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DISTRICT INTELLIGENCE. MONMOUTH. CRICKET MATCH.—A very spirited match was played on the Ross ground between the Agiucuurt" and Boss Clubs on T lesday last, and we mast congratulate our Monmouth friends for the great courage with which tbey enter into antagonism with their opponents, on this as well as on every uther occasion. We append the score, which shows that the Monmouth men proved themselves far superior to the men of Ross. Messrs. Hale, Baker, Furney, Pittway, and W. Pembridge are shoivn io hme done very well. Mr. Crawley's bowling, as well as his batting, did good service to his colleagues. Ou the Roaj side Messrs. Cotton and M'Dougall exercised a g >od amount of judgment in their bowling, but without any considerable success; and Messrs. M'Dougall and Kempson made average scores. The following is the score ot the gnme :— 1st Innings. MONMOUTH. 2nd Innings. Hale, b. Cotton 35 c. Price b. Cotton 4 W. Ben van, o. and b. C tton -0 b. Bennett 6 A. Pittway, c. Stonehouse, b. Cotton 15 runout 5 R T. William-, b. Cotton -0 b. Citton 3 Cra.'vley, 0. M'Dougall 0 c. lliil b. Cotton 22 s. Hodge, hit wkt., b. M'Dougall 1 b. Bennctt 0 T. Bnkei-, c. Chiton, b. M'Dougall 28 b. Bennett 14 J. Furney, not out 28 b. Cotton .2 Charles Williams, b. M'Dougall 3 run out 1;; Wni. Pembridge, c. Cutton 12 accident—retired 1 8. Roberts, c. and b. M'Dougall 3 not out '■» Bves, 2; leg byes, 2; wide Byes, 5; leg feyes" balls, :2 6 2; wide balls, 1 8 Total -137 Total 1st Innings. ROSS. 2nd Innings. M'Dougall, b. Baker 37 ° Cocks, b, Crawley tJ Dr. Janes, b. Crawley • ,■ „ Bennett, run out „ « Crawly .3 Kenipson, c. and b. Crawley iq "ot 4 Hill, run our, Cia-wley b Cotton, b. Baker f Cl lIale> b. Baker 1 1 lice, C. i>uavai:, \i. Crawl,v Skyrme. i.b.w., b., Crawley" 1 n J.. Caline, b. l-Sak^v Stonehouse, not out u -d Byes • « -3b. Bakei — 0 6 Leg byes 1 TT ,-U T<JT°1 89 TOTAL 1 rU? easii^ ^ec.n by »'OV0 score that the S.u. t tl' 8 Vt01 time the stumps were drawn, far belli ieV °PP(Jucnts, who claimed the victory by th0 fid lllElBg#,