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MURDER OF TWO CHILDREN BY THEIR MOTHER AND ATTEMPTED SUICIDE OF THE MURDERESS. On Saturday morning, between the hours of seven and eight o'clock, Inspector Frazer, of the Y division, and Police-constable Ballard, 154 Y, were fetched to the house, 67, Wilstead-street, Somers-town, by a female, who stated that a woman had murdered her two children, and had then killed herself by drowning in the water-butt. On proceeding there the police found that the story about the children being dead was correct, and it was also true that the mother had attempted to commit suicide. The front kitchen of the house, 67, Wilstead-street, was occupied by William Butcher, his wife, Mary Butcher, and his children, Emma Butcher and Agnes Batcher, aged respectively three years and six and twelve months. The husband is a baker, and his avocations keep him out the whole of tnemg On Saturday morning, snortly after seven o clock, John Brown, a carpenter, who resides in the upper part of the house, heard a moaning noise in the basis -VAF.dl khwHm and found the woman Mary Batcher there, and he at once pulled her out and conveyed her to her apart. ment. She was then ia an insensible state, and Mr. Jackson, surgeon, having at once attended, restora- tives were applied, and, after a great deal of trouble and labour, she was brought to, though still in a very weak state. The lodgers ia the house, not hearing the children about, asked the mother where they were, but she did not make any reply. They then turned down the bed- clothes, and were horrified to find that they were both dead, and the surgeon gave it as his opinion that they had been so for an hour or two. They were washed and laid out, as if ready to be coffined, and their jaws were tied up. An examination was then made to ascertain the cause of death, it being at first considered that they had been poisoned, but no trace of poison could be found, nor were there any marks of violence on the bodies. It was then supposed that they must have been drowned, and that supposition would appear to be correct, as there was a large tub nearly full of water in the room. On Saturday evening the woman Batcher had sufficiently recovered from the effects of the attempt upon her own life to be safely removed, and she was conveyed in a cab to the infirmary of St. Pancras Workhouse, where she at present remains. As she left home she wept bitterly. It is said that insanity runs in her family. About six weeks ago the sister of the murderess committed suicide by leaping out of a window at Guy's Hospital. The husband of the guilty woman bears a good character for kindness and attention to his family, but it is stated that he had been out of work for some time, and they had been pinched in consequence.





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