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The Cession of Venetia.

The Lata Government.

The Derby Policy.

Mr. Eyre and his Accusers.

01J}1 MISCELLANY. --+-


Derbye hys Straite Fytte.

Oft in the Chilly Night.

A Dangerous Habit.


A Dangerous Habit. The man who rushed np Alma's height Agaiust the Russian's gathered might, Fought bravely for old England's right. And yet he enters deadlier strife, With greater danger to his life, Who eats his green peas—with his knifa. A OIIAJIGE Or EOSKING." —The Scotch papers retail a story about a cow, which, being inMoatrose the other day, suddenly dashed up the stebs of tàe. gaol, and battered to be let in. Of course, a Scotch moft could not comprehend a novel idea, and ill-used the noiv, instead cf reverencing her feelings. The cow baa infringed the Rinderpest laws, and came to give heraelt up. What a touching proof of the progress of intelligence among the inferior creation! But tha world knows nothing of its greatest cows. If this poor anunal has not been killed, we advise the Montrose folk to looii after her, for she has evidently a deal more sense than the framera of the regulations she had broken, and which have driven daft half tha farmers m the kingdom. TnE WAR IN THE PAHIC. —(From our own Cor- respondent.) The Bohemian Cavalry has not operated m fey^e-park with more success than at Konigsgratz. It has made a variety of offensive demonstrations, but a coup that was claimed for it, the overthrow of the horse of the Crown Prince of England, was due to Irish daaii. The Bohemian Cava.lry has now received a severe discouragement, a corps of observation, selected from the Black Crushers, who neither give nor take quarter, having been sent to watch, and, if necessary, capture the Bohemians. A PASSING THOUGHT. —At Princess Helena's mar- riage, the Court authority Eays, "Nona of Prince Christian's male relatione were able to attend. Con- sidering what the bride's brother has done for Mr, Pdols, ^0 should h&ve thought that he might have made tins possible, even at three months—— But it is no business of ours. May the bride be happy. BEALES WITHIN BEALES. as the House rose on ThureQay, Sir Roundell Palmer introduced a Bill in reference to the Qualificationsfof EavisingBarristere. The first clause, we understand, is this:—"That no revising batrister shall, at a public meeting, denounce any gentleman as a vile caitiff." Mr. Edinond Beale?, we hea.r, means to-oppose the measure, when he, shall have finished cutting off eomebody's head at White- hall.

Proverbial Foolosophy.'

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