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ABEEGAVENNY. TOWN COMMISSIONERS. On Thursday, the 19th instant, a meeting of this body was held in the Lower Town Hall, when there were present: E. Y. Steele, Esq., (chairman), and Messrs. J. Brown, Jos. Meredith, W. Baber, P. Morgan, I. Isaacs, and Hiley Morgan. THE PAYMENT OF THE SEWERAGE CONTRACTORS. The minutes of the former meeting having been read, The Chairman referred to the subject of the pay- ment for the sewerage works. He said he thought the Commissioners all understood perfectly well how it was that the payment had been delayed, namely, in consequence of the contract not having been signed by the contractors. At the last meeting it had been directed to pay the amount due as soon as the contractors should sign the contract; but since then Mr. Price had written from London to say he had arranged with the contractors all the points in dispute, and that there could therefore be no objec- tion on their part to pay the money. The cheques had accordingly been handed over. Mr. Meredith: Before the contract has actually been signed ? The Chairman said they had all felt it was rather hard on the contractors not to pay them for the work done until the contract had been signed, but as their solicitor had advised this course they had taken it. However, he had received a letter from Mr. Price, However, he had received a letter from Mr. Price, stating that they had agreed on all points in dispute I and therefore they need not longer delay the payment of the cheques. Mr. Rutherford said the deeds had not been en- grossed, and therefore the contract could not be signed. The Chairman remarked that the delay appeared to arise in the office of their own solicitor. Mr. Isaacs was glad the question had been mooted, as an impression appeared to prevail among some people that the contractors had refused to sign the contract on important points, and the present con- versation shewed clearly that such an impression was groundless. The Chairman observed that the original difficulty arose from a misunderstanding between the two solicitors as to the wording of a certain clause in the Act. This occasioned a delay, and in the meantime a great deal of the work had been done-much more than had been paid for. Mr. Morgan was of opinion that the contract AcnUd have been signed before the .vrk i^ Mr. laaavs there was. no need for any apprehension, as there was no question mi would be satisfactorily settled. The Chairman There is no demand for money at present. Mr. Meredith replied that there would be shortly, and he thought before more money was paid the contract ought to be signed. Mr. Isaacs: I think before the next payment is required all will be properly arranged. The Clerk said Mr. Price had stated that the delay had been caused by the contractor's solicitor, and not by him. THE SUHETliS FOR Mil. ELLIS. The Board agreed to accept the offer made by the sureties to pay E [00 in cash on Tuesday, the 24th instant, and £ 100 in the next six months. A street and water rate of Is. 6d. in the pounlo. having been signet', after some unimportant conver- sation, the meeting separated. PETTY SESSIONS, WEDNESDAY, before the Reo;, J- E AKCJUHAK (chairman), C. BAILEY, junior, J. C. HILL, and F. C. H. WILLIAMS, Esqrs. UNLAWFUL POSSESSION OF A GAFF-HOOK.— William Morgan, a lad of about 18 years or age, appeared to answer a summons at the instance of James Martin, river- keeper, for being unlawfully in possession ot a gaff-hook. Complainant deposed that he was a keeper in the employ- ment of Major Gwynne; on Monday, the 16th instaot, as he was coming down the river, near the Mardy, in the parish of Llanwenartb, he saw defendant searching tho bushes; he did not know him then, but after watching him from behind a hedge for about twenty minutes he went up to him and exclaimed, Ah! young man, I have caught, you;" he (complainant) then asked defendant for the "gaff, and he denied having one; he then told defendant to get up off his knees and he (complainant) would see if this were correct or" not; defendant get up and acknowledged having the gaff, and he then handed it over to the keeper; it was the same as now produced; complainant said to him-"You are the person who caught the three salmon the other day?" to which defendant_ answered," Yes," and said be had given one to Mr. Price, of the Manly; defendant offered witness his watch and chain not to say anything of what had occurred, which the latter refused, In answer to Mr. Baker, who appeared for defendant, complainant stated that he believed defendant was the son of Mr. Morgan, of the Lower House, Llanwenartb; he had, when witness saw him, a halter in his hand, but he (witness) could not tell whether he had been taking his father's horses to the field; neither did he know how near Mr. Morgan's land was to the spot »here he first saw defendant; he acquainted Major G wynne with what had happened soon after. Mr. Baker briefly addressed the Bench, stating that the lad had a short, time before foubd the gaff-hook, and was not, aware that it was penal to retain possession ot it. The Bench cautioned defendant, an.1 fined him 20s. and costs. -r< n ASSAULT.—Jane Lewis was charged by Margaret li arreli with an assault. Complainant stated that she defen- dant had apartments in the same aouse; that defendant, on Mondav week, pinched her "cry severely and. ripped her dress. "Elizabeth Grey corroborated this statement, and said defendant was rather in driioi at the time. Jane Ingram, tor defendant, contradicted the statements of the two former witnesses; butstl,id defendant uad only just pushed complainant to get. her up stairs. Defendant was bound over to keep the peace for one month, herself in £10 arid one surety in £ o. STEALING WEARINCr APPAEEL.— Julia Phillips was brought up in custody, charged with stealing certain articles of wearing apparel from Jemima Morgan. Com- plainant, a Welsh woman, who was esxmined through au interpreter, said she Was a widow living at Govilon; defendant went t■> lodge with her ,Ii out, three weeks ago, and left on Saturday week, and after she bad gone she (complainant) missed a bonnet, shawl, pi-ttieuat, &c.; the things produced were her's; complainant was not aware that defendant intended to leave hrr. P.C. James proved to finding the missing articles in defendant's possession, and to apprehending her at Gihvcrr:. Tile prisoner was committed to gaol for three calendar months' with hard labour.






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