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NEWPORT. TRIENNIAL VISITATION OF THE BISHOP OF LANDAPP. -The Bight Rev. the Lord Bishop of the diocese held his Triennial Visitation at St. Woollos Church, Newport, on Monday last. Prayers were read by the Rev. F. Bedwell, curate. Among the clergy present we observed the following:—Bevds. Chancellor Williams, Bassalleg; W. Williams, rector of Bedwas; K. E". Morgan, perpetual curate of Bedwellty: J. O. Jones, curate Bof Bedwelity, the rector of St. Brides; H. P. Edwards, vicar of Caerleon; E. Turberville Williams, vicar of Caldicot; T. Pope, vicar of Christ church; M. Steele vicar of Caerwent; the Rector of Itton; F. B. Leonard, rector of Kemevs Inferior; E. A. Williams, rector of Llangibbv; T. William?, rector of Llangstone; E. Griffiths, rector of Llaninarfin W. Powell, perpetual curate of Llanvrechva; C. M. Edwards/curate of Cwmbran; W. J. C. Lindsay, rector of Llanvaches; J. Hughes, rector of Llanhilleth; E. John, curate of Llan. hilltth; C. Cooke, rector of Llanvihangel Boggiett, D. Davies, perpetual curate of Llanvihangel Llautarnam; J. E. Jones, perpetual curate of Llanthewy Vach J.P.Clark, Llanvair Kilgeddin; J. Morgan, perpetual curate of Pontnewyndd; W. Davies, Codbrook; perpetual curate of St. James's, Pontypool; W. H. Wrenford, Llanllowell; Chancellor Morgan, rector of Machen E. J. Davies, curate of Machen J. Newman, perpetual curate of Maindee; W. E. Cole, curate of Malpas; S. Evans,'vicar of MarsLtield; W. Jenkins, rector of Michaelstone-vedw; H. J. Evans, curate of Mynyddislwyn; E. J. Clark, curate of Crumlin; T. Lewis Williams, vicar ot Matherne; A. C. Saunders, vicar of Magor: Bees J ones, perpetual curate of Penmaen; J. T. Wrenford, incumbpnt of St. Paul's, Newport; J. Wadsworth, curate of St. Paul's, Newport; S. Fox, incurn. bent of Trinity, Newport; F. Davis, curate ot Trinity, Newport; E F.Lewis, rector ol i ortskewett; W. Phillips, curate of Risca j C. R. Hall, rector of Shirenewton J C. Llewellin, perpetual curate ot 'irevetbin; F:, Bedwell, T. LL Lister, and J. M.Davies, curates of St. Woollos, New- port: J. Beynon, vicar of Wbitson; E. Leigh, perpetual curate of Tredegar; L. T. Bowlands, curate ot lredegar; W HuglieF, curate of Ebbw Vale; W. Evans perpetual curate of Ruvmnev; the Rector of Wolvesnewton, &c His Lordship's charge occupied more than two ana-a-halt hours in delivery. He drew special attention to Howell s School at Llandaff, and said he wished it to be known that day scholars (Ihe number being at present limited to 2o) were now admitted, the terms being 30s. for girls under 12, and 40s. per quarter above that age. He stated that he had no intention of continuing the Divinity School at Abergavenny, which he considered was unnecessary, every facility for students being ubtainable at St. David's College. where tunny scholarships were now founded, and the degrees of B.A. and B.D. granted. He then dwelt at some length on the semi-infidelity which is so prevalent, and also upon the ritualistic controversy. With respect to the latter question, he counselled the exercise of moderation and forbearance by both parties, and said nothing but a definitive sentence by the highest, authority could deter- mine what the law really was upon the points in dispute, and the results ot such a decision might possibly be more trying to the Cnuica thar, her present perplexity.










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