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CASTLE HOUSE, USK. LADIES' SEMINARY. ■ THE MISSES MERRETT will be happy to re- { ceire their Pupil# on MONDAY, JULY 30th. s July 12th, 1866. j Usk Grammar School. THE MIDSUMMER HOLIDAYS will terminate on MONDAY, JULY 30th. W. H. WRENFORD, B.A., Master. One Guinea Reward. LOST, on the 10th of June, in the neighbourhood JU of Llansov, a WATCH CHAIN, with a ring, two seals, a locket, and an old sixpence, attached. Whoever will restore the same to Mr. PBITCHABD, the Bush Farm, Llansoy, or to the Office of this Paper, shall receive the above reward. THE MEMBERS of the Loyal "GLEN YALE" LODGE af the I. O. of O.F. (M.U.) will hold their ANNIVERSARY at Mr. WILLIAM JAJEBS'S, TROUT IHN, NEWCHUBCH EAST, on MONDAY, the 30th instant, when all the brothers are re- quested to attend, and to induce as many of their friends as possible to join them. GRAND FETE AND PIC-NIC In the Beautiful, Grounds of PONTYPOOL PARK. THE COMMITTEE OP TH» PONTYPOOL LITERARY ASSOCIATION have the pleasure of announcing that, by the kind permission of MRS. BANBURY LEIGH, the above will take place on THUBSDAT, luLT 26th, 1866. An Efficient Band will be in attendance, under the direction of Mr. W. Sewell, and will play a choice selection of Dance and other Music. The Fashionable Game of Croquet, Rustic Sports (races, jumping in sacks, &c., for various prizes), Aunt Sally, and a variety of other Popular Pastimes. Refreshments may be obtained on the Ground. En- trances opposite the Town Hall and at Pontymoile Gates, which will be opened at Two o'clock in the afternoon. TICKETS, Is. each lady and gentleman, Is. OQ. children, 6d. each; may be had at the" Free Press Office of Mr. Hughes, stationer; Mr. Churchill, confectioner; Mr. Meares, librarian, Town Hall, &c. BRIDGE STREET, USK. ELIZABETH WILLIAMS, CHEMIST and DRUGGIST, RESPECTFULLY informs the inhabitants ofUsk JH, and its neighbourhood, that she has disposed of her business to her late assistant, Mr. EDWARD THOMAS, and in returning thanks for the liberal support extended towards herself and her late hus- band, she begs to solicit a continuance of the same for her successor. EDWARD THOMAS, In referring to the above announcement, begs to say that nothing shall be wanting on his part to render himself worthy of the support his late employer, Mrs. Williams, solicits on his behalf. Physicians' Prescriptions and Family Recipes will be compounded under his own personal superinten- dence, and with the best drugs and chemicals only. E. T. also takes this opportunity to inform his Agricultural friends that Horse and Cattle Medicines will receive a large share of his attention, and from his experience in that branch of the business—ac- quired during the four years he was assistant to the late Mr. Herbert Williams, he hopes to maintain that confidence reposed in his predecessor. Agent for Coopers' Dipping Powder. Leaches, Cigars, Tobacco, Pomades, Perfumery, Combs, Brushes, &c. Bridge.street, Usk, July 12, 1866. PHOTOGRAPHY. EDW ARD THOMAS, PHOTOGRAPHER, U Ik, JD whilst thanking those who have hitherto favored him with their patronage, begs to intimate that he has REMOVED this branch of his business to the premises alluded to in the preceding announcement, where the Art will be carried on in all its branches. Parties waited on at their own residences, and Groups, Buildings, Landscapes, &c., taken in a superior manner. E. T. respectfully solicits an inspection of his specimens.

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