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TRE BOMBAY MAIL. The Times of India of June 23rd contains the fol- lowing The B. and B.S.S. Co.'s steamer Yamuna arrived at Bombay on the 19th inst., with London papers to the 26th May, in anticipation of the regular mail. The south-west monsoon has set in, and up to the 22nd inst. the rainfall amounted to 9.21 inches. A Hindoo child has been murdered in Bombay for the sake of its ornaments, worth 800rs. (£80). The murderer has been committed for trial. The ship Diamond, with upwards of 400 Mahomedan pilgrims on board, from Juddah to Calcutta, has been wrecked at Bombay. As far as is known, most of the pilgrims have been saved. The ship Stafford, from Sunderland to Bombay with a cargo of coal, has been stranded at the entrance to the latter port. Several of the Bombay Financial Associations have commenced to wind up their affairs. The Governor of Bombay has prohibited the trans- portation of firearms from any part of that Presidency to the Gaekwar's dominions, or to the states of Kat- tiawar, Kutch, and Cambay. The Alliance Financial Corporation of Bombay has been fined 7,065 rupees (, £ 706), for failing to comply with the provisions of the Joint-Stock Companies' Act. Some of the hill tribes on the western frontier are committing so many depredations that Government contemplates sending an expedition there in Ootober next. Several deaths from heat apoplexy have occurred amongst the 41st Welsh Fusiliers. # A dreadful panic was caused in Calcutta by the suspension of the Agra and Masterman's Bank. The Government of Bengal has ordered two more lacs of rupees to be sent towards alleviating the famine in Orissa. The erection of a building for the Calcutta Univer. sity is to commence immediately after the rains. The Chief of Khokan'a application to the Supreme Government for assistance against the Russians has met with no success. Great distress prevails in Ganjam, in the Madras presidency, and the Government has forwarded 1,500 bags of rice for the'relief of the sufferers. The viceroy has conferred upon the Ritjfhb. of Tra- vancore the title of Maharajah, in recognition of his excellent administration of that State. Distress among the famine-stricken districts of Bengal is on the increase, and mothers are actually selling their children to save them from starvation. A severe shock of earthquake has been felt at Simla. Large numbers of cattle are dying at Calcutta in consequence of the intenso heat. — ♦ —

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