARCLAY & SON, LONDOIT and Retail by all Medicine Vendors. LOCAL AGENTS: Abergavenny Mr J S Meredith, Bookseller Mr John Watkins, Druggist Aoersychan Mr E Martin, Druggist Blaenavon Mr J Pope, Druggist Chepstow Mr W E Clark, Bookseller Monmouth Mr. W. Spencer, Druggist. Newport Mr T J Jones, Chemist, High St. Pontypool Mr T Roderick, Druggist. Usk .Mr. J. H. Clark. N.B.-To meet the convenience of persons at a distance, J. H. CLARK, llsk, will forward a box, Free by Post, for fourteen postage stamps. IMPORTANT TO ADVERTISERS.—The « Uss OBSERVER has the LARGEST CIRCULATION in the COUNTY OF MONMOUTH of any Newspaper published.N Ueing^issued M the centre of the County, and widely cir- culated in both the AGRICULTURAL and MINERAL Districts, it is decidedly the best medium for Auctioneers, Soli- citors, Iradesmen and others to make their Notices known to the Inhabitants of Usk, Abergavenny, Ponty- pool, Caerleon, Blaenavon, Raglan and the surrounding Parishes, A Great Quantity for Little Money. 120 Sheets of full-sized Note Paper (id. 100 good Cream Laid Envelopes (id," Post 8vo. Pocket Account Book with 140ruled I pages, bound in parchment, with brass clasp Post 8vo. Pocket Account Book with 200 ruled I pages, Half«-bound strong Foolscap 8vo. oblong metallic Memorandum ) Book, 212 pages, with clasp, pocket, and 9d. pencil Foolscap 8vo. Pocket Account Book, 174 ) 5d. ruled pages, half-bound J Ditto ditto, with clasp. 5d. Pocket Book, with 144 ruled pages, pocket, ) flap, and elastic band > Church Services, with gilt edges and clasp, from 2s. 6d. each. Prajer Books from 6d. each. AT J. H. CLARK'S, BOOKSELLER, USK, | DUTY Paid to Government by the Tire Offices in 1865. (From the Parliamentary Paper.) OFFICES. AMOUNT. £ s. d. Sun.. 154,109 19 5 Liverpool &| L°n„d.0^ 102,285 18 2 and Globe (see also note}) Phoenix 97,586 5 1 Royal 67,884 7 5 Norwich Union. 61,825 0 6 Royal Exchange 60,860 9 8 County.. 55,941 4 1 Alliance.. 50,632 19 8 North British & ) 4Pir- o ln Mercantile J 3 10 Imperial 45,774 5 2 West of England 40,341 1 3 Law.. 33,702 0 10 Atlas. 30,711 14 10 Manchester. 28,304 7 5 London 26,413 12 11. Guardian 25,785 1 8 Scottish Union 23,543 15 1 Union 21,431 7 10 Westminster 21,361 17 8 Northern. 1;,24] 13 11 Yorkshire.. 16813 1 0 Lancashire 16,249 11 6 Commercial Union.. 15,769 14 8 General 14,040 0 2 Queen 14,165 140 Kent 11,911 1/ 4 Birmingham 11,828 2 1 Caledonian. 11,518 6 11 London & Lan- cashire 10,046 12 2 RoyalFanners. 9,371 11 8 Scottish Provin. cial 9,048 19 7 Law Union 8,277 5 5 Provincial. 6,997 3 4 OFFICES. AMOUNT. JE s. d. Hand in Hand 6,864 12 0 Scottish National 5,915 9 2 Esssex & Suffolk 5,429 15 7 Church of Eng- land 4,473 19 10 National of Ire- land 4,219 11 11 Midland Counties 3,885 4 8 Patriotic.. 3,589 6 9 Western 3,513 3 3 Nottingham and Derbyshire 3,449 18 1 Salop 3,385 13 6 European 2,647 17 4 Norwich Equit- able 2,486 7 2 Shropshire and North Wales 1,644 7 9 Birmingham Al- liance 1,506 0 0 Scottish 1,467 0 0 Albert 1,417 0 10 Home & Colonial 1,267 9 9 London & South- v,ark 1,250 5 11 Hercules.. 1,068 18 3 British Nation 1,022 19 11 City and County 789 10 1 Emperor 777 12 4 Scottish Com- mercial.. 490 19 4 Prince 467 3 11 Friend in-Need 9.5 4 8 Preserver.. 72 0 7 Netherlands. 45 5 3 V olunteer Service and General 33 9 C Oldham 10 11 3 Stewardson,Dun- lop, & Fenwick 3 2 State.. 