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ABEBGA VEN NY, INQUEST. —On Friday, the 13th inst., an inquest was held at the Asyluii here, before E. D. Batt, Esq., coronfr, on view of the body of William Thomas. It appeared from the evidence that de- ceased, who had been n the Asylum for about six montfcs, was subject tt fits; and that he had a very severe one on the previous day, and from the effects of which he died, before the doctor, who is always upon the prepJ&s, could he fetched. The doctor had since made a post mortem examination of the body, and had foundtbat the brain was diseased. The jury returned a. vercict of "Death from natural causes." PETTY SESSIONS, WElNEdDAT. —Before the PeT. J. FARQUNAB (Chairman), and P. C. H. WiLUAHS, Esq. FUBIOUS DRIVING. —Hairy Molten. William Crochet, and John Haixling were charged with furious driving. Mr. E. Y. Steele, surgeon, stated that as he was driving out of town in his dogrcatt, aceoiiiimnied by j\js ^ervanfc and little boy, he saw thtee carts tcarting oft from near the S«ari; they set off as hard as th-y could along the Monmouth road; the last curt ntoppcl a little after the others, and this he foun' when he dime up to it, had the name of Molten upon it: he spoke to the defendants, who were with the cart; telling thi m that they were doing wrong, and that be glinuid sytinmoiis ttiflm s they then stopped, but afterwards started oil! again, and when ho got to the Blorenge Inn they passed him, racing be then called out to then, and one ot the men (Molten) made use of abusive language, the words of which b. could not hear; the men were much excited, and they I went on so fast that he could not have overtaken the carltr. without racing himself; the defendants stopped for a moment at the turnpike gate, but afterwards went on I' again, making use of the whip pretty freely; when they got to a steep near Derwen Cottaire, Molten fell out of his cart; the others did not, however, stop to pick him up: he (witness) overtook them about a mile out of town, when the first cart stopped, and he believed there was no racing afterwards; he ascertained when he overtook them that one cart belonged to Harding, the other to Molten, and the third to Crocket. The Bench, remarking upon the danger of such practices as defendants had been guilty of, fined Molten 20s. and costs, and the other two 10s. and costs each. INDECENT ASSAULT. Jones, of Llanfoist, appeared to answer a charge of this nature, alleged t,o have been committed on Elizabeth Deacon. Mr. H L Baker appeared for defendant, and Mr. G. Joaes for complainant. Complainant deposed: I am a servant in the wmptoy of Mr. Price, of the Companv's Farm; on Sunday last I went into the village of Danfoist, where I stayed about an hour at Mrs. Williams's; in returning I bad to pass by a public house, which I think is kept Mr. Waters; the landlord was sitting outside drinking in company with defendant and another person Jones called me to him as I was passing, and asked me to drink; he called me "Anne;" I drank with him, and s^yed there a few minutes; I only just tasted the beer, anci^e wished me to drink again; I had some goose- berries nay pocket; he put his hand into my pocket without o^ng asked, and took some of them; he told me not to g°TVf^; fast; I then left the men: I stayed talking to Mrs. Jefferit wj3 £ ie) when I saw defendant coming 1 went v., a little further to another person's house, where 1 had a 0F wacer; while I was drinking the water defendant c«,, he wen(. int() tb h « to get a light for his pipe £ off presently I urned into a he.. (hg roadgiri thinki be would beheve l had gono and'ao wou,f miss me: I went ioto nela of? L. after a short time defendant passecf1 ° running as fast as be could; I of,t|5,e field> time, and he returned, entered the field, 10 ° some he said, what the d— did you want to rfiatne 0 mP' roe for?" I said I was afraid of him; lie thenw^| *rt,m about a good deal; I cried out murder," and10" i his hand and afterwards his handkerchief to my n,P^ i to prevent my screaming Mrs. JelFeries afterwa^ v 1 came to the gate, and asked what was the matter X told her defendant had put his hand to my mouth to prevent my screaming I do not recollect what else I said; I was laill up from the effects of his treatment. In cross-examination by Mr. Baker, complainant stated that she was subject to hysterical fits; she had fits about 15 years ago although her name was Elizabeth she had always been called ''Anne" in her present situation; that was the reason that she went to defendant when he called Anne;" she had some knowledge of defendant previously, as he bad, when she first went to Llanfoist, directed her to where her master lived she only tasted the beer in defendant's hand, and had had none before; they had no conversation together; she only drank once; she did not recollect saying "all right" to defendant when she left him in Llanfoist she took hold of Mr. Jeffries's arm, and walked down the road a little way ( with him; when she received the glass of water she sprinkled some of it into the face of the person who gave it her, when he put his arms about her: she did not struggle or tell him Dot to do so the gardener was a widower; she did not ask bis little girl if she would like her (complainant) to go and live there she went into the field to avoid defendant; the Ji eld belonged to Mr. Price, the Bridge; she did not shake hands with defen- dant, nor say "good night" to him; Dr. Steele went to see her next day; she was then in bed; she told him that a handkerchief had been put into her mouth she did not tell her roaster, to the best of her belief, until the noxt dav. In answer to Mr. Jones. eomnlainant said she went into the field because she disliked defendant— 1\ she bad a dread of bim.