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Family Notices

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XOV PONTYPOOL. HALL, SATUBDAT, before G. R. G. EKLPH, and THB MV JOHlf THOJIFSOW, Esqrs. with havingtt's N OTICB. Donovan was charged Jones, Yarteg', the employment of Messrs. Partridge and Thomas Davies/bout having given a month's notice, fendant had not onj.gave the information, said that de. proper notice, but htft the employment without giving him on the plea that i also obtained some money of whereas the child was liviras going to bury a child, chairman told defendant thatt, the present time. The vatcd one. The latter said it wa,offence was an aggrs- run away from his masters, for though to make a man half victuals. Defendant was comaiid not let him bnvA days, with hard labor. to prison for 14 COAL TRESPASSES. —Elizabeth TRESPASSES. Lattri-ey, Bail pleaded guilty to trespassing oii the Ann T. Wightman, coal proprietor, Blaeudare. It *ty of J. iu evidence tiiat defendants were seen to take canted complainant's works ou the 7th of July. The charg«»ta ginally made was for having stolen coal, but, availing themselves of a clause in the Act of Parliament, the Magistrates took it as oue of trespass, the Chairman inti- mating to defendants that they had been tried for tres- pass in order to give them another chance, and if they had employed the amount of money they would be fined in tho purcha?* of coal they would have bad a good ttof* Defendants were fined 15s. each, including costs. best wa-y of impressing a mistake on the memory of a man was fro make him pay for it. Defendant was fined 6s. 6d. expenses. George Lewis was charged with having driven a cow and a calf without a liceose, and also within certain prohibited hours. P.C. Jones deposed that whilst he was on duty, at Croes-y-Ceilog, he observed defendant driving the cow and calf, at which time he was six miles from Ty-Coch farm, Goy trey, occupied by Mr. John James, to which place he was, he said, going to take them. Mr. James having offered some explanation, defendant was faned 20g., including costs, which his employer paid. Hettfir Jeremiah was charged with a similar offehee, for which she was convicted in the costs,.amounting to 6»,6d. WOMEN'S SQUABBLES. —Rli-oda SQUABBLES. Gardiner was charged with having used threats towards Maria Fox, and also w^tii assaulting her. The parties reside on the Varteg. Mr. Alexander Edwards appeared tor complainant, and Mr. Greenway for defendant. The complainant having made her statement, from which it appeared that the squabble occurred on the morning of Wednesday last, the Benoh suggested that, as they were neighbours, and bad heretofore lived on friendly terms, they should endeavour to settle the matter amicably, which they ultimately agreed to do.—Another case was similarly disposed of, by the parties paying the expenses. SIBAXIHG .FOWLS. Thomas, GarndifiEsitb, was 8'"vi t with buvilog stolen two fowl" the property of Dsvid Lewts. Ann Lewis, wife of prosocutor, deposed that she lived with her husband at Craigddyg; that the missed two fowls on the night of Sunday; she saw defeb- dant, who had been drinking at her house on the night in. question, with one under his arm. Having pleaded guilty to the charge the prisoner was committed to prison for six weeks, with hard labor. A SUSPICIOUS CASK. —James CASK. Davies was charged with having stolen a knife and a handkerchief, the property of Thomas Brew, Sluvsd, near this town, en the 24th ot May last. It appeared that the principal part, of the evidence against defendaut was that he had been seen in the neighbourhood at the time, and the Bench, remark- ing that the case was one of great suspicion, discharged him. THR WOMBS AGAIN Fowler- was sum- moned by Mary Thomas to shew cause why ehe should not enter into sureties of the peace. These parties reside at Pontnewyuydd. Mr. Greenway appeared for defendant, trout complainant's statement it seemed that they bad not, lived on very amicable terms for some time, and, in cross- examination by Sir. Greenway, it farther seemed that complainant had been bound over about three weeks ago to keep the peace towards defendant. Mary loXjQwm- uantddu, on being caHed to give evidence, refused to be sworn. Matilda Baker said: I live at Pontnewynydiip next djof but one to these parties; did not see Mrs. Fowler do anything, and ..should have uteu it if she had; was here a fortnight to-day, and saw complainant bound over to keep the peace towards defendant; in revenge tor which sue said, I'U h^ve thee here betore long," and ber husbandsaid he would have them all here (meaning l.he, neighbours). Complainant: Oh! you wicked, bad woman" Defendant was ultirnatelv discharged, and complainant, was ordered to pay 6s. costs. A NUISANCE. — William NUISANCE. PaMtlers was charged with having a nuisance on Ins premises at the Little Mill by boiling horses and qfful of that description. ThoChairmm deposed that he gave the information in this case himself, as in passing the premises in question he was very reluc- tantly compelled to inhale the pestilential odour arising rom boiling nasty diseased flcsb. Mr. John Morgan said timt lie was about to erecr, premises for defendant in a wood, wliieli would obviate the nuisance complainod of. and defendant was let off oil paying the expenses. "°,, Printed and PublMgd^ /or the Proprietor, bn JAMKS HUSAR OT.ARK, at ity (kfft'rim. Bridge fitreet, m the Vomiiu '9/ Momnoii,% si],