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PONTYPOOL. CHAPEL ANNIVEESAKY.—On Sunday last the annual sermons connected with the Zion Chapel were preached therein, by Mr. Starling, of Cardiff, and late of Mr. Spurgeon's College. The collections amounted to about B7. CRICKET,-On the 19th instant a match was played on the Pontymoile ground, between the Abergavenny (Com- mercial) Club and a mixed eleven of Pontypool and neigh- I bourhood. The Abergavenny players were the first to take the bat, and their wickets fell so rapidly before the bowling of Mr. Wiltnott-a bowler whom, we understand, has performed very creditably against an All England tea.m,"—that the whole eleven were only to put together 6 runs, which with byes and wides brought the total score of the innings to only 13. Against this the Pontypool men made 44., and in their second innings the Abergavenny side succeeded in making 36, leaving the Pontypoolians only 6 to win; yet this comparatively easy task (owing to the excellent fielding of their opponent-) cost them a wicket for every run to accomplish; so that on the whole the Abergavenny men made a very creditable appearance, considering the superior force they had to contend against. It is only due to say that the under- band bowling of Mr. T. Evans, on the Abergavenny side, proved but little less effective than that of the great gun" on the other side, whilst that of Mr. Gurney (Pontypool) proved very destructive in the second innings. It will be noticed, as an indication of the sharpness of the contest, that no player on either side attained to double figures, as will be seen by the score, which we append ABERGAVENNY (COMMERCIAL). 1st Innings. 2nd Innings. T. L. Evans, b. "Willmott 0 c. and b. Gurney 0 T. Davies, c. and b. "Wilmott 4 b. Gurney 7 J. Goodwin, b. Wilmott 0 run out 8 W. Powell, run out 0 b. Wilmott 0 G. Ellis, b. "Wilmott 2 b. Gurney 0 R. Jones, c. Wilmott, b. Gurney. 0 b. Gurney 1 B. Phipps, b. Gurney 0 b. Gurney 1 J, Shore, run out 0 c. Wilmott, b. Gurney. 4 J. Harsh, not out 0 b. Wilmott 0 J. Phillips, b. Wilmott 0 l.b.w., b. Gurney 0 J. Harrhy, b. Wilmott 0 not out 3 Byes, 4; wides, 3 7 Byes, 9; leg byes, 1; wides, 2 12 Total 13 36 PONTYPOOL. F. Dawson, b. Evans 1 b. Evans 0 J. Jenkins, b. Goodwin 2 b. Powell 0 J. W. Dawson, b, Evans. 0 J. Gurney, b. Evans 8 run out 0 H. Wilmott, c. Ellis, b. Evans 4 b. Evans 2 R. Essex, c. Jones, b. Evans 5 run out 0 C. Kennedy, run out 6 not out 0 Smails, b. Evans 9 b. Powell 0 A. O. James, c. Marsh, b. Evans. 0 — Edwards, b. Evans 0 A. Goolden, not out 1 not out 3 Byes, 6; leg hyes, 2 8 Wides 1 Total 44 6 TOWN HALL, SATURDAY, before H. M. KENNARD, and JOHN THOMPSON, Esqrs. POCKET PICIUNG.-Ellen Murphy was charged with having stolen a purse containing 18s., the property of John Goby, of Abersychan. Maria Goby, wife of prosecutor, said the prisoner was in her house on the previous nigbt, when she pushed up against her, and immediately after- wards she missed the purse and money from her pocket, and it was afterwards found in the possession of prisoner, by P.C. Keighley.-Sbe was committed to take her trial at the ensuing Assizes. NEGLECTING EMPLOYMENT.—William Saunders, ash- tipper, Abersycban" was charged with an offence of this nature, at the instance of the Ebbw Vale Iron Company Limited, for whom Mr. Greenway appeared.—The case was dismissed. Timothy Hayes pleaded guilty to a similar charge, preferred by the same complainants, Mr. Greenway again appearing.-The defendant was let off on paying 6s. costs. TBESPASS.—Thomas Evans, who did not appear, was charged by Mr. Charles James Parkes, agent to the Lord and Ladies of the Manor, with having committed a tres- pass on their property, at Cwmfrwdwr.—Mr. Alexander Edwards appeared to press the charge.—It seemed de- fendant was found peeling the bark off a holly tree, for the purpose, it was thought, of making bird-lime with it. —He was convicted in the penalty of 40s., including costs. FLITTING. Jonah Webb was summoned by Philip Hambleton, Wain-fellin, for clandestinely removing bis goods, to avoid the payment of 12s. 6d. due for rent.—He was ordered to pay 10s. 6,J. for rent, and 9s. expenses, or be sent to gaol for 14 days. COAL TRESPASS.—Mary Ford appeared at the instance of the Ebbw Vale Iron Company, for having committed an offence of V** the parisK of Panteasue' I?efendaDt taring pleaded guilty, was told by the Bench that the case had been treated as one of trespass, in order to avoid sending her to prison. She was fined 10s., or seven days' imprisonment in default of payment. A DISORDERLY HOUSE.- William England, Bell inn, High-street, Pontypool, was charged, on the information of P.C. Boulton, with having permitted drunkenness and disorderly conduct in his house on the 10th instant.