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The Cession of Venetia.

The Lata Government.

The Derby Policy.

Mr. Eyre and his Accusers.

01J}1 MISCELLANY. --+-



WILLiS AND BEQUESTS. The will of General George Powell Higglnson, colonel of the 94th Foot, of Wilton-crescent, Belgrave- square, waa proved in London, on the 5th ult., by his son, Mr. George Wontworth Alexander Higginson, the acting executor, power being reserved to his relict, the Eight Hon. Lady Frances Elizabeth Higginson, daughter of the first Earl of Kilmorey. The gallant general had greatly distinguished himself in several engagements, and was for many years a stair officer, and attained to the age of 78, and died April 19, 1866, at Cannes, in France. His will is dated August 27, 1832, and a codicil oa the 9th of October follow- ing. He bequeaths to his relict, Lady Frances, his plate, furniture, and effects at his reEidence, i Wilton-crescent, and a life interest in the bulk of his property; and leaves her ladyship the residue of his property absolutely; and upon her decease, bequeaths all his shares in the Sun Fire and Life Offices to his daughter Frances and also, on the decease of her ladyship, leaves to each of his two daughters £ 10,000. He devises his estate and residence, The Crofts, at Great Marlow, Bucks, to his son, the said George W. A. Higginson, but charged with the pay- ment of an annuity of £ 200 during the life of Lady Frances. The will of Sir Brook Kay, Bart., late of Belvedere, Erith, formerly of Dover, Cheltenham, Sherborne, and some time residing at Avranches, France, was proved in London, on the 5th inst., by the acting executors 'n. and trustees, Mr. Henry Tylee, Easex street, Strand, and Mr. William Algernon Kay, power being reserved to the other executors and trus- tees, Lady Kay, the relict, and Mr. Edmund Hink'nson. The testator was formerly m the naval service of the East India Company, and ir descended, maternally, from Sir Brook Watson, M. TL Mavor of London, and from wnom tae tew'rifffiwd by patat..Sir Broot K«y was twiTmarried, and leaves a family, and is succeeded by his son, now Sir Brook Kay, Bart. Ike testa or dfed, May 16, at the age of 86, having executed ma will April 12, 1854, and a codicil,i^ov. 14 lo59. Sir Brook has bequeathed to his wiaow, Lady Kay, ail his furniture, books, pictures, &c., absolutely, and leaves to her ladyship a life interest to ba derived from his estates in Middlesex, and Sherborne, Dorset, and his shares in the Sun Fire Office and stock in Scotch mines; the capital, at her decease, to ba divided equally amongst her younger children—his eldact son, now the baronet, being amply provided for under the will o £ Ms uncle (the testator's brother), i gir Wm, Kay, B?.rt>,■—Illustrated London News.

Derbye hys Straite Fytte.

Oft in the Chilly Night.

A Dangerous Habit.

Proverbial Foolosophy.'

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