—Mrs. Jeff-tries deposed to seeing complainant passing her house followed by defendant he went to her house to get a light she afterwards htard screams-very violent screams; she told her husband, and went to seo what had happened; when she got near the SeM she heard them talking in a low voice; she asked what was the meaning of the holloaing; complainant said it WliS time to holloa; Jones said he had done nothing but hel 1 her band; com. plfLioant said she had run into the Held b<*a»uaa sK» nraa afraid of Jones, and that he had put his list half way down her throat; she also said to defendant," I will make you pay for this." In answer to Mr. Baker witness said she ( had seen nothing out of the way going on; she (com* plainant) did not see her till she spoke, and then both came to the gate; they did not shake hands; complainant said be had done something besides touching her hand.- Mr. H. Sullivan said he lived at the Company's farm; on Sunday evening about 10 o'clock, wbilo sitting with his wife, he heard some one groaning; it appeared to him to be on the stairs, and on going there he found complainant in a fit, and his servant holding her: she wa? quite un- conscious, and was struggling very violently; it was more than his servant could do to hold her; he caught hold of her, and between them and Mr. Price, who sub- sequently came, they dragged her up the stairs to the landing; be sent for Dr. Steele, who came about 11.15, and soon brought her to a state of consciousness by his directions they put her to bed; after the doctor was gone she was quiet for a time, but afterwards began struggling again, and Mr. Price went for Dr. Collins. IQ answer to Mr. Baker, Mr. Sullivan said complainant was too heavy for them to carry, so they diagged her up the stairs, three or four steps; ttie field in which the assault was alleged to have taken place Was a very short distance from the farm complainant was sensible for about five minutes during the night, and she then gave a history of the affair.—Mr. William If- Price deposed to seeing a man going out of the field in question.—Mr. Baker, in addressing the Bench for the defence, said it was a charge very easy to make, but mo-t difficult to answer. As the facts of the assault depended entirely on the evi. dence of the complainant, if he could shew that there was any discrepancy in her statement, or that she was a person of indiscreet behaviour, he thought he would be entitled to ask the Bench to give defendant the benefit of uny doubt that might exist. Mr. Baker then went on to argue that it was indiscreet in complainant to take the beer with defendant, to go to him when he had not called her by her name; to allow the gardener to pull her about when she asked for the water. He further said he had always understood that those who were afraid of others always kept to the turnpike road, but complainant seemed to have thought the safest place was a lonely field, where Mrs. JefferiM heard her and k defendant talk in a.manner quite cotofuftabtf. Mr. Baker then cited the case of Allen v. Moseley, which he said threw a good deal of light upon cases ot this description, and in which the complainant had been severely punished fjr perjury,—Thomas Lewis was then called for the f defence, and deposed to seeing complainant coming to him and the others in LIanfoiston Sunday night he did not bear any one call Anne;" he thought she came of her own accord; she drank twice out of the jug; he did not see defendant put bis band in her pocket, but she offered him some gooseberries; he did not take any liberty with her; in going away she said all right" to defendant; they had a little talk together. By Mr. Jones I did not hear him tell her-not to go very fast down the road.—Mr. Jones then briefly addressed the magistrates, who, after some deliberation, fined defendant 20s. and costs, at the same time cautioning complainant to be more discrest in future. PUBI-IC-HOUSB OFFENCE. —Lewis, OFFENCE. of the Cress Keys inn, wne charged with permitting drunken- ness in her house. Elizabeth Lewis, her toother, appeared for her, as she said her daughter was not at home. P.S. EdghiU. deposed to. finding the house opeu at 12.15 on Sunday tntorning 20 or 30 people were there, of whoni many were drunk there was a great disturbance in the street at thetirDe. As thi? ws^s .1 1e tn'st otfence, the sum- mons wivs dismissed íW payment of costs. BHEAcn Q:p CAITLE OKDKES. — George White, charged with removing cattle without a license, was tined 5s. and costs. For a second offence of removing them after sun- set, he was ordered to pay the expenses, JLABCBST. B'will*? aitd ltvynotds (tramps) were charged with having stolen a pair (.1 boots, the pro- perty of John Jenkins, of Llangattock-nigb-XJsk. It was stated in evidence that defendants had been working uu a farm near the fJIAce in question, and on Monday, after they left, the booit3 were missed. They went to. the potice statio). the same night to obtain relief, when the boots were found on them, ancj they t1«ken into custody. They sr.ero committed lor 2S days, with nara MASPLTISG A' W11' £ — Fi'<'<lerivk IJiJh wlw W«8 »• manded last Wednesday on a ehargo ot this kind, was bound over in his own recognizers to keep the peace for 1.2 months. The wife declined to prosecute. 1.2 months. The wife declined to prosecute.