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CALAMITOUS FIRE AND LOSS OF LIFE. On Sanday morning, at an early hour, the inhabit- ants of Pitfield-street, Hoxton, were aroused from their slumbers by piercing cries of Fire!" and Oh, save us The neighbours, upon throwing up their windows, beheld a pitiable scene, for on the top of one of the houses were four persons, with the flames rushing out of the second and third floor windows, and also through a trap-door on the roof, completely en- circling the whole group of unfortunate persons. Those on the roof were trying to pull a young woman through the trap, but all of a sudden a second huge sheet of name shot up, seized upon one of the per- sons (the shopman), set fire to his night dress, and so completely overcame him that he was obliged to relinquish his hold of the poor creature, and she was almost instantaneously burned to death. The other persona managed to get over the roof into the adjoining premises of Mr. Blackwall, surgeon and accoucheur. The premises in which the calamity occurred belonged to Messrs. James Fuggla and Co., general drapers, and were well known in the neighbourhood as Bradford-house, and were numbered 28 in the before-named street. The show rooms and warehouses were about 100 feet long, and the premises were considered the largest in that part of the metro. polis. The fire, there is no doubt, began in the basement, and the instant it reached the ground-floor it fired a number of light drapery goods, and there being a well- staircase to the floor, allowed the flames to extend with terrific violence to the different floors above, igniting each in rapid succession. The Royal Society's escapes were on the spot as soon as possible after the alarm was given but then the whole of the building, with the exception of certain portions of the show rooms, were belching forth im- mense sheets of flame, ao that the conductors were unable to enter the rooms to render the unfortunate young woman any assistance, and there is no doubt but she perished whilst the fire-escapea were on the road to the scene of the conflagration. Four powerful land steamers, as well as numerous manual-power ones of the Metropolitan Brigade, and a strong muster of the London Salvage Corps, attended. After great perse- verance the firemen succeeded in extinguishing the fire, but the whole of the upper part of the premises are destroyed. The loss will fall upon the Phcsnix Office. As soon as the ruins were somewhat cooled, search was made for the poor creature who was known to have perished, and she was found a blackened mass lying across the rafters just under the trap-door of the roof. The unfortunate shopman, who was also so terribly burned, remains in St. Bartholomew's Hospital, without the least chance of recovery. Mr. Blackwall did everything to alleviate the sufferings of the survivors, and provided house room for them for the night. ♦

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