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To the Editor of the "USK…


To the Editor of the "USK OBSKRVJBK." SIR,—Perhaps you will kindly permit me to give vent to my miseiy in your columns. Presuming you will acquiesce, I commence my "yarn." Envy is certainly not a very creditable characteristic, but I must plead guilty to possessing such an one; and really I don't know how we-the Tittlebat Tit- mouse's of nOTelistF, and Swells of Punch, at least those who re- side in Usk—can be entirely free from such a passion. Here I am—stuck behind the counter AM. day. vVeU,Xfot course, don't gruuible at that,—although most people have a walk two or three times a day to their meals, while we merely" right about," take two or three rapid strides, and make the most of our allotted tinw-quite regardless of the old couplet given above. But I do grumble being kept there when nearly every young tellow is taking a stroll in the countrv-going fishing, catching a nice trout or so (for our Governor, of course! is that any bait, I wonder ?)—having a game of quoits, or cricket—(usedtobo a rare game of mine, that)—or, chief of all, huutiug up some of the lovely butterflies, who now and then transiently illuminate, the darkness of "our establishment," especially those who keep tumbling in just as we ought to tumble out. Now, there's a young fellow going down street-I can't help envying him not I. He looks so jolly happy and comfortable-doing his" sublime tobacco i" therp, he is off with another now, who has a fishing rod slung across his shoulder-I can't stand it, so I look in the opposite direction, and "heave a bitter sigh." Now, Sir, one thin"-—and I should be the happiest feliow alive: that is, if my empfoycr was to close his shop a little earlier-say a few hours. Surely, in a little place like tins, it could be managed. If unanimity prevail among the tradesmen on this question no loss can possibly occur; and it there should lie one or two who would "decline," I have no doubt the inhabitants would "de- cline" dealing with them. After this-as 1 understand the ques- tion has not hitherto been mooted—I sincerely hope that some of the tradesmen themselves will promptly consider it, and confer such happiness on their assistants as they have little idea of-Dr surely they would have done so sooner. Hoping I have not proved too tedious, I remain, Sir, yours obediently, Usk, July 26th, 1866. AN ASSISTANT [Our correspondent is wrong in stating that the » letter has not hitherto been "mooted." Itha^be^ more than once through our columns—as wei K,.tter of a weekly halt-holiday; but, from t e Mcr de.istanding than now exists amongst he the resuU Qf (he town, nothing has yet been■ dealing with the sub- "mooting.' Ihe only to wait upon the em- jsct would be to lonn u. depu^itio ployeM. U. 0.] ,H„ "USK OBSEiivna."

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