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London Produce Market. MINCING-LANE, JULY 24.—Su&Mc.—The market has opened steadily at the full prices of la,st week. The private sales include Tobago at 27s to 29s 6d; Trinidad, 27s to 28s 6d; and brown Mauritius, at 29s. Refined continues to be sold at firm prices. COFFEE.-There are buyers at firm prices, but as there is little offering for sate, the business done has been limited. TEA.—The market privately is quiet; the public sales have commenced and are progressing without material change in valae. Runr.-30 puncheons of Jamaica sold at steady prices, and 20 puncheons of Demerara at Is G"d, SMCES.—About 400 bags of black pepper sold for cash- Singapore, at 3Jd; Penang, 3 1 lGd; also 1,000 packages of Zanzibar pod at 20s. RICE AND SALTPETRE.—The demand is limited. INDIGO.-About 300 chests of East Iudia. have recently been sold at firmer prices. GAMBIKR.—Sales have bsen EFFECTED at .-IS 6a to 223. CAMPHOR —China sold at 115s to 117s 6d, landing weights 120s re weights.. COTTON.—The market has become rather quiet, but prices show an advance of Id per lb. since Friday last. PRICES OF BUTTER, CHEESE, HAMS,&c.,at.per cwt. -Butter: Friesland, 10is to 103s Jersey, !WsJto 1<WJ, Dorset, Ills to 120s. Fresh: per doz 10s 04 to lf?78 I Cheese: Cheshire, 72s to84s; Double £ lo™fJ*|or £ new', Cheddar, 76s to84s; American, 66s to74s. Hams. to 90s to 100s Cumberland, new, 90s to 100s; r"|^n68s'to 72s. 100s. Bacon: Wiltshire, 72s to78s; Ir^,J £ denand Smith HOPS, BOFVOTJGH, JTJLT 23.—Messrs. demand for all report that the market remains firm at the descriptions being merely nominal p morning are reduction. The plantation asc week's, the recent decidedly an improvement upo fici^ effect on the plant forcing weather having had a benencuu n general ma,rket is steady. Town tallow TALLOW, JOTT. 24p~^bure Y.C. on the spot, 43s 9d; is quoted 42s 6d net; P pecember, 46s 6d to 43s 9d. Oc^obfr to D^ember, 4j8 ya, HAT MARK^RA-1,. Cumberland. I Whifceohapel s. d. s. d. s. d. B. d. B. d HAT MARK^RA-1,. Cumberland. I Whifceohapel s. d. s. d. s. d. B. d. B. d w) o to 126 0 70 0 to 130 0 70 0 to 120 0 Meadow Hay.. o 80 0 147 0 80 0 140 0 Clover 50 0 40 0 50 61 40 0 50 0 Straw

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