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USE. CRICKET. Monday a cricket match was played here between the Usk and Llanvair clubs, when, time not being sufficient to finish the match, the game was claimed by the Llanvair players, they having made the highest score in the first innings. At the time the stumps were drawn, the Uøk side had five wickets to go down and 36 runs to get, as shewn by the score, whiuh we append LLANVAIR. First Innings. Second Innings, George Davies, run out 11 b. E. F, Jennings 0 i. Morgan, run out 2 rtiu out 0 J.Wysome,cLeverettbE.F. Jennings I run out 17 H. Jones, b. Boberts 2 h. E. F. Jennings 17 W. Price, c. Leverett, b. i". Jennings 2 b. E. F. Jennings 3 J. Walters, b. Roberts 1 b. J. Jenkins 2 J. Walters, b. Roberts 1 b. J. Jenkins 2 T. Watkins, not out 11 run out 3 Edward Price, st. F. Jennings 3 c. & b. Roberts. 2 G. Pritchard, b. E. F. Jennings 8 b. F.Jennings 10 G. Marfell, run out 2 not out 1 J. Lewis, b. E. F. Jenninp? 0 b.Roberts 0 Byes, 5; Leg-byes, 2; Wides, 4 11 Byes, 21; no ball, 1; Wides, 1. 23 ■ 54 78 U&I[. First Inning*. Second Innings. W. Kynch, c. Wtilters, b. Vathins 0 run out J G. Stephens, b. Watkins 5 b. E. Jones. 1 F. Jennings, run out 0 b.E.Jonet. 11 Roberts, b. Watkins 6 b.E. Jones ;> BateVian, b. Watkins. 1 not out 8 E. F. Jennings, b. E. Jon«s 1 b. Watkins 9 Rees, st. Watkins 0 Jenkins, b. Watkins 1 b. Watkins 0 W. Waters, not out 1 Edwards, c. and b. E. Jones 0 Leverett, st. Watkins. 10 Byes, 11; No ball, 1; Wides, 3 15 Byes, 14; Wides, 3 17 to 58