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The Cession of Venetia.

The Lata Government.

The Derby Policy.

Mr. Eyre and his Accusers.


Mr. Eyre and his Accusers. The Jamaica Committee hid a stirring sitting on Monday, to discuss Mr. C. Buxton's letter resigning the chairmanship, and condemning the prosecution of Mr. Eyre by the committee fpr murder. Mr. Buxton defended himself on the ground we explained last week, that he thought such aproseontion would turn public feeling in favour of lfr. Eyre, and make a martyr of him. Mr. Bright Eaid that he felt towards Mr. Buxton much as a friend of his had felt towards an Indian sportsman among his acquaintance. He [ said, He should not like to go out tiger-hunting with So-and-so, for if anything lappened I am sure he would leave me to the tigar." "Mr. Buxton had freely lent them his purse and,ed them on to this point, and when they came to that joint, which was the only one at which they could do aay good, he backed out and left them all in the lurch." Mrs. Gordon had also embarrassed the ccmmittee by refusing to prosecute, on the ground thai her husband would not have approved of anything vindictive. The worst of the intended prosecution is, that though Mr. Eyre's crime is legally murder, because he caused Mr. Gordon's death by an illegal act, it is so more morally murder than the act of a burglar, wJto accidentally kills the owner of the house be attacks in defending himseif against him. Mr. Eyre should be prosecuted and punished, but scarcely for murder, unless by Mrs. Gordon herself. The committee will not now, we think, effect much, though Mr. J. S. Mill gallantly takes Mr. Buxton's place. Bit no right-thinking man will be content without a judicial condemnation and punishment of Mr. Eyre, to SErve as a lesson for future Governors.—Spectator.

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Derbye hys Straite Fytte.

Oft in the Chilly Night.

A Dangerous Habit.

Proverbial Foolosophy.'

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