-The Bench thought the case very clearly proved, and convicted defendant in the penalty of 40s., including costs, with an intimation that if he came there again on a similar errand his license would be suspended. A BAKEHOUSE SQUABBLE.—David Ellis was charged with having assaulted Mary Stephens.—Mr. W. H. Lloyd appeared for defendant.—It seemed the parties met in a bakehouse, where a quarrel arose between them, when, as complainant alleged, defendant seized her and threw her over the shafts of a cart.-Conflicting evidence was given, and the Bench considering there was fault on both sides, dismissed the case on defendant paying 19s. costs. A NUISANCE.— William, Whitney was charged with permitting a nuisance on his property, situate on Albion- road, Pontypool.—P.S. Brooke, inspector of nuisances, deposed that the nuisance, for the removal of which he had given defendant notice some months ago, was one of a dangerous nature.—He was ordered to pay 7s. costs, and to remove the nuisance forthwith. ONE AS BAD AS THE OTHER.— Mary Fletcher was charged with having used threats towards Jane Saint, at Pontuewynydd, on Saturday last.—Both parties said they were afraid of the other; and they were, therefore, both bound over to keep the peace, and ordered to pay 5s. 6d. each costs. BEERHOUSB OPPEIICE.—John Jones, Garndiffaith, was charged, on the information of P.C. Badden, with having had his beerhouse open during a prohibited hour on Sunday last.—The case having been proved, defendant was convicted in the mitigated penalty of 10?., including costs. THE TABLES TURNED.- Theophilus Jones was charged by Ellen Morgan with having assaulted her, at Pontnew- ynydd. The Bench thinking that complainant was the aggressor, dismissed the case, and ordered her to pay 7s. costs. AFFILIATION.— William Williams was summoned by Charlotte Jones for the support of her illegitimate child. Defendant acknowledged his paternity, and an order of 2s. 6d. per week, with 15s. BrI. costs, was made upon him, PARENTAL NEGLECT.—Jane Jones, at present residing at Crumlin, appeared to answer a charge of allowing her daughter, aged eight years, to become chargeable to the Pontypool Union. Defendant was told by Mr. E. B. Edwards that the child could not be allowed to remain where she was without her mother, and defendant must either go to her or take he out of the Union. The Bench ultimately made an order to that effect. CHILDRENS' QUARRELS.—Mary Jane Munday and Anne Munday were charged by Mary Watkins with having assaulted her. Defendants were fined 4s. each, including men costs, or seven days imprisonment in default. STEALING A DRESS.—Sarah A. Price was charged with having stolen a dress, the property of David Morgan, Trosnant, Pontypool. It appeared that the dress was missed from prosecutor's house, where prisoner had lodged for a couple of nights, and it was afterwards found in her possession at Crumlin. The prisoner was committed to gaol for one month. THE MONTHS' NOTICE,-Robert C'allaghan, James Williams,David Jonet,and M. Connor, appeared on a charge of leaving their employment at the Blaenavon Iron Works, and on th3 recommendation of the Chairman the case was adjourned for defendants to confer with Messrs. Paton and Smith, the managers of the works, on the subject. ORDER OF PROTECTION.—Ann Christophers, wife of Thomas Christophers, Mamhilad, applied for an order to protect her goods from her husband which was granted. ASSAULT.—Lewis Richards (who did not appeal), was charged by John Price with having assaulted him at Blaenavon. Defendant was convicted in the penalty of 20s. and costs. MONDAY.—Before JOHN THOMPSON, Esq. THE COMMON OFFENCE.—Henry Morris pleaded guilty to having left the employment ot the Ebbw Vale Iron Company fit Abersychan without notice, and was ordered to pay £1 103. costs, and return aud work out bit month's notice. DRUNK AND RIOTOUS.- TYiUiam Davies was charged on the information of Sergeant Brooke with having been drunk and disorderly in Crane-street on the night of Saturday last. Fined 5s.—Jeremiah Desmond pleaded guilty to having been drunk and riotous at Abersychan. Fined 7s. 6d., including costs, or seven days.— William Carnes, Patrick Carnes, and Patrick Keith, were charged with drunken and disorderly conduct, and with having obstructed P.C. Boulton in the discharge of his duty on the night of Saturday last. They were convicted in the penalty of 10s. each, including costs. TUESDAY.—Before the same Magistrate. ANOTHER CAsE.-Phillip Phillips was charged, on the information of P.C. Price, with 1 eing drunk in Trosnant on the previous night. He was fined 5s., including costs.









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