1130 Besides the amount above shown, the Liverpool and London and Globe paid to Government a con- siderable proportion of the duty collected in the first quarter of the year (1865) with that for the preceding year (1864). —— The Liverpool and London and Globe Office in- sures upwards of £5,000,000 Sterling upon Farm Produce. MONEY TO LEND.-To TRADES- -ili. MEN, FARMERS, & OTHERS.—MONEY immediately advanced on good personal security, or Leasehold, Copyhold, and Freehold Property, from £ 50 to £5000, at 5 per cent interest. Upwards of five hundred thousand pounds have already been advanced.—Apply to Mr JOHNS, Lfcensed Appraiser and H™ise A p-si>specfc Place, Stow Hill, Newport <ipfig%rew Presbyterian Che uueed on all kinds of prt> pert iuiiuu _.dts, intended for sale by aiio^n.- N.B. ^11 applications by post to contain 4 stamps for reply. IMPORTANT, IP yon want to BORROW MONEY at a cheap and easy rate, go to Mr, W. WILLIAMS, 16, Dock-street, Newport, Mon., and Insure your Life, and he will guarantee that, with approved personal security, you can have any sum from X50 to £ 1,000, for I, 2, 3, 4, or 5 years, repayable by fixed half- yearly or quarterlyinstalments. GREAT WESTERN RAILWAY. Cheap Excursions. AN SATURDAYS, AUGUST lltli, V/ and 25th, and SEPTEMBER 8th and 22nd, a TRAIN will leave Pontypool Road at 4.30 p.m., Pontypool Town 4.35, Crumlin 4.50, Tredegar Junc- tion 5.0, Rhymney Junction 5.10, Llancaich 5.20, Quaker's Yard 5.30, Mountain Ash 5.40, and Aber- dare at 5.59 p.m., for Llanelly, Pembrey, Ferryside, Carmarthen Junction, Carmarthen Town, St. Clears, Whitland, Narberth Road, Clarbeston Road, Haver- fordwest, Johnston, and New Milford (Milford Haven), returning on the following MONDAY, from New Milford at 3.0 p.m. Tickets may be obtained on and after Monday pre- ceding the running of each train. For Fares, and further particulars, see hand-bills. Paddington, June 21st, 1866. A. ^with every article in the Trade, of the best quality and workmanship, and at reduced prices. Leather Mill Bands for all kinds of Machinery on the shortest notice. Colliery Proprietors Contracted with for Saddlery. Horse Clothing and Rugs, London Whips, Bits, and Spurs. Satchels, Ladies' Bags, Portmanteaus, &c. Compe- tent Workmen sent to all parts of the country on the shortest notice. SOVEREIGN LIFE OFFICE, O Established 20 Years, At 48, ST. J.AMES'S-STREET, LONDON. Annual Income, £ 100,000. ACTIVE AGENTS WANTED IN THIS LOCALITY. H-. D. DAVENPORT, Secretary, THE FOLLOWING PERSONS 1 are AGENTS for the USK OBSERVER through whom Papers may be obtained, or Advertise- ments forwarded, Abergavenny Mr Meredith Hanson Mr Griffiths Davies a'r'ft"-MrsEvans Mr Richards, Market Llaliaru/'WW^TT Mersyd<"n..Mx Martin, drug Ti „ k 1rW-Hunt> grocer iettws. Mr Williams g' ,1 'M!fLlewellyn Maenavon..Mr ltees, bookseller -Messrs Mitchell & Co. Caerleon.Ills Thomas, books „ ,H10n Court, Fleet St. Cardiff.Mx Dunmore, books Jaques, 5, Chatham Chepstow.Mx Clark brml-oii -.r Race, Blackfriars » Mr Taylor- 0k!3cller Monmouth..M.T Rees, painter Mr Griffiths Newport.Mrs Read, High SI. Croesnceiloa vrT 1 ■" Mr Johns, Commercial St. Crumlin. US ^«-Mr Weare Dinyestow M gr°cer lJontypool..Mv Hughes, books. omitb. „ Edwards Gon'reii :viorSal1 » Mr Richards, Market Grosnwin U{?T- Pontnewydd Mr Knapp Kiinirw,i Tvr*n?TCe R«tjlan.Mr Jones, grocer II, r Jones Sliirei/eirton.Mr Chas. Jones ■••••Mrs Lewis Tinh-rn Abbey.Mr W Jones ii/Kmie Mr Watkins ;zVeMecA\„J4rs Jones, grocer