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POLITICAL GOSSIP. FENIANISM seems to be gradually ceasing to attract attention in the United States. The leaders of the movement are keeping quiet, with the exception of Stephens, who, in a late speech, denounced Roberts and Sweeney and the entire company of Canadian raiders as traitors to the Irish cause. They, in turn, have Taried the entertainment by denouncing Stephens as a swindler, and by publishing a letter from John Mitchell, in which that notorious plotter deolares that he received from America and transmitted to Stephens for the service of the Irish Republic" no less than 75,000 dollars. It is scarcely necessary to say that of this sum no trace has been discovered, Mr. Stephens's "FflCret service" having swallowed the whole of it. BY the elevation of the Right Hon. Sir William George Hylton Jolliffe to the Peerage, by the title of Baron Hylton, of Hylton, the a-ffeotionate sentiment of the North will be gratified. The revival of an ancient dignity is most pleasing-a dignity over which the historian of the bishopric fondly lingers on hia pleasant pages when he comes to "the castle that stands low and sequestered in the va^a of the Wear," and traces the fortunes of the fasniiy whose illus- trious name it bears. Mr. Hylton Longstaffe, the historian of Darlington, devotee a chapter to the old Saxon family. The heirs of the Barons of Hylton are the Jollifies, and in the late member for Putersfieid, therefore, the ancient dignity is fitly restored. His eldest surviving son, Mr. Hed worth Hylton Jolliffe, who was at Alma and Inkerman, and in the Balaklava charge, has a seat in Parliament as member for "Vd!s and he derives both his Christian names from families of the county-palatine. AT the next election for the Denbigh boroughs the present representative, Mr. Townshend Main waring, who voted with the Adullamites, will be opposed by Mr. Watkin Williams, the barrister, who is a native of Denbighshire, well known, from his contributions to the press some years ago, as a staunch Liberal and an earnest advocate of religious liberty. The Carnar. vonshire Herald says that Much and highly as they esteem Mr. Mainwaring, their duty, principle, and country demand that they should readily recognise and support the claims of Mr. Williams." The Wrex- ham Advertiser says that in a published letter from Mr. Mainwaring to Mr. Watkin Williams, the former quietly accepts the challenge, and is apparently proud that he has found a foeman worthy of his steel. He says: If I have an antagonist at the next election, I hope it may be yourself, for if I win I shall have sained a victory over an opponent »» rappee's Boroughs," which il has BO long been ray pricfe £ 0 represent, will have a representative of whom they may be justly proud." IN the Course of his election speeches at Cooker- J mouth, Mr. Lawson made frequent allusions to the sports held there from time to time. Referring to these allusions at the banquet at the castle after the election, the Hon. Percy Wyndh&m, M.P. for West Cumberland, remarked that he had been brought up to be very fond of sporta; he had always been, and always should be, fond of them; but he had always thought that in this country those who had plenty of wealth and leisure, and had had the advantage of a whM ,eduoati°ui got perhaps too much recreation, ofit ose wto were engaged in daily labour did not as they required. His intention was to rL £ lsV as far as he could do so; that was the IJ noting, kad thrown open the3e grounds to the Bporta of the country- (applause)-and that was a reaion why he should continue to do so i nH(A and had the power (continued ap- S nl such J°ry. haPPy should he be to see them f CC r181?9, Mr. Liwaon had alluded to J sports. Now, they had £ ea-, l; 'J f' *a ^at very eloquent speech which he del^e?Ah^°^ing, account for the taunt in a very He (Mr. W.) had another way of ac g it. Perhaps they did not know thatoneoftheoldndes in donkey racing was that the donkey which came iu last won (trreat lauehter^ Now, 7E.8ldXstCaXr& had takei,' formerly in West Cumberland and latterlv at Carlisle it was no wonder that he took such a great interest in' donkey racing-BO wonder indeed, for evidently he wished the old rale of donkey racing applied to his Is own, seeing that it Iast donkey iu the racethat won (roars of laughter). AT Bridgnorth Mr. Whitmore was returned on Saturday morning, without oppos^oE. THE Earl of Lonsdale, who is to have the vacant Garter, is 79 years of age, ana, though the junior knight) will be in years the> oldest member of the order. The senior knight is the Marqais of Exeter, who is 71 years old. „„ e THE Qazette announces that the Queen, as Sovereign of the Order of the Garter, has been pleased by letters patent to dispense with all the statutes and regula- tions usually observed in regard to IB Ertalla on, andto grant to his Royal Highness Prince « tian Charles Augustus of Schleswig-Holstein ^onder- i burg-Augustenburg, knight of the f f « 1 order, and invested with the ensigns^thereo nil 1 power and authority to exercisfe all rights ana p ivi- leges belonging to a knight companion or tne most £ noble Order of the Garter, in as fall and ample a man- ner as if he had been formally installed. THE committee of the Carlton have passed a reso- lution to allow the members of the Junior Carlton the 10 use of their club-house in Pall-mall during the alter- ations at their temporary club-house in Waterloo- place. As it is a rule of the Carlton* not to admit friends of members, the members of the Junior Carlton will have to dispense with this privilege whilst they use the Carlton Club-house, so kindly placed at their disposal. The new club-house of the Junior Carlton will be ready in about three years' time. THE petition presented by Mr. J. S. Mill to the House of Commons on the subject of female franchises has just been published. It bears the signatures of some 1,500 ladies, the address of each of whom is given. The petition sets forth that high authorities have laid down the principle that the possession of property carries with it the right to vote in the election of re- presentatives in Parliament; that the participation of women in the Government is consistent with the prin. ciples of the British constitution, inasmuch as women in these islands have always been held capable of sovereignty, and eligible for various public offices. The petitioners therefore pray the House to consider the expediency of providing for the representation of all householders, without distinction of sex, who possess such property or rental qualification as your honourable House may determine. THE election for North Leicestershire consequent on the acceptance of office by Lord John Manners took place at Loughborough, on Saturday, at eight o'clock ■"J the morning. The High Sheriff, C. H. Frewen, -ksq., was attending the assizes at Leicester; we understand he started by an early train for Lough- borough, and the moment the Exchange clock had strucK eight the election proceedings commenced, and in.less half an hour, and the Sheriff immediately returned to Leicester to attend on the Judge, aa the assize business was not over, thus travelling twenty-two miles and holding a county election in a very short space of time